5 Ways to effectively sell Microsoft Office 365

hi in this video I'm going to show you

five ways to effectively sell office 365

to maximize your services and margins

and not go to the price discussion rule

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started as you all know that office 365

is demanding is in the high demand today

with almost every customer looking for

in Microsoft is putting a lot of efforts

and marketing it so how can you do in a

much better way a sale of office 365 as

compared to hundreds of others resellers

and partners trying to sell them so I'm

gonna give you five different ways which

will make you a better office 365 seller

not only you will close the deals in the

right way but also you will be able to

make good amount of margin and services

opportunity so stay tuned for the five

tips here's the first one do your

homework doing your homework is very

very critical what I mean by doing your

homework is before you even get in touch

with your customer or prospect with the

right people I want you to do your

homework now that homework is very

simple exercise it's basically a sales

homework to do before you contact your

customers now the first one I would like

you to do is to go and check your domain

check the domain name of the customer

I'm assuming you're going to approach a

customer who is already having an email

domain any business going on so if

you're going and approaching a customer

who already has a domain name then just

go to who dot is and check their DNS

settings and what you specifically are

going to look for is

em extra corn so when you see the MX

record and makes the card typically

tells you where the current customer is

hosting their emails if it is an IP

address most likely it's going to be a

non from solution which is using like an

exchange other IBM Lotus node or

something like that if it is pointing to

something with the name Google then it

is most likely that the customer is

using on Google if it is something to do

with Rackspace and you will see a war

Rackspace if you see something with

outlook as a word then for sure that the

customer is already on office is

justified you don't need to waste your

time you can move on so that's a very

critical step most of the sellers forget

it and the Vista time prospecting

calling them and then they don't get

anything so do your homework check check

the check the domain name and you will

actually be able to find out what the

customer is using and you can pitch

accordingly so if your Google you need

to be prepared how you're gonna play it

how to switch the customer to office if

it is not office then it's a clear shot

that you should go and pitch office 65

to the customer so the next point in the

homework is size and industry of the

customer size of the customer plays a

important role on how you're going to

pitch because the whole solution to the

customer if it is a smooth and and the

easiest way to categorize them is into

three categories SMB which is small and

medium business I would say depending on

the country and region you are in but

the definition of size of the customer

varies from country to country but you

can define your own country if it is an

emerging country can be 0 to 150

employees if it is a mature country like

US Europe or Asia India then you can the

SMB will range between 0 to maybe 300

and 300 employees so categorize them in

either SMB mid market or an enterprise

because each of these will behave

differently and it is very critical that

which industry you are going after what

is the industry of the customer on their

website on their LinkedIn profile you

will easily

be able to find what exactly is their

industry whether it is retail

manufacture and so on

in mind in the following videos which I

will be doing in the next few weeks I

will pick up an industry and talk about

that and how it specifically you can go

and pitch it to them so know their

industry and the size it really matters

the number of branches the number of

branches it has and this is the easiest

way which I used to do in the past is go

to their website and find out the

contact offices if they have more than

one office it will be listed on their

website but that these are the number of

branches they have and so on why it is

important for you to know the number of

branches is very simple the more the

number of branches the bigger is the

problem of the data and the emails and

the connectivity a cloud solution is the

right thing to do that so find out how

many branches and this could be your one

of the questions which you want to

discover while you're talking to the

prospect check their website on social

and YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

why this is important this could be a

topic of digital transformation

everybody is transforming if the

company's website is pretty old but it's

a good company it's it's a well-known

name but they don't have a decent

website it doesn't render on the mobile

it has they don't have a youtube channel

they don't have a link them they don't

have Facebook you're not gonna make any

money out of this knowledge but you

definitely will be able to pick up these

insights that they are not yet ready and

they are not started their digital

transformation office this is defi which

is basically a communication

collaboration could trigger the first

step into the digital music that could

be one of the topics to discuss when you

meet the customers so my next tip is

talk to the right people talking to the

right people is is very very critical if

we are from IT sales background

typically we knock the doors of an IT

department and that's what is our

biggest mistake if you are going and

selling at cloud solution don't go to IT

department don't go to the

means they are afraid of you don't go to

IT managers they don't have budgets for

this they want to maintain their budget

they want to spend their budgets they

love servers and identify Andy in the

server room and everything don't go to

IDE directors also at this first place I

would suggest if you want to go and make

a right sale with the services and

margin you better want to go and knock

the doors of a business guys it could be

CEO it could be CF or it could be VP it

could be director it could be sales

directors somebody on the business side

who is concerned for the following the

reason I want you not to go to the IT

and go to business is the following the

business is concerned about the terms

called productivity productivity gain

business in fact time to market and so

on IT department doesn't care about all

of these IT department is caring about

whether the lights are on the server's

is on the systems is running or not yeah

that's a good point in offices 65

