How to Sell Shares using ICICI Direct App

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girl friends in my previous videos I

have shown you how to buy shares using

ICICI directs app interface as well as

ICS a directs web interface now in this

video I shall show you how to sell

shares using ICICI Derrick's app

integrates in case you want to see the

videos that had posted before they can

then you can refer the links in the

description below now in this video as

I've said that will go through the

various steps that we need to go through

in order to sell shares using the app

interface of ICS a direct so at the top

left corner you'll see on logging in

there is an option to trading equity if

you click on trading equity this is the

next page that you'll get where there

are various options like cash buy cash

they'll get code etc now you can just

let me click on cash sell in the next