how to buy and sell stock on the Stash APP

how to buy and sell on the stash app

what up YouTube it's your boy German

Beck another video in this video I'm

going to show you guys how to buy and

sale on the stash app I haven't used

stash up in some time and I thought that

I would make a video talking about stash

up because I just haven't used it in

some time and I yeah I let's make a

video talking about it so here are my

accounts nowadays you can have two

accounts you can have a personal

portfolio account you can also have a

retirement portfolio account in it this

is the new interface and I like how they

have it like very simple and they kind

of combine the two here we're gonna go

over the personal portfolio I'm gonna

just show you guys like give you guys a

little walkthrough of the account here

this is really really simple and really

straightforward the last video I made it

was I want to tell us about I was about

two years ago and I just did a walk

through the stash up and I think I have

like 2,800 dollars in that account

I don't really add money to my stash up

that much because I like I say it's for

uh it's for a particular reason so um

you know I add to it sometimes sometimes

I don't but I haven't added to it for a

little bit but I think in the next

couple months I will add I'm definitely

to it so here what you want to do is

just just just you know come to your

account and you can check it out so

right now I have cash I have a hundred

and eight dollars to invest now I

actually just put a hundred dollars in

there like a couple days ago so now the

money is good to invest so you have a

couple options you can click on one of

your um one of your investments that you

already have and you can click on you

know by sale at the top okay then you

can click on buy this is one way and you

would just enter the amount but I'm

gonna show you guys another one just

because let's say you want to pick a new

stock like you want to add to your

portfolio you want to switch off

something you want to ask it just sell

something new you will come over here

and you would have this whole list here


now you would have this list here now

these stocks are grouped together now

let's say you want to pick on an

individual stock there are a lot of

stocks available on the stash up but not

every single company so let's just use

the example of Apple okay so apples on

here now one cool thing about the stash

app that you can't do on Robin Hood is

you can purchase fractional shares so

what exactly is a fractional share so if

we look down here we see the last price

for Apple is two hundred twenty seven

dollars and one since that's for one

whole share now on stash up I can come

in here and I don't have to purchase a

full share I can purchase a hundred

dollars worth so I can get you know if

the stock price is two hundred twenty

seven dollars a hundred dollars will

give me like I would on what forty five

percent of a share or forty three

percent of a share of Apple which is uh

not that bad not that bad so here we

have it wants you to pick your account

personal or retirement I'm gonna pick

personal I'm actually gonna just go

ahead and pick Apple this is a company

that I'll go ahead and go with the flow

for the making of this video we'll just

put $50 in Apple is selling a lot of

iPhones I understand there's a lot of

Apple haters out there there's so many

people out there that just hate Apple

just because how successful the Apple is

but Apple is selling iPhones like crazy

and everybody was talking about it how

Oh people aren't gonna buy the iPhone 11

people aren't gonna buy that iPhone 11 I

told you guys I told you guys that

people were gonna buy the iPhone the 11

I said people like myself people that

have an iPhone 6s or people that have an

iPhone 7 or let's say you have an iPhone

8 you have a reason to upgrade you know

especially if you have an iPhone 6s or

you get or if you have an iPhone 7 so

that's just my as just my two cents on

that you want to be careful new to this

screen because - I started to do this

now a lot of people will just hit sit

confirm confirm set schedule which you

don't really want to do that unless you

want to contribute sixth you want to

contribute $10 every month and I don't

want to do that because I just look I'm

just buying $50 right now and I don't

want it

I just want to buy $50 right now

I don't want to do this forever you know

so you just want to come out to the

bottom in his skip very important okay

now I'm buying this stock as I'm making

this video this is Saturday so stock

markets not open the stock market opens

on Friday no stock market opens on

Monday what am I thinking

what am I thinking stock market is now

open yeah of course it opens on Friday

but it's not my opens on Monday so what

happens is uh this will execute Monday

like Monday in the afternoon it'll show

up in my account so here we have it and

you can hit this button right here

squares share square nope square okay I

really want to sign up for this but I

can't sign up for this because they're

showing you guys my old address and that

wasn't my whole deal was to sign up for

this these accounts are pretty cool this

- account but the only problem with the

stash account you can't really hook it

up to let's say you cannot like hook it

up to robbing it

like that would be so cool if you can

hook up stash to Robin Hood or you can't

hook up the cash app to the stash app

myself just recently I've started to use

the cash app a lot more than I've been

using my bank account chase but the

problem is I can't get rid of Chase

because I can't send money from the cash

app to my stash of you know I I make

money I get paid through the cash app

but then I want to use that money and I

want to invest it in the stash trap but

I still have to send it through a bank

so if anybody watching this from stash

or to cash out come on y'all let's hurry

up let's get something new going here

let's let's make it so I don't have to

go to the bank I don't want to have to

go through JPMorgan you know I want to

just use y'all you know I want to I want

I will try to have my money I don't want

them Wall Street bankers have my money

and it also says like direct deposit you

get your money two days earlier I don't

know about that most people you know

when direct deposit hits on Wednesday

people just get paid later in the same

day so yeah you might get paid two days

there were some jobs but most jobs you

you get paid on the system to earn stock

back to your investment account when you

