HOW TO SELL ASX SHARES (Beginner tutorial for selling shares or ETFs on the ASX with Westpac)

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hey guys welcome back today we're going

to be taking a bit of a look

at the westpac online trading platform

and trying to figure out how to sell a

stock okay i've had a few questions

coming up on a couple of my videos on

how to sell a stock

it's pretty self-explanatory but today

we're going to be breaking it down super

easy steps

we'll touch on just quickly how to buy a

stock and then we'll focus more on how

to sell a stock

finding the timing on when to sell a

stock that's the tricky part we're not

going to be discussing that in great

detail in this video we're just going to

be focusing on how to sell a particular

stock or etf if you're wanting to sell

out of that position

and we're going to be using the westpac