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in today's video I'm doing a

collaboration with a good friend of mine

arms family homestead if you can see

that shirt right there

Armstead a lot of people call call

themself arm stutters if you follow ours

family hey go check out arms family

we're doing a little collaboration on

ways to make money from sheep that's

what I'm doing and he's doing one on

ways to make money from goats he has a

lot of Kiko meat goats I have the door

per sheet you guys to see back behind me

right here so I'm we're both doing like

a top three ways to make money from

sheep and goats I got a list of three

things um the first one I'm going to

talk about I don't personally do but the

other two I do do their practical ways

you can make money from livestock on

your on your place starting to rain on

me we've got a storm coming near so I'm

gonna go I'm gonna hurry up and get this

video filmed for you guys before it

really starts raining on us my number

three way to make money from sheep is

you can sell their wool now I got hair

sheep I'm gonna get up underneath the

tree I got hair sheep so what hair sheet

do they actually shed their wool it's

actually hair but if you get the other

kind of sheep that you can actually sell

their wool that's one way a lot of

people make extra money is by selling

the wool so that's that's a good way to

make extra money Cosette Rams going

after after the use it's breeding season

right now and that's that's the

moneymaker right there the RAM is the


that's not on the list but a practical

way is by selling sheep wool I know from

what I hear the Thunder I gotta get this

wrapped up you could from what I've read

and seen videos up a lot of people do

share their own sheep it can't be hard

so you probably need to do a little bit

of training before you actually get good

at sharing that way you can sell sell

the wool and make some extra money okay

so that's the number three three way to

make money from sheep is by selling

their wool okay the number two way I

actually make money selling sheep on my

homestead farm hobby farm we're gonna

call it is by raising little lambs up

and selling them to other people who

want to build

their own flock now you would think man

do you really want to sell sheep to

other people so they can start selling

sheep and all that yeah there's such a

huge market for sheep out here in

Oklahoma there's really no competition

in my area for the hair sheep because

they're so highly demand

I think everyone Carre's them and people

would still buy them and eat them

so that's the number that's actually the

number to weigh my personal make money

is by selling to individuals who want to

build up their own flock if that's

something that you all can do very

simple do you don't I have the I have

these sheep I got I got eight sheep

fella right now I had up to 2025 at one

time last year year before last and I

sold to another person who was trying to

build their flock that way I could get

some fencing and that way I could build

my flock up so I could rotate pasture

was out there and that's what we're

doing right now I'm I went ahead and

purchased a few more lambs back in the

spring that way I could start building

my flock up so I could sell make some

more money okay so that's the number two

way number three is sell the wool number

two is sell to other individuals who

want to build their own flock so the

number one way and this is probably

probably the same thing with Daniel on

his top three I mean it's a pretty

common practice that's why we raise

sheep is the number one way to make

money is by selling to the meat market

not just people individuals that want to

buy one here and there for me but

actually take them to an auction and

sell the whole flock that you want to

call out or get rid of and you sell to

the home the whole meat market now you

can't sell to individual people and

probably make a little bit more money

individually per sheep then you would as

a whole flock to the meat market but

that's typically what people do when

they're raising sheep like I got back

behind me right here is they sell to the

meat market and that's where they make

them the most money at one time so

that's that's how I do it personally -

and number one are the ways I personally

do I do not I do not sell the wool

because I don't have wool sheep even

though it looks like some of them do

have it on there that's actually hair

that's supposed to rub off on the on the

trees and stuff you can see this one

over here she really has has on there

but these are Dora these are Dorper

sheep the RAM is was came out of a

registered flock he's not personally a


there's no need for because I don't have

other registered sheep out here but he

he is a very good RAM I'm looking right

here he threw off like three sets of

triplets last year on another flock that

bottom from my friend and he and he sold

and he and he threw several sets of

twins and that's the thing about Dorpers

they are on average might be most sheep

- on average you have one and a half

cheaper per head throughout the flock so

if you have ten sheep you can pretty

much count on you're gonna have fifteen

lambs that year that's the average

number that usually works out and it's

usually pretty pretty accurate let's

look at the sheep back here I'll show

you guys some of them so yes if you guys

are looking in looking into make some

money off your homestead sheep is a

really good way and I know goats are too

so go check out Daniels video I'll put

his video up right here somewhere um you

guys can check it out it's a

collaboration we wanted to share with

you guys how we make money from our

homestead livestock animals you know

like I said sheep and goats are really

easy to take care of I've never had I've

had a couple goats but sheep is what I

love I love raising sheep and Daniel

loves raising the Keiko goats so you

needn't go check it out he's I think we

have like one thing in common we sell to

the meat market and the other two he

makes money doing other things you know

there's there's a lot of ways you can

make you can make money with your

livestock you can actually have raised

for a family that just want to butcher

one that's one way so that's another way

you can make money is like I do with my

pigs I don't actually raise them for

people to make money but I know some

people who do they'll raise several pigs

and they'll sell to a family that family

knows where their meats coming from just

like with with the Sheep back here

behind me you guys know if I'm raising a

sheep you know exactly what's what kind

of meats in it I'm not giving them any

kind of garbage hormones or something

stuff like that that people worry about

with the cattle and all that so yeah

that's another way you can make money is

is by raising for people just so they

can come and pick it up and take to the

processor so yummy probably even sell

I'm not gonna tell you go go out and

sell the meat itself like butcher and

insult which you probably could but I'm

sure you have to have a lot of license

is in all stuff I don't mess with any of

that so I'm not telling you to do it but

I know that's probably the way you could

make some

extra money but my top three is sell the

wool sell to other individuals who are

wanting to build their own flock and

sell to the meat market meat market you

can sell on Craigslist Facebook or you

can take to look ox and that's what I do

and I'm so alright guys hope you guys

liked this quick video how to make money

from your homestead from sheet if you

guys are looking into getting the sheet

it's starting to rain pretty good now

look to look into the door / pair sheep

you guys you will not go wrong with door

/ they thrive here in Oklahoma alright

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