How to sell shares online | Shares Made Simple

you've seen how easy it is to buy shares

and now we're going to sell some I've

logged into my account here's something

I'm looking to sell it's an investment

company called Brunner investment trust

and I've owned the shares for about five

years during which time they've gone

from 250 to about 550 I own about 800

shares in this business I come very well

out of them I want to take some profits

and Sal about a quarter of a holding I

click deal to get to the trading page

and now I'm clicking sell again the

market is open so I'm gonna click quote

and deal I want to sell a quarter of my

holding which is roughly eight hundred

shares so I'm gonna put in sell two

hundred and now to get a quote I click

receiver for down and up comes a live

price of five hundred and fifty seven P

and again that will be held for me for

fifteen seconds during which I can

decide whether or not to go ahead with

the trade but we're going to let that

quote expire because I don't want to

trade now I want to show you another way

to trade most of us are far too busy to

look again and again and out portfolio

during the day there is a way around

that if you want to buy or sell at a

fixed price you can use a special

service called a limit order this lets

you choose in advance the price at which

you wish to sell or buy you're

effectively booking the trade ahead for

example you can tell your stockbroker

you'd like to sell as soon as the share

price reaches 8 pounds when the price

hits that amount the broker will execute

the trade automatically and you'll get

an email or text to let you know it's

been done for most people this is a

simple way of placing a trade when

markets are closed but for others who

are more watchful of the markets it's a

sophisticated way of capturing big gains

win share prices are moving wildly if

you think you're gonna be someone who

wants to trade during the day it's

probably important that you choose a

broker with a good mobile phone service

the account I've been dealing with here

is Barclays stockbrokers account it

doesn't yet have a mobile app

but here's a glimpse of an excellent

mobile trading app in this case from

Hargreaves Lansdown

you can see how easy it is to place a

trade also there's a great deal of

interactive data around share price

performance so you certainly don't have

to be at a desk to trade you can trade

from a beach at the park and a cafe

anywhere where you've got a signal if

you want more information on how to

manage your ice set or pension through

your broker account then watch the

videos that follow but for now

best of luck