How To Sell Stock Shares Your Company Gave You [Or You Bought From Them] 💵📈

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hey there took me Thomas with a well be

Tiffany calm and in today's video I'm

going to talk about how to sell company

stock shares and before we dive in if

you guys are serious about fast-tracking

your financial freedom click the link

below this video in the description and

I can help you do that

alright let's talk about how to sell

company shares of stock and you know

maybe your company has given you the

opportunity to purchase shares in the

company and you want to sell them you

don't want to be all invested in your

company working for them and having your

investments all with the same company

which can be kind of risky so if you

want to sell them it should be pretty

simple if they are already a publicly

traded company then you should be able

to just log into your account and sell