Stock Market : How to Buy Stock Without a Broker

hello I'm Roger girl across app

management thank you for spending some

time with me today we're going to talk

about how you might be able to buy stock

without going through a stock broker

well the answer is in the old days you

couldn't you had to go through a stock

broker until 1974 when Big Bang happened

and Big Bang opened up the exchanges to

the discount brokers the discount

brokers then through a company called

Thomas F white securities developed the

first online trading system which

enabled you at your computer and it your

leisure to go in and enter orders to buy

and sell today most banks and brokerage

firms have the same thing and if you

want to get around having to speak with

the stock broker the easiest way to do

is to open an online trading account

they might ask you to to qualify

yourself and providing financials

initially or to put up cash to cover any

buys or sells ahead of time but

nonetheless once the account is set up

you can go in and just type in what you

ever you'd like to do to buy itself

there might be one other option no pun

intended for you you can actually go

directly to a company and by direct

stock from them so those are called

direct stock purchase plans and the

difference is that in a direct stock

purchase plan you probably pay less

Commission's initially than you would if

you were buying stock through a broker

maybe not as low as a discount broker

though there might be some other things

that you think about in there such as

gifting and which way is easier to do it

in a rate those are the two ways either

go directly to the company and buy stock

and you go to their website typically in

a public company type in direct stock

purchase plans and up will come their

info or you can go to your local

discount or a full-service broker and

buy stocks there through their online

trading operations I'm Roger crow and

thank you for spending a few minutes

with me