I Made £110,000 From a Shared Ownership Loophole (Sold My Flat)

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this is my completion statement on a

shared ownership flat where I walked

away with over 107 000 pounds three

years ago I bought my first home in

London which was a two bed flat on a

shared ownership scheme owning 40

recently I sold that flap and found a

huge flaw in the shared ownership system

which allowed me to walk away with over

a hundred thousand pounds of equity

despite only putting in forty thousand

pounds to start with it's all above

board there's nothing illegal but it's a

really interesting problem with the

whole government shared ownership system

this video isn't to brag or to flaunt

the cash it's simply to highlight a huge

problem in the shared ownership model

and actually try and help anyone who's

stuck in the shared ownership system

with a property where they might not be