How to publish sheet music - own works or public domain arrangements

hello I'm Anya and this will be the

first video of a little series on sheet

music publishing this video will be

about publishing your own compositions

or public domain arrangements the other

two will be about publishing

Arrangements on copyrighted songs the

official way and last the easy way I

originally wanted to do them in a

different order but as there are people

interested in publishing their own works

I changed it as I already said there are

limitations on what I'm going to say in

this video you can only choose the way

of publishing for your own compositions

or public domain arrangements

composition becomes public domain as

soon as the composer is dead for more

than 70 years

everything else is copyrighted and

cannot be used this way or be claimed as

yours if you paid attention to the

latest copyright fines you might knew

that this is taken very seriously if you

have composed something with someone

else you have to make Soloff a contract

with this person that puts you in charge

of the publishing there are different

ways on publishing sheet music and the

easiest would be to lose health

publishing the advantage of

self-publishing is that you can publish


no one will select you get hundred

percent of the revenue and you keep all

the rights to give a little overview on

the right stuff you don't have to

register anything anywhere to get

something copyright everything you've

ride is automatically copyrighted by you

you can decide how to pop

and what to do with arrangements on your

piece by other people if you don't like

an arrangement you can simply prohibit


and the arrangement would be allowed to

do anything public with it you can also

register your music and collecting

society to earn some money when someone

else perform sell piece in public or

records it you can also place

restrictions on the use of your music

for example no use on political events

if you go to self-publishing you have to

deal with the sales yourself and also

deal with different currencies you're

responsible for the advertising and you

decide what range your customers have

your own country all countries with the

same currency the whole world you can of

course also try to get a publisher to

publish music this is a little difficult

because the publisher of course only

wants to sell the good stuff they check

your music or give it to a performer who

check it for them and if they don't like

it you literally have no chance if you

manage to get a publisher that of course

puts a quality stamp when you works if

you compare the rest to self-publishing

the revenue is quite bad because you

usually only get a commission of about

10 to 15% concerning the rights you

atleast give away the publishing right

sometimes all rights but that mostly

happens in the songs Department if that

happens you can still earn money with

your music but that's all but no matter

what the publishing right will be gone

if you go with a publisher the quality

stamp is not the only upside of half

publisher he of course takes care of all

the sales and does some advertising on

your piece that could lead to a much

higher sales number then you tab with

self publishing meaning it's most likely

that you earn more money with a ten to

fifteen percent commission then you'd

earn with self publishing and 100

percent the range of most publishers is

worldwide but that needs to be checked

before you get in touch with one the

easiest way to get in touch with the

publisher is to know someone who has

connections to publishers but also you

can just send them your stuff and ask if

they're interested most publishers have

a little note on the website that says

that they are always interested in you

music so basically that's not much of a

problem if you compare these two options

you see that they're quite oppositional

so the idea why it would be something in

between and the great news is there

actually is a third option now in either

that column and I put this between self

publishing and the publisher because it

literally is a mix of these two the

middle way would be to go with a sappy

press which is the composer access to a

sheet music dressed as sheet music Plus

belongs to Holly or not this is

classical e going with a publisher to

just without contract like in

self-publishing you can publish all you


no one will select anything except for

the customers of course and you also

keep all the rights literally all of

them you don't even give away the

publishing right so you can still sell

or give away your stuff anywhere else

you get a commission of 45% which is

pretty ok as a deep breath takes care of

all the same

issues and also paying you that's kind

of an automatic stuff as SMP friends is

a download-only option

you can't sell printed versions here but

the advantage of not giving away the

publishing right is that you could deal

with this yourself you can get printed

versions of your music and sell them

when you go to for example master

cruises where you can present your own

compositions or whatever locations you

have your music won't really be

advertised by S&P press it could happen

that someone which has bought a watch

similar to yours gets suggested your

piece to what except for that you have

to do most of the advertising yourself

sheet music plus is of course on a

worldwide basis I don't know if there

are any countries where you can't use it

but it's basically meant to be worldwide

an additional outside of S&P press is

that there is a composer competition

each year but once you've registered you

will automatically get an email as soon

as it starts as I am publishing with SNP

press I'm now going to show you how that

works before you upload the piece you

should give it a properly answer

annotations of this recommend it I

personally have been using superiors for

more than 10 years now and I'm pretty

happy with it I simply press only

accepts PDF so there has to be some way

to create a PDF out of your score then

we log in to SMP press if you don't have

an account yet you can create one by

clicking the link in the description

user like add a product and then you can

choose at my uncle

position or add a public domain

arrangement as you might have seen there

is an option for Arrangements on

copyrighted songs too but this will be

the subject of the third video in this

case I pick at a public domain

arrangement because the piece I'm

uploading is based on melodies of two

German folk songs you add the PDF and a

title I recommend to always use the same

content in a title that makes it easier

for possible customers to search for

your music because they know what to

search for you can also add the price

already if you don't know which price

you can demand you can get help from the

SMP press frequently asked questions

there is detailed information on what

usually demand it for which piece then I

have to verify the rights and I strongly

recommend to not lie there if you don't

want to get banished I pick public

domain arrangement again and add a

description on what I did with public

domain songs

if you chose my own composition you of

course don't have to describe anything

here on the next page I can add the

description on the song and I also

recommend to do it in a similar way on

audio pieces I think you'll figure out

how much to write don't write too little

but also don't write too much and here

you can also add a youtube link then I

have to give some more information by

choosing of given options I pick piano

solo sheet music single and as level

advanced-intermediate then I can choose

up to five more options such as music

style holidays the piece is written for

or some other occasions

fits and finally I click Submit and the

piece is listed in my products list the

status is modified although the piece is

new and that means it's not on sheet

music plus yet if you modify the

description later it will also be in

status modified but it will still be

available for purchase in the previous

version you can also replace the PDS

later if you did some changes to your

music the processing is supposed to take

up to 24 hours in my case it has been

mostly 12 hours as soon as it is online

you get a notification email that looks

like this and you're done you can now

add the link to your YouTube video so

people will like it and want to play it

- will buy music if you have already

published something with a publisher you

should check your contracts before using

SMP press if you don't want to get

problems later now it's up to you to

choose which of the three ways on

publishing you want to go so I say bye