Investment Stocks Tips : How to Sell Stock Cheaply

Hi everyone this is Chris Markowski, president of Markowski investments and host of the watch

dog on Wall street radio show. Here to tell you how to sell stocks cheaply. Or rather

then tell you how to sell stocks cheaply I'm going to get involved in how you can go about

paying for trades in the first place.There are various different types of fee structures

available to investors. We can go with the traditional model, commission.How much you

are paying commission. Well every single time you conduct a transaction, you pay a fee,

sales charge, whatever it may be. It's what the online firms do, it's what most stock

brokers do. What I do is a little bit different. I actually, because I'm a financial adviser,

I actually have my clients under contract with me. We set up a fee structure where I

am getting a fee based upon the assets under management. So basically what that means is

that for the most part they are not paying any transaction charge what so ever. Obviously

for some of the up and comers or the newer people out there, that fee structure doesn't

best suit you. Different fee structures are suitable for certain types of people. Kind

of like financial planning. If you got a larger sized portfolio, a significant amount of money,

you may want to go to one of those fee structured plans, unless of course, you got a significant

portfolio and you got nothing but bonds in there. And you are not going to be doing any

trading, why pay a fee on that. So you basically have to really look into and research what

fee structure is going to be best for you. This is Chris Markowski your watch dog on

Wall Street.