7 tips to sell any service profitably

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speaker once again back with a new topic

how to sell your services profitably now

my friends many of our participants and

clients who attend our unstoppable

success workshop series here in the

United States they have always had

questions on service many of them tell

me that Pyle

we are selling something which is

intangible my customers cannot see it so

how do I make my customers believe that

my service is the best how do I make

them believe on on you know signing a

contract on something which cannot be

seen or felt versus a product which can

be seen which can be felt you can smell

it you know like so furniture clothing

so how do you sell a service now many of

you may be you know you may be a coach

you may be a consultant a lawyer a

doctor an accountant

maybe you're the owner of a dance class

or an art studio or you are just a kind

of practitioner whatever you are you are

selling a service and there are many out

there just like you in the same industry

who are selling a similar service like

yours so how does a customer come to

know that your service is better than

someone else apart from reference and

you all know reference is very slow so

apart from reference how do you make

your customers believe that you know

your service is the best especially in

an economy like this you know in an

error like this when everyone is

scrambling for opportunities and

everyone is telling each other that look

my service is the best I am the best

doctor I provide the best accounting

services how do you move ahead now many

of my people feel that it's really

difficult but those of you who have

attended the unstoppable success

workshops you have taken those

strategies formulas and those frameworks

to help you get to the highest level of

selling or success of selling services

now hear me out my friends those of you

who haven't been able to attend our

workshops or maybe

I haven't come to your city with this

workshop yet hear me out very well my

friends it is it is possible to sell

your services profitably you can do that

now you know we usually we share a lot

of material on this but in this video I

don't want to you know elongate the

length of the video so to keep it short

I'm Sampson I'm sharing with you very

quick 7 tips ok very quick 7 7 tips that

you can use and you can immediately

start now see my friends all these

videos I provide act and absolutely no

cost because I have an aim and my aim is

that as many people as possible should

be successful in their business as many

people as possible should move ahead and

reach to their highest level of success

in their business and if you are joining

me in this you know in my goal in my aim

please like the video share it with

people who are stuck who are selling

services and they want to grow and don't

forget to comment so I can know exactly

what you are looking for in your

business but right now very quickly 7

tips on how you can sell your services

very profitably first create experiences

now many of us you know we forget about

this basic basic and fundamental concept

in selling a service how many times have

you visited Disneyland how many times

have you visited Universal Studios or

your you know your children or your

friends have you know really pestered

you they have been forcing you that

let's go to these places how many of you

keep going back to to buy

your service you know to to buy

something or to order order a product

how many of us happen you know relying

so much on uber now to travel from point

A to point B all these companies my

friends are selling services and they

are selling services very profitably for

one reason they are creating experience

in your mind see a customer's mind does

not record experiences it creates

experiences it wants to feel that urge

to create and experience every single

day so take a step back and just analyze

what experience are you giving your your

your customers

your customers are getting what

experience when they use your service

versus the service of your competitor

what's that one experience or two

experiences maximum two experiences that

they are going to feel can you put it

down step number two build human

connections now you know what has

happened today is we are all in an era

of social media where we all have a

great contact list thousands of

followers thousands of friends and

they're all on our contact list but at

the same time we aren't getting business

from them I wanted to take a step back

and now start making a connect list see

you have a contact list but how many of

those people my friends are connected

with you because when people are

connected with you that's the time when

you can move ahead and start making a

conversion so you have contact list a

connect list and a conversion list now

hear me out my friends your contact list

is going to be fairly huge and that's

okay that that usually happens when we

are networking or I know we are

exchanging cards and we are emailing

each other we are trying to expand our

customer reach and that's fine so you

have a huge contact list

I you know from this contact list can

you sit and just see and write down who

are your connections what connections

have you built with this contact list

how many other now chances are it's

going to be very few maybe out of

thousand you may have built connection

with five hundred four hundred two

hundred and that's great once you have

that connection list have you taken that

and leveraged it to make sure that you

have your conversions so what's the rate

of your contact list

how many contact lists how many

connection lists and out of that how

many conversion lists now usually when

we share this formula we help our you

know participants and clients to know

exactly that in the year 2018 if they

have had you know a 10% of you know

conversions in the next year how to get

to 20 to 25 30 so you want to make sure

you have this built at all times every

single time you have this ready this

data should be ready with you so build


relationship because services go more on

the connections not on the contacts you

want to build that connection you don't

want to just wait for reference you want

to build a solid connection with your

people step tip number three is go where

others aren't now if you would if you

would recollect Sam Walton when he

started Walmart the founder of Walmart

he started it in a very tiny place

Rogers in antennae in Arkansas and that

place was you know having hardly any

people in that very small town in that

