Leah's Casual Cam - Selling Sewing Machines on Ebay

hi my name is Lee a day and today I am

dusting off machines this is my old

jukey serger that I used to sew garments

on professionally and I am finally ready

to let this girl go along with all of my

other machines I'm actually eBay all of

my B Genoese HD 1000 the dc-10 50 and

the Janome horizon she's way back there

in the back so it's just a big process

of kind of collecting all of the feet

all the tools all the gizmos dusting the

machines out double-checking that I have

all the parts and josh is really handy

he made a list of everything I had for

two of the machines which was really


I do think that eBay is a good option if

you've got machines and you want to have

them go off on their next journey I give

them to somebody else

eBay is a good option because especially

if you've added feet and accessories you

kind of increased the thud factor of

that machine and but at the same time

you might have worn it out like you know

you want to kind of look at the things

that are worn out or showing wear and a

lot of times I I get a little iffy you

know oh this is this is a little dusty

or oh there's a scratch on it you know I

can't sell it well

eBay is where you can sell stuff even if

it's damaged so long as you make sure

that that's really clear in the

description so whenever I do an auction

like this how I'm writing it is this is

sold as those words as is which means

that you're accepting the condition as

it is presented in the photos and I also

don't allow returns because I don't want

the machine back you gotta be happy with

it whatever whatever it ends up being

that being said I'm not selling women's

obviously if you've got something that's

broken don't sell it get it fixed you

know that kind of thing yeah it's just

kind of general best practices for eBay

the one thing that's kind of obnoxious

and this sometimes happens is there

sometimes people that get on there that

I've never even before and don't really

know that it's an auction and it goes to

the highest bidder and they're like I'll

pay you $300 for it can we have it now

no sorry that's against the rules

actually you can get kicked off as a

seller if you kind of break the rules of

the auction and sell it to somebody else

before the auction ends so all of those

things are kind of cool and things that

I've learned of the years I've sold

probably five machines on ebay so far

and with these that'll take me up four

more machines I do think that it's a

good place to sell and a good place to

buy machines you just need to read the

description make sure you know what

you're buying and make sure you like

that you're gonna get so I hope this

helps and you enjoyed seeing this casual

cam until next time let's good quell