How To Sell Shakeology - Simpler Than You Think!

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welcome back everyone and the topic I

have today and it's a really common

question that a lot of Beachbody Coaches

ask me is how do you sell Shakeology how

do you sell it very simply lots of boys

always threw this video right here

clearly get a lot of sellers to the

video and the second way is just the

system of our partners that I've created

created a really great system it's

helping Beachbody Coaches cell and

obtain more Beachbody customers and help

them sell Shakeology so it's more of a

skill in the training and it can be

learned over time trust me when I first

learned about it wasn't very good at

struggle but over time just being

consistent in practicing it's really

actually using the product drinking it

believing in it even if I didn't at

first progressively over time things got