Fidelity Investments 101: Buying and Selling Stock To Transfer Cash Back To Your Account | Investing

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hey guys before I jump into the video I

wanted to reach out to you guys and get

your 5 suggestions as to what stocks we

should be buying in the YouTube moola

portfolio we're up to five hundred fifty

four dollars thanks to you guys watching

the ads so that being said I'm hoping to

invest twice so two hundred fifty

dollars each time so the hope is if you

guys give me the five ticker symbols on

this video and then I'll make another

video in a couple days where I do

another five ticker symbols we'll be

able to vote on those and I'll be able

to tell you guys or show you guys what

I'm buying over the next day or two once

we actually get that poll up and running

so appreciate you guys sticking around

for that one I'm going to hop right into

the video