Computershare Employee Online - How to Sell your shares (AU)


did you know you could sell you're

available and unrestricted employee

shares using employee online this video

shows you how to complete an online sale

it is not intended to be financial or

tax advice and should not be treated as

such if you sell your shares at market

value using employee online the sale

will be executed on the same day during

exchange trading hours if placed prior

to 3:30 p.m.

Sydney time and the sale proceeds less

any fees and charges will be deposited

into your nominated bank account

generally within 2 business days if you

choose to receive a check or foreign

wire payment then it will take longer to

receive your sale proceeds before

proceeding with the sale of any shares

you should always consider and comply

with your employer's securities trading

policy to begin you need to be logged

into your employee online account if you

don't know how to log in please view the

how to login video

on the portfolio page you'll see a list

of available share plans in which you

participate choose the plan from which

you wish to sell and click transact if

shares aren't eligible to trade the

transact button will not appear the

bottom of the screen shows your

selection and will display a sell and/or

transfer button if you would like to

proceed click sell please note if you

wish to sell shares from more than one

plan you'll need to complete the sale

process for each plan separately

separate fees and charges will apply to

the sale from each plan by using

employee online to sell all or part of

your plan holdings you'll need to

acknowledge that you have read and

understood the terms and conditions and

agree to be bound by them please note

the price displayed in a sidebar on

every page is a delayed 20 minute price

click Next to proceed if you choose to

sell specific Awards of available shares

you'll need to select the relevant

allocations of shares that you wish to

sell this function is only available

when using a tablet or desktop when

selling your shares the sale request can

be submitted as either a market or limit

order market order sales will be

processed at the current market price

whereas a limit order allows you to set

a minimum sale price for that sale


please be aware the share price shown on

this side is a 20-minute delay price

this means the price you actually

achieve when your sale is processed may

differ unless you have specified a price

via a limit order a limit order allows

you to specify the minimum price that

you wish your shares to be sold for any

limit order you place is valid for the

current trading day or for up to 30 days

if your limit order is not filled your

order will expire and your shares will

not be sold if your sale is canceled or

expires then you'll not be charged a

sale or brokerage fee remember if you

choose a limit order your shares will

only be sold when the price of the

shares is at or above the minimum price

you have specified if you are no longer

a current employee of your company Liban

orders are not available through

employee online if the exchange is

closed on the day you place your sale

request you may cancel your market

and/or limit order through the

transaction history link if displayed as


if the exchange is open and the price

you've specified in your limit order

hasn't been achieved you may cancel your

order if it is displayed as pending in

the transaction history link select your

preferred method of payment available if

you choose to be paid directly into an

Australian bank account the sale

proceeds less any fees and charges will

generally be paid within two business

days if you would like to receive a

confirmation alert for your sale select

your preferred method shown under

transaction status confirmation ensure

your address and banking details are

current before proceeding with a sale


review the information on the screen to

verify its accuracy it is important that

you check this information carefully

before entering your PIN or password to

confirm the sale once your sale has been

successfully entered you'll be taken to

the confirmation page if you want to

sell shares from another plan return to

the portfolio screen


if you have any questions about your

employee plan contact computershare

directly by contact us