How to Sell a Stock in Fidelity

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today we're back at it again with

another episode to walk you through

how to use your fidelity account


how to sell stocks now i know this

entire week in the middle of september

has been crazy it's been a solid red

week all week long

and usually that's a good time to say

hey everything's on sale it's on

discount let's go buy

but for those of us here who are

interested in tax loss harvesting

or maybe you working with like very

limited funds

that's okay sometimes you got to sell

off some stocks that aren't doing so


and put that money towards something

else that you know will grow really

quick if it rebounds like for instance


about a month ago man there was like a

week where it just dropped by 10

20 and then suddenly the next week boom

skyrocketed back up to where it was at

so it was like it went from 240

down to about 210. and then it

skyrocketed all the way back up now it's

been consistently trading

or it was last week around 280 290 and

now it's back down to like 250 so you

still would have made about 40 bucks a


so that's where sometimes you know

selling off some stocks to buy something

that's gonna

go back and rebound almost instantly

well you know it might be

a good idea for people with very low


but anyways let's dive in here and show

you how to access

the sell option on fidelity now there's

a lot of different ways to do this

so we're going to go through the most

basic one right here and that's just

using the quick trade ticket so once

again click on trade

then select the account you want to

trade out of so for instance i want to

do it in my roth

if i'm doing it my wrath i don't really

care too much about tax loss harvesting

by the way and

that's another topic for another time

but anyways i'm here in my roth and now

let's say

that i want to trade out of oil stocks

so for instance i have some

shell shares right royal dutch shell

and it just has not been doing good i

remember i bought this way way back in


april or may and it was like 30 bucks a


and now it's dropped down and i want to

just you know maybe i'll take a little

bit of a loss now but i can put that in

something else that will rebound and

grow even faster

so instead what i'm going to do is i'm

going to go ahead and click sell

but let's say i don't want to sell all

of my shares i just click on the sell


right and then it will update and tell

me exactly how many shares i own so for

instance if i only want to sell two


i'm gonna click two there and then it's

my choice again it's the same deals

before whether i want to do a market

order limit order stop loss stop limit

but to keep it simple today if you do a

market order that means that

when the market opens on the next day if

it's after hours or

at that current time in the market

whatever price it's at it will trade

instantly and

sell it at that price so for example

right now it looks like

royal dutch shells this is after hours

it's about 26.33

if this was what we were seeing in like

the middle of the trading day

it would sell and you'd get about 26.33

unless there's like a huge pivot all of

a sudden so it might vary a little bit

so be careful about market orders

that's why i like to usually go with

limit orders and let's say i want it to

run long term i want to say okay

if shell goes to 30 bucks anytime

if i choose day and force that means

it's going to cancel the same day but if

i want it to last forever like if shell

hits 30 bucks i'll cash out i'll take my

money right away

then i'll just switch to good till

cancel and boom everything's good to go

right and then i can set when i want

this order to end or expire

if it doesn't get filled or i could do

filler kill which means you know sell

both of the shares

at the same time or cancel it all

together or

immediate or cancel i mean sell it in

the instant if you can't sell it you

can't find a buyer for me then just

cancel the order

right but you know we like to keep it

simple here so just leave it at that

then go down

and click preview order and then boom

you're ready to go

move on to the next part now let's say

you just wanted to sell

all of your shares you can just click

sell all make life easy and the same

features still apply in your trading

ticket so it's not like anything's


life is still easy and good but now

let's say

you wanted to be strategic okay

let's say you were buying different

prices for shares of shell this entire


so then your average is like low but

there are some shares that are really

expensive and some shares that are

really cheap

and you want to make your average look

good and you want to capitalize on tax

loss harvesting which is a fancy way of


sell shares at a loss and then use that

loss to write off

capital gains and all that means is that

if yours if you like

sold a bunch of stocks and you made like

five thousand dollars

if you sold some that also lost money

instead of actually making five thousand

you might

overall make only about four thousand

that means you don't have to pay

taxes on the four thousand dollars but

all of that

is another story another time we're just

trying to show you the features here


giving you ideas giving you seeds so you

can do more research please remember

that you need to do your own due

diligence okay

we are not financial service advisors

here we're just doing this for funsies

and educational purposes

so that you can take charge and try and

find ways to build wealth

but back to it let's say we're trying to

sell very specific shares

of whatever stock we wanted to buy click

on specific shares and then you will

automatically get taken to this new


i can see the price of royal de shell i

can see the current high and low

and the trading volume and all that good

stuff that's extra stuff that once you

get really

good and you know what's going on um it

will help

when you're making decisions on whether

or not it's a good time to buy or sell a


but let's say i want to sell just two

shares like before okay

and i'll select my order type i'm going

to go with limit order and we'll just

keep it the same as before 30 bucks

and i want it to set for the day if it

doesn't reach 30

that day and i can't sell it then that's

okay that order just cancels

just tick that little box that says

choose specific shares and you'll get

taken to the next screen

and here is where you're going to get a

little mini tab of

all of the shares that you bought and

all the prices you bought it at

so now let's say i wanted to sell my

shares that were the most expensive so i

can capitalize on the most loss like if

you can see here

right i lost 22.64 cents from these four


of a shell it hurts but hey

sometimes you gotta sell and lose money

to make a lot more

right so if i said okay let's go ahead

and sell these two specific shares out

of the four that i own

i'm going to sell them at the price of

31.99 so

when you're looking at if this was a

taxable brokerage account in roth it

doesn't really matter too much but if

this was a taxable brokerage

account i'd be able to see oh okay you


you may have earned a lot of money on

these stocks but here's all the stocks

that you lost

when you sell that's the key if you sell

a stock

you close a position on a stock right

that's when you start to incur things

like capital gains

or if you're getting dividends paid out

directly to you instead of letting them


that's capital gains taxes that you

might have to pay

so keep an eye on that talk to an

accountant a financial professional

they'll walk you through what's going on

they'll tell you what's the strategic

way to minimize and make it look like

even though you might have made 5 000

by like switching out some shares and

doing some tax loss harvesting and

you know buying shares that are

essentially the same with different

funds and stuff

that you can actually offset the amount

of capital gains you have and pay less

taxes long term

again talk to the accountant we keep

saying this here just because we want

you to start thinking about

why this would be the case but do your

own due diligence check out your


but yeah let's say i want to sell these

two specific shares i'll sell it here

that will make my cost basis which is a

fancy way of saying

how much did i pay per share for that

lot that group

of stocks and then when i sell that i

just click preview order

and then we're taken to this page again

i will i double check that i'm selling

it at the price that i want

and that the orders are the amount i

want and it will tell me how much

money i uh i'm gonna get from this trade

my estimated commission

and it's gonna tell me which lot i'm

pulling from lot

is just telling me which group of stocks

i'm gonna sell from right so i want to

sell the two shares

that were 31.99 and i got these on april

just to make sure everything's right

then you just scroll down click place

order and bada bing bada boom

you are done and everything is good to

go and there you have it folks that

is a few different ways that you can

sell stocks

on your fidelity account now keep in

mind this works whether you're talking

about your brokerage account

or your roth ira accounts or any ira

accounts 457 b's whatever as long as

you're managing it

it works for all of them the steps are

the same just keep in mind about the

different implications that you're going

to be doing for tax purposes

and please remember one more time that

we at winning lifestyles are not

financial service advisors

we're just here doing this for funsies

and for educational purposes

and that you need to go out and do your

own due diligence

and talk to professionals tax

professionals financial professionals

you know go and chat with them and they

will walk you through and help you

figure out the best route with that

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