business but the decision making point

will really really come from the fact

that you're going to help the company to

improve their productivity by 20 percent

they're gonna help the company to go to

market and be more agile in terms of

growing and being in communication and

collaborate much better collaboration

means nothing to IT department and this

is one of the important things which you

want to do so so it's very very critical

that you talk to the IT department I

have some tips here talk about the

business application not about emails

and so in office 365 you don't wanna

talk about emails at all because it's

it's known offices 65 has a much bigger

capacity 50 GB means nothing to people

today that is taken for granted it is

definitely there so you don't need to

mention again and again that all you're

gonna get 50 GB that's not a selling

point you want to talk about other apps

which comes along with office 365 or

talk about planner you want to talk

about tasks you want to talk about the

themes you want to talk about

calendar you won't talk about onedrive

SharePoint and these are the things

which can help business collaborate

better and that's the most important

piece of it ok talk about multi device

syncing this is important everybody

forgets about this to mention to the

customer very strongly and the business

side is multi device inking you can have

five devices and they're all sinking

together it means a lot to a business

person than an IT department so talk

about these things very very critical so

talk to the right people show them the

right stuff talk about the right things

don't talk about the the the capacities

and features of the offices but that

means nothing to people what they really

care about is collaboration or really

cannabis productivity how much they can

save money how fast they can do things

how better they can do things how better

they can communicate Skype for business

and so on and video calls and everything

so so that's what you want to discuss

all with the business things not with

the IT department another important

reason which you will talk about which

I'll talk about in the next few points

is white off the business for services

so let's go to the next point the next

way is to educate your customer

educating the customer is critical you

don't want to throw in a proposal the

fastest way you want to spend some time

educating the customer of course I don't

want you to be so very slow that

somebody else comes and throws the price

to the customer I want you to spend some

time right time with your customer to

educate them about various apps which

they will get by default when they

subscribe to offices if I plan when I

say that it comes with a bunch of like

1015 apps and if the customer doesn't

know about this you're not gonna make

anything out of it you will end up

selling an email service to them which

is not the right thing to do so I want

you to spend time educating that in

different ways and means maybe talk

about it maybe put it on a paper maybe

show them a video the best way which I

recommend is to show them a demo ask for

45 minutes an hour take a walkthrough

show them very quickly these are the

apps which comes through it and talk

about use case is not case studies use

cases there are two different things

case studies are success stories of

people who have done it yeah that means

okay but then if you want to sell things

you want to talk about case study which

means how teams can be used for sales

department and marketing departments how

planner can be used by project things or

sales teams for example how onedrive can

be used by finance department in sales

and marketing department these are the

things which will matter to them so you

need to pack all of these into about a 1

1 and 1/2 hours time slot and show them

live in person with right people in them

in the audience and those people should

be business not IT departments because

rightly deepening it typically resist

this whole thing so that was educate so

educate is my third tip the fourth one

is services you want to talk about

services you are there not to sell a

product you are there to give them a

service and if you don't tell them about

the services which you offer and

services I'll break it up into a couple

of things I'll break it up in

implementation services

break it up in the second point is

migration services so it could be

development services and finally it

would be the managed services of support

if you don't talk about these four

things and the most critical nerve you

cannot convince the customer that you're

adding value you're not there to sell

licenses if you do that you will end up

making minimum margin or sometimes no

margin and it's a liability office this

is the FRA selling under CSP and you're

not making money is a liability for your

business you will actually make losses

then actually profitability so you want

to talk about this for services the

fifth one is a bonus one it is change

management you wanna talk about change

management a lot of partners I've seen

they don't talk about change management

and I'll go one by one very quickly

implementation is all about the efforts

which you put in planning you put in the

mapping of all the things you discover


is the data to be migrated when you are

going to migrate all of these step by

step with the right sequence of people

categorizing a lot of good amount of

planning which goes into this and the

way you want to put across to the

customer is yes you you you you are

getting a product and it's a

subscription model you pay per month per

year whatever you want to do that and

I'm gonna give you a good price there

but then on the services I'm gonna put

efforts I'm gonna put one or two people

for a good amount of time and you want

to charge the customer for their foods

they putting so the right way I think is

and this was very successful with us and

myself was to put it across as in total

effort than how many days it is and

quantify the date these typically one

man day in depends on the region come

down to a dollar value for day and then

you will be able to find out a dollar

value for the whole project which is

incrementation and it's a code matrix to

go and put it in front of a customer and

customer will understand if you make him

understand that there is a good amount

of effort required to actually do a good

job and then if it takes time and

efforts by one or two people to do that

project then he will be happy to pay the

other thing is the migration piece the

migration is done in two parts the

migration is actually an effort by human

being which is an expert technical

person but also it requires the right

tool so you again need to educate about

