ShareBuilder Tutorial pt 2.

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hey welcome back to part two of the

sharebuilder tutorial and I'm going to

get back to addressing how do you share

builder for certain things and I'm you

know I want to say my goal is to keep

the video short five minutes or less and

I've realized that the videos go

sometime to 10 minutes you know

sometimes a little bit longer and you

know my goal is always to keep it five

minutes for shorter but you know I start

talking to you guys and I really want to

help you guys out so I start thinking of

all the details that I can give you so

if you feel like you know the videos are

kind of long be patient with me i'm

going to try to keep the video short and

concise but you know i'm trying to feed

information to people and i realize

everybody's at different financial

knowledge is well everybody has

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