3 Tips For Selling Wool Online

hi fragrant addicts this is torie and

today I'm gonna talk to you about my top

three tips for selling wool online so it

doesn't matter if you're a wool producer

like a shepherd or a farmer it doesn't

matter if you're a fiber artist it

doesn't matter if you're a wool merchant

all of these tips that I'm gonna give

you today absolutely apply to you tip

number one photos matter here's an

example of a not great photo for selling

you'll here's an example of a good photo

for selling wool

one of the main differences that I see

all the time in good versus bad fleece

photos is natural light anytime that you

can get your fleece outside in natural

light that is absolutely the best option

if you are someone like me who lives in

Minnesota and half the year it is

snowing outside at least trying to get

your fleece in front of an open window

or something that's letting in a lot of

natural light take your photos during

the brightest part of the day that

really helps people so that they can

look at the fleece and really see what

they're getting so there's not really a

guessing game of like oh is that

actually the color or is there more VM

than I can actually see because the

photo is really dark so whenever you can

take your photos in natural light that

is absolutely the best way to go I will

be doing a more in depth video on how to

photograph raw fleeces for sale later

but for now just know please take your

photos in natural light tip number two

don't hide the details it can be really

really tempting sometimes to look at

your fleece and look at the level of VM

in your fleece and say okay I know this

is probably a four maybe a five but I'm

just gonna say that it's a three because

I don't want to scare anybody off from

buying it people do this okay be very

very transparent in the description that

you're giving of your fleece make sure

that you say if it has dirty tips make

sure you take a photo of those dirty

tips and include that with your listing

so that people can actually see what

they're getting make sure you take an up

close and personal photo don't just take

a photo from all the way back so that

the fleece is like one big pile make

sure you include a exact representation

of what the staple length is that's also

really important for people that are

trying to buy a fleece because if

they're trying to buy for a specific

purpose they're gonna need to know if

this is a three-inch staple length or a

six-inch staple length regardless of the

breed that you're selling you need to

make sure that you include a staple

length in your description when you go

to list your fleece and you've weighed

your fleece so you can tell your buyers

how heavy it is and how

pounds are included under estimate if

you weigh your fleece and it says like 7

pounds 10 ounces make sure what I always

do is I will say 7 pounds 8 ounces on

the description because I don't want

somebody to get my fleece have a

different scale than me and be like oh

my gosh this is way off I do this

especially if you're selling smaller

amounts of fleece this is very important

say you buy a pound of fiber and you get

it and you open the box and you put it

in your scale and it only weighs like 13

ounces that is a huge huge no-no so make

sure that you are overly generous in the

amount of fleece that you're sending to

your buyer whenever I have somebody that

buys a pound of fiber from me I always

try to include an extra at least 1 to 3

ounces just to kind of help make sure

that they're getting plenty of fiber so

those are my top 3 tips for selling raw

wool online if you have any questions go

ahead and put them down in the comments

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