these services that to effectively do

the project in time with a good

experience of the users not losing a

previous lead on the devices on the

offices 6 define always keep going back

to old PSD files is to migrate some

amount of data not all the data some

amount of data they need to help the

customer to migrate the calendar the

contacts and the files and folders also

and for that doing it like a donkey

person doing man will do this and that

it's it's disaster you need to use the

right tool you need to educate your

customer there are right tools available

like Sky King and bit tighten and they

can actually help you to move that data

on the clock

and there are two parts of the migration

fees which is the tools and the efforts

both of them into it migration efforts

can be again man days and then tools is

by user and type of the data which you

migrate let's talk about the development

piece development is optional but then

here is some value add and stickiness

you want to create you definitely want

to talk about SharePoint portal

development it's very easy it's not a

rocket science even if you have a

regular basic HTML designer if you don't

have anybody also you can use tools like

short point and and it's basically a UI

design I put it on top of SharePoint

drag and drop and get things done but by

just showing it and putting that effort

so even plan for your customer is going

to help you get that stickiness because

you're selling something more than that

and by selling that service you are

actually making the customer you use the

full value of the investment he's doing

on the office the last piece is the the

support piece now support generally is

not a rocket science to support a

customer but I'll tell you there are two

types of problems with every customer

faces one is actual product problem it

could be mail box not working calendar

not syncing this and that it's a policy

it's a product problem something which

definitely requires the technical

assistance from Microsoft and then you

get it done the other type of the

support which is oh I need few users I

need to configure this typically how to

do stuff and because the office is

changing so fast more and more features

functionality is coming it's quite

impossible for a customer to manage

everything you want to offer this as a

service you want to offer this as a

managed service that we will manage your

all requests whatever you say and we

will get it done within SLA plus the

support end-user support is more

critical not every time if customers

user runs into a technical product

problem it basically runs into oh I am

NOT able to open this not

do this in that and that's where you

offer that as a service one month per

year whatever you want to manage

services and the bonus service which I

was talking about

it was change management lot of partners

resellers micros apartments don't

understand what is changed management

change management is actually the one

which actually brings the change in the

organization of the customer what does

it mean when you're introducing a brand

new apps of course nobody needs to learn

how to use outlook I agree but then the

new outlook has a lot of features like

add-ins how to use add-ins but I'm not

talking about how to promote how to use

the office outlook I'm talking about how

to educate the customer by educating

them about the various other apps which

is part of office 365 that is teams

Skype for business Skype for meetings

SharePoint portal for example how to

create a portal how to maintain a portal

how to use planners how to use the video

stream and xyc

so pick up these apps which means very

level to the organization's departments

and then offer it as a change management

service change management is nothing

it's just basically creating some

awareness you can put up posters you can

put up banners stickers and some run

some sessions around it and also change

management is really about resistance

management you train the top managers

that you're gonna push onedrive as the

choice and you will register come back

saying no they cannot use it if they

keep attaching emails again and again

you want to push back so this is

something which managers can do in the

organization and you train the managers

on how to handle this change and it's

all about change management it said good

services revenue which you need to you

can make but the most important it will

drive a very deep adoption this custom

is not going to go when they actually

find it this so my last final step or

way to sell this effectively office 365

is the bonus wave

don't ask for a purchase order sign a

contract you all know it's subscription

business don't ask for a purchase order

why you should not ask for a purchase or

if you ask for purchase order the

purchasing department is again going to

look for one or three codes in the end

of the subscription term and you will

end up fighting for their subscription

problems or renewal basically if you

sign a contract which should have an

auto renew clause it doesn't go through

purchases eyes again and again whether

it's a contract it keeps going on and on

and if you have an auto renewal clause

there it makes me life much easier so

switch from purchase orders to to

contracts it could be a two page three

page contract put down your terms

condition some of the terms could be it

will be auto renewed if you want to

cancel give us 30 days notice it's going

to be billed one month in advance if it

is monthly option and there is no

renewal option there it's basically on

and on and on so and you can give the

rates of the individual user licenses as

and when they want to add licenses and

so on so contract is going to save you

from the Battle of renewals on and at

the end of the year at the end of the

renewal term the other way you can deal

with this is to run away get away this

renewal business is signing multi-year

contract you collect the payment still

yearly but sign three years contract

give them a better price so that they

get motivated to sign a three a monkey a

contract and put some clause there six

months if they if they bake the contract

they have to pay six months of money in

advance so something like that which

will help them to lock out but then

signing a multi-year contract with the

payment terms like that of course

mentioned that if there is a price

change from Microsoft you're going to

transfer that thing if there is a

reduction you're gonna pass said if it

is a hike you will definitely pass that

also but signing multi-year is really

really helpful it can it can really save

your business in terms of the fight of

renewal business so those are my five

tips on effectively selling office 365

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