How to Sell Sheet Music and Make Music Income | A New Music Income Stream for YOU?

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it's literally the oldest music business

and the first music publishing medium

ever and it's still a thing yes even

after hundreds of years sheet music has

survived the phonograph it survived the

radio it survived singles and eight

track tapes and cassette tapes and cds

and downloads and now sheet music has

even survived and is thriving alongside

streaming as a viable way to make music

income now this is just starting for me

i've only had a little bit of sheet

music sales so far in the past couple of

years as i've put things out there but i

am working on more and more arrangements

i'll be talking about that in this video

and about how i've been receiving some

income so far from those arrangements

and where i am putting them online i've

only had a few sales so far but you know

me i find anything that makes music