small town he started the first retail

shop and today it has expanded worldwide

okay compared to other retailers like

Woodworth and Kmart

who did not operate in these small

cities but you can see a huge difference

between the reach of Walmart and the

reach of the other retailers in an

economy where other retailers were

facing bankruptcy or closing down their

stores Walmart started expanding and

going on to different countries it

really does not matter where you are

what matters is what type of service you

are doing and who are you reaching out

to are you reaching out to those people

confidently where your cost other

competitors are not reaching out to them

are you going to places where others

will not think of going do not worry

about the size of the place my friends

think about the experience you are going

to give to the people in that in that

tiny town where are you going are you

willing to do business with people who

have not been approached yet go where

people are not going step number four

anchor what's the anchor that you are

creating you know all your customers

they are either working they are either

having some goals and dreams to look

forward to or they are having some pain

and problems in the past which they want

to deal with they want to get away with

so you have to create an anchor your

service has to create an anchor you know

whether it's helping them to move ahead

in their future or whether it is helping

them to come out of an existing problem

and now move ahead so what's the anchor

your business is critic number five do

it now so many of my clients they will

ask me the question that piyah you know

I have the expertise I have the

knowledge it's just I don't know when I

should approach the market the right

time to approach the market my friends

is now you may be in any economy you may

be in any part of the world the right

time is now you know if you keep

analyzing too much and waiting for that

perfection in your business it's never

going to come it's going to be an

endless weight you want to make sure

that with whatever little bit you have

you are heading out and approaching the

market you know because you know when

you're selling has service my friends

it's like a mountain it's like a

mountain and at every level of your

climbing you're going to have new

challenges new opportunities new

customers new challenges new

opportunities new customers so you are

going to build up at every time so don't

wait as - you know I've had people who

tell me oh you know I'm just ready with

a website and with my business card file

with this what do I do

a lot with this you know people who have

attended our sessions have been able to

scale up their businesses so much with

just a website and and a card business

card what else do you want the rest of

the things will start to build up so do

it right now my friends not tomorrow do

it right now you know it is not about

yesterday it's all about now whatever

you have planned to do tomorrow do it

today and whatever you have planned to

do it today do it right now step number

six is charge now many of you had asked

me this question that what should I

charge for my syllabus and most of us

have most of us have this have this urge

to charge on an hourly basis now look my

friends your customers and people who

are approaching you even your potential

customers are looking for your expertise

they are not looking just for a service

they are looking for that expertise you

want to charge based on your expertise

you may be a carpenter and you know you

may have someone who tells you I just

want you to come and fix a nail how much

would you charge you don't want to

charge because it's just going to take

you five minutes to put that nail

you're going to charge based on your

expertise because you know exactly where

the nails should go exactly what's the

dimension and the width

that's your expertise so you don't

charge based on an hour that you know I

have a dance class and I'm going to

charge you based on on an hour charge on

the basis of your expertise you have

taken the time you have taken you know

you've spent or invested in yourself to

come to the position on which you are

right now so make sure all your fees are

related on the expertise so that your

customer knows they are getting an

expert service from you and the last tip

is differentiate now most of you who

have attended are unstoppable

unstoppable success workshops series are

very well aware of this point of

differentiate we spend so much time on

this many of many of my people they tell

me that you know when I am providing a

service file there isn't much difference

between my service and somebody else's

service wrong there's a lot a whole lot

of difference between your service and

somebody else's service there's a lot of

difference between you as a service

provider and someone else as a service

provider and if you can hold on to that

you will be able to provide the best

service in the industry two types of

differentiators one is the

differentiator of your service and the

other is a differentiator of the service

provider both of these when they are

when they are you know formulated in a

way they will help your people to

actually know that there is no one in

the industry like you so my friends when

you use these seven tips it is very easy

for you now to calculate how much

success you have got and how do you

calculate that you just have to

calculate the success rate of your

customer attention the Cutlass the

success rate of your customer attention

should be equal to the number of

customers who have done repeated

business with you upon the total number

of customers in 200 that will give you a

percentage and with that percentage you

will know exactly how to move ahead in

the next step so my friends selling


this is good it's you know how to sell a

service it's very profitable industry

you can sell services profit to believe

make sure you start with these seven

tips like I said you know if you haven't

been able to come to our workshops

nobody's on that these are all free

tools for you start with these seven

tips if you feel you're stuck somewhere

just write me a comment or send me an

email if you want to know in which city

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owners feel free to contact us on this

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and someone from our office is going to

guide you and coach you on to how you

can move ahead but for now this is payal

and Johnny wishing you loads of success

in your industry until we meet again