Creating a PDF Sewing Pattern Line: Behind the scenes of an indie pattern maker

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everyone this video is going to be a bit

different than my normal saying this

because some of you already know I'm

about to actually launch my first

garment sewing party ila leggings and

that pad will be out on November the

14th which is basically just about a

week away now there's still some things

to do for sure I'm not it hasn't done

they're always things that needs to be

check double check but I'm getting

really really close and that is actually

what I want to talk about in today's

video which is to share with you guys

the step that gives in to developing

upon when you're starting from scratch

and perhaps you are thinking about

developing your own paddle someday

oh just curious of what it actually

takes so I thought I'd just take you

through all the steps that I've been