How to Buy and Sell Stocks on Robinhood (Beginner App Tutorial)

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in today's video I'm gonna quickly show you how to buy and sell stocks using the

Robinhood app which is so easy to do but there's a few things that you need

to understand first I'll briefly explain how they're free sign up shares work and

then I'll also show you how to lightly research a company using Robinhood then

I'll show you how to buy and sell stocks using Robinhood's so that you can see

for yourself how easy it is to do they're not the best choice for every

type of investor but if you do want to get free trades and have a really easy

platform to use then definitely try Robin Hood now if you just found this

channel I'm Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different

topics that'll give your life and your finances more value so definitely

subscribe if you're into this type of content but now let's just hop onto my

phone and I'm gonna show you how to buy and sell shares using Robin Hood okay so

once you're inside the app the way that the free stock thing works is just if

you refer someone to Robin Hood using your special link then you get a free

stock and they get a free stock so it's just kind of a win-win and I did leave

my referral link in the description so if you guys want to use that then you

can get a stock and I can get a stock but really if you've got friends that

are already using Robin Hood just use their referral link because then you

guys can both benefit from it and the cool thing is is once you're signed up

then you can do the same thing so I've got a free stock here for inviting

Samuel so thank you Samuel this is how it works you just claim the

free stock and you're gonna choose one of these three question marks just like

a stupid Las Vegas thing and then you scratch it out and we'll see so it looks

like I got sprint which is worth 571 and honestly I have never gotten anything

over ten bucks but that's my luck I have had some guys in the comments tell me

that they've got shares that are worth over a hundred bucks so maybe you'll be

one of the lucky ones but I haven't been so far and then before I get into all

the research stuff I do want to let you know that with the free shares you can't

actually sell those stocks for three full trading days so just keep that in

mind and then if you ever do want to get your cash for them you have to wait a