How To: Selling Services With Woocommerce

whoo commerce is probably one of the

most common platforms to selling

products online but what if you want to

sell something like the service can you

do that with WooCommerce well yes you

can and in this video I'm gonna

demonstrate just how easy it is to do

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ok so what we're going to do is we're

going to use my demonstration site where

you can buy suits and we're going to add

a new section in there that allows

people to purchase a fitting service so

when they order this suit they could

also order a fitting so how do we do

that well let's just rip out of the

dashboard first thing we're going to do

is come into the product section and

categories and inside there we're going

to create a new category which we're

going to call fitting service so we'll

click on add new category that's now

added that category and we're now ready

to go and create the product itself so

just come in and click on add new if

you're gonna do is we're gonna call this

fitting we're gonna specify this is in

the fitting services category once we've

done that we're gonna drop in some text

the details the service itself for this

example we'll just use some simple

filler text so we've got some content in

there we scroll down and we've got the

product data itself now this is the

important part of it you can see we've

got Product data and we've got simple

product there are other options

available but we're going to keep this

as a simple product cuz it only needs

some read basic information associated

with it the most important aspect is the

virtual check box because once you click

on virtual it tells it as a product

that's not available to be delivered or

shipped so it becomes a virtual product

something that doesn't physically exist

you'll see if we take a look at the tab

you can see we've got inventory shipping

and so on once we choose virtual you'll

see that the shipping option disappears

because you can't ship something that's

virtual once we've done that we can then

go through the process of a sign in any

information we need to it so for example

we can say that the service is 49 pounds

dollars whatever currency you're working

in inventory we're gonna leave that as

is obviously if you wanted to have some

linked product so you can do up cells or

cross cells you could do that

you can add that in there we're not

going to assign any attributes or any

advance sort of information to it

because it's not currently needed we'll

disable the enable reviews on there and

we'll leave everything as it is we'll

put a very brief description in of the

actual service itself for the product

short description and finally we'll come

to the set the product image and we'll

choose an image that actually saves the

service itself so what we've done now is

we created a virtual product which

allows us to sell this and it could be a

service or anything that doesn't need to

be shipped so if you do classes or

courses you could sell those via this

method so we'll hit publish once we've

done that we'll take a look at the

actual product itself so if we open this

up in a new tab and there's our new

product added you can see it's a fitting

service if we added this to the basket

and because of the checkout process

because it's virtual you'll see there's

no actual shipping charge applied so

let's just jump into our basket itself

we can see there's our product basket

total no shipping options associated

with this because it is a virtual

product and that's all there really is

to creating a service or product you

don't need to ship out as part of your

commerce so like I say you can use this

for services you could use this of

courses classes anything at all that

doesn't need to be shipped or downloaded

and that's it a super easy way of doing

it no difficulties no extra plugins or

anything required well I hope you found

the video useful if you did give it a

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