How To Sell Your Business For Millions

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I got a call last week one of my good

friends who runs a very successful

business and as we were going through

the conversation together the topic of

selling his business came up and he got

nervous he said well I've I've ran this

business all my life this is my baby why

would I sell this but it was as if he

was about to walk down the aisle and

give his daughter to somebody I said if

he is having so much trouble thinking

about selling his own company like most

founders and entrepreneurs do

there's probably tens of thousands of

other people that are going through the

same thing why don't we make a video

about it whether you're 1928 or 42 years

old me you don't run a business you're

not a founder not a CEO maybe you're an

employee or an executive maybe a

salesperson or realtor you are going to