Selling to the NHS: a how to guide w/ Tom Sheppard, HealthBid

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okay so i'm joined today by Tom Sheppard from  HealthBid, Tom welcome and thanks for thanks for  

speaking to me today um first of all just tell  me a little bit about yourself and a bit about  

HealthBid and what you guys do yeah well thank  you for having me first lloyd uh i uh i appreciate  

it um uh well as you said i'm Tom Sheppard  i'm the managing director of HealthBid we're a  

bidding organization based in leeds who helps out  

clients looking to work with the nhs across  the uk so we've been going now for getting  

on for six years uh with the largest specialist  healthcare bid company in the country uh we employ  

uh around about 15 people uh up here in  Leeds and we're really specialist in in  

staying in that health lane really helping  our clients to to grow and to win contracts  

okay fantastic yeah really um really really  interesting that you've got that that focus and  

actually that brings us to kind of the topic  of today's discussion right which is all about  

how to sell effectively to the nhs and you know  tom and i had a bit of a pre-chat before this  

before this discussion and i'm thinking back to  times that i've spoken to people about selling  

to the nhs and really understanding how the  nhs works and for me it's really it's really  

mind-blowing the difference all the different  parts of it and how complex it is so i'm really  

happy to be speaking to an expert who really  understands all of this all of this stuff so  

yeah let's um let's let's kick off with my my  first question for you then tom so that the first  

one is how does selling to the nhs differ from  selling to other public sector organizations well  

i mean um i'm pleased you're bringing me on as  an expert because i feel like i like still quite  

a lot of expertise it's the nhs is so complex  and healthcare is so complex as a sector that i  

think it really taps into that that question that  you you've asked there's there's no simple way