How to Sell Shares using ICICI Direct App

girl friends in my previous videos I

have shown you how to buy shares using

ICICI directs app interface as well as

ICS a directs web interface now in this

video I shall show you how to sell

shares using ICICI Derrick's app

integrates in case you want to see the

videos that had posted before they can

then you can refer the links in the

description below now in this video as

I've said that will go through the

various steps that we need to go through

in order to sell shares using the app

interface of ICS a direct so at the top

left corner you'll see on logging in

there is an option to trading equity if

you click on trading equity this is the

next page that you'll get where there

are various options like cash buy cash

they'll get code etc now you can just

let me click on cash sell in the next

page you'll get the various options that

you need to fill in order to sell your

shares so right at the top you can see

there is the product cash or spot I have

selected cash next change you can select

the NSE or BC depending on which

exchange it is where your stocks are

held or from which you have bought your

stocks now let me let's take for an

example NSE in my case I am holding some

shares say for ICICI Bank in NAC then in

that case in the stock name I have to

enter the ICICI stock name so I'll start

typing I see I and for the bank I'll

just add ba and the first three

alphabets and you can see that it's

getting automatically populated below on

selecting ICICI Bank we just go to the

quantity now in quantity you can enter

the number of searches that you want to

sell suppose you're holding 100 shares

you want to sell just by power of them

or us holding 10 shares and you were to

hear or sell just to all of them so you

can just enter that quantity out here so

I'm entering say 5 in order validity you

can put day or day or IOC or BTC I'm

putting in day in order type you can

either enter market or limit now I'm

entering limit so that I can

until the price at which I want to sell

the shares say let's let me try let me

put 271 if in case I don't want to put

limit and I just want to sell the shares

at any price that it is that the

currents that the market is currently

trading on this particular share then

I'll have to select market in which the

limit price will get disabled the other

other options are not mandatory once you

are done filling these steps you can

just simply click on sell now and you'll

be redirected to the next page where

you'll be asked for a confirmation for

all the values that you have entered and

once you click on confirm then your

transaction head will be put onto the

exchange so France it is as simple as

this to sell shares using ICICI

Derrick's app interface thanks for