Sell A PDF E-Book On Gumroad And Link From Your Site, From Build A Sales Page

hello I'm going to show you how to sell

a PDF ebook on Gumroad

and how to have a sales page on your

WordPress website and have the Buy

button go through to Gumroad

in a link a couple of things you need

before you start first of all of course

a PDF that you're going to sell so

here's one I did it's 120 hundred and

thirty pages it has more images and

graphs and links than a traditional

Kindle or paperback book so if you have

that sort of product that you can create

as a PDF it's good idea to put it on


and ask ten twenty thirty dollars for it

instead of getting maybe two to five

dollars profit at Amazon although I

would say it's great to do both the

second thing you need is a product image

and I see a lot of people get this wrong

Gumroad don't really help you very much

but the size it should be

is six hundred and seventy pixels wide

by three hundred and thirty five pixels


so choose a very narrow slim landscape

strip of an image and now you're ready

to get going so set up an account on

Gumroad link it to your bank account at

Gumroad com just go to products and hit

products and go add product and it's a

digital product and I'm going to do a

product that starts selling day so that

will be anyone can buy it for a fixed

price not a subscription and not

pre-order so this one and I'm gonna get

the name and I'm going to sell it for

nine dollars and then you click and

choose your files and I'm going to

upload it from my computer and you

navigate to the PDF on your computer and

upload it to Gumroad

and then you're gonna have to wait and

this is for magnet so I have to wait for

it to upload so that has uploaded so we

hit this button next customize and now

we get the

image that I showed you earlier remember

that size 670 by 335 there it is

there's the title again and there's the

price so I'm just going to paste some

text that I wrote and very important

instead looking very bland so I would

highlight some of the text and apply

bold so here is a testimonial I'll put

that in italic and put the testimonial

person in bold and I'm just going to go

through that and format the text a

little bit so I've done all that I've

got a lot of quotes in there from happy

customers I've called out a few of the

headings as H fries you can have them as

H for H fries and we have bullets in

order to do that you click that last

button there to give make them bullets

another happy customer three more people

that are famous in the industry giving

me a quote about the book more bullet

points about more value get from the

book a bonus feature another quote more

bullet points and the money-back


really is a good idea to stuff the

product page with as much reasons and

benefits about the product as possible

and then lastly here I don't bother with

stamp that PDFs with the bio information

that's just to try and stop people

selling the product on and I don't

really think anyone's going to do that

so we just think up an au RL it's called

running a web design business

I think web design business is probably

already gone so let's try running web

design business and then you go up to

the top and save oh you can preview it

if you want and there that's how it this

sales page will look on Gumroad

and if you're happy with it you can save


there's the URL very easy you've just

done it you've just put your book on


anyone can go over to this page you can

tweet or share it out on Facebook and

click that button and then they will pay

you money to get your product and

Gumroad will sort everything else out

but you also want to have a sales page

on your own WordPress website here's the

sales page for the book with a video and

all the other text and images which is

basically what I did on the Gumroad page

it's exactly the same more or less and

then there's a Buy Now button at the

bottom so let's edit this page and you'd

be mostly using the visual mode and of

course if you wanted to do that you

could just highlight some text and give

it a link and then paste the the link

there but we don't want to do that we

want people to click this button the

download button which I'm using it's

kind of a Buy Now button so instead of

doing it there editing the button I want

it to open in a new window so I'll go

into the text mode and there is the HTML

for the image so what we want to do is

click that link button there and paste

in that URL the Gumroad URL and then

that's put the a href equals and the

Gumroad link in the tag and then it's

close the tag there with that closing a

tag and one more thing that I want to do

which is the reason I'm doing it in the

HTML version which is target equals open

inverted commas underscore blank and

that will mean that the link to the


sales page will open in a new tab on the

browser which means people can still go

on and browse on your website you don't

have to do that you could just as I say

in the visual mode you could just put

the link in here in the visual mode so

we'll update that and let

have a look at the page there it is the

sales page and you go down to the bottom

and there's your Buy Now button and you

click on it opens a new tab in Gumroad

and people could just click that they

want it and they can pay with paypal or

credit card okay I hope you enjoyed that

that's how to sell an e-book a PDF ebook

on Gumroad

and how to link the sales page on

Gumroad to the sales page on your

WordPress website my name is Rob from

Rob Kevin calm please remember to either

like the video or subscribe to the

channel I'll see you in another video