spend anywhere with your stash debit



I like that I like that I like that so

instead of them just giving you cash

back instead of them saying okay we're

gonna give you 1% or 2% or 3% cashback

your cash back goes into your stash

account so that'll help you save and

help you invest more and more money and

yeah like I said I'm not gonna sign up

for this there's some other cool

features on the on the app no I did tell

you I was going to show you how to sell

stocks I'm gonna show you guys how to

sell stocks but I'm not gonna exactly

gonna go through with selling it just

because I don't want to sell right now

when I hang on to what I got you know

what I'm saying then you just it always

ask you a question like why are you

selling you know it's just just for data

just it's just curious and then to

actually enter enter the amount which in

this case I have five hundred and

sixty-five dollars and six cents and I

don't want to sell any of it so I'm just

gonna go back but what you would do is

you would just enter like you know $100

or $200 you would enter the full amount

and then you would just you know hit so

and basically it would it would sell it

out for you

this one actually pays a pretty nice

dividend you know every couple every

couple months and you can see how this

dividend has increased because back in

March 2019 it was one dollar 56 cent and

then in June 2019 it increased to one

dollar in 67 cents and then look at


so over time like dividends really make

a difference like I know it's kind of

hard to believe when you know when you

see a stock in it says dividend it pays

2% interest but that's 2% interest today

like that's 2% interest today if you

bought those shares if you if you bought

those same exact shares you know three

years ago three years ago you would have

paid a different amount for those shares

maybe you would have paid a whole lot

less for those shares and over time the

dividend increases remember that

companies always increase the dividend

and also whenever you see the dividend

rate that's based on the share price I

mean dividends can get really really

tricky maybe I'll make another video

dividends it's actually really difficult

to explain dividends but I thought that

I would you know in this video I thought

I would you know show you guys how to

buy and sell and also talk a little bit

about some of the different features and

show some different things about you

know the app I really really liked the

stache up it's it's it's a really really

cool it's very very simple to use in you

know in this account here I'll actually

just walk through walk you guys through

my account and I'll just show you this


this accounts totally sagging on Tesla

and also square Tesla's really um oh I

guess squares kind of sagging it two

squares down about 23% for this account

and Tesla's down about 15% and

everything else is basically in the

green I've you know called everything

else called everything else out pretty

good I'm up I'm pretty decently

everything else I guess robots I'm not

doing so good and also way I thought I'm

not doing so good

but everything else is is doing pretty

pop and you know even yeah I'm actually

really surprised and let's go over to

the retirement account just to just to

show you guys like the compare and

contrast difference I think I did a

little bit better in my retirement

account because I I bought a lot of this

stuff like at the beginning of last year

I think um wow I'm actually okay on

Apple in Tesla's down 17% on this one so

yeah like majority of my accounts are

not doing good because like I'm

basically every account has Tesla in it

and it has a lot of Tesla and Tesla his

his just hasn't Tesla hasn't been poppin

I just haven't been doing a lot lately I

mean they have been doing a lot but what

I mean about they haven't been doing a

lot lately I'm talking about their stock

price hasn't been doing a lot lately is

but them as a company they've been

actually doing a lot of amazing things

like this whole Giga Factory in China

that they're opening up they've I can't

believe how fast they have built this

freaking building like in January it

wasn't a building there and now there is

a massive building and they're already

producing cars and it's only been what

ten months and they built a freaking

mega factory that can that can put out

like a quarter of a million cars a year

like that's just insane now they're not

completely done with the factory you

know there's there's a couple things


they still have to work on and have to

figure out but they're already producing

cars that's like insane like that's the

crazy part so yeah I'm definitely heavy

on Tesla I think test will do two things

in the future coming up it'll start to

slowly creep up like right now we see

Tesla and what word is has so right now

I'm actually curious because it's been

bobbin and Weavin

ok so right now Tesla is at 231 dollars

a share

now if Tesla can go two ways I can kind

of see testify creeping up a hundred

dollars and in two weeks now I'm not

saying that Tesla will creep up a

hundred dollars within two weeks but

what I'm saying is like I can kind of

see Tesla bobbin and Weavin it stemmed

between you know to two hundred twenty

to two hundred and fifty inches it's

just bobbing and weaving between those

two numbers two twenty to thirty and I

was at 240 dollars back down to 225 now

it's back down you know is that two to

fifty I can see Tesla doing that for a

long time and then out of the blue you

see Tesla right around 350 and then

people are sitting around saying wait

what is it Tesla at like 220 and now I

said like 350 and then once it hits 315

that I can see it you know creeping

right up to 400 and then once it hits

400 people are really gonna be like wait

Tesla was 225 like like a month ago and

now let's have $400 I can see Tesla

doing that or tests are doing what GoPro

did and y'all know what GoPro data if

you follow and Tesla you know a GoPro

did now I don't think GoPro I don't

think Tesla's gonna do a GoPro he's

doing I definitely don't think Tesla is

gonna do a GoPro D because Tesla that's

not got a lot of good things going for

them and GoPro was competing with DJI

and they literally had drones dropping

out of the sky and Tesla just stayed

there just a whole different they got a

different thing going so I I'm just

kidding I'm just going on and on talking

about Tesla and talking about this but I

thought I want to make a video talking

about the stache up if you guys want to

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