How to Sell Services with WooCommerce | WordPress Tutorial

hey what's going on guys my name is jim

fahad in this quick tutorial i want to

show you how to add any service

as a product into your woocommerce


usually we sell physical products like


hoodies or downloadable products like

ebooks on our e-commerce website

but also we can easily sell any service

through our e-commerce website

let's say you are a photographer so you

can sell your photography service

as a package with different prices so

people can prepare you

and they can take your service or let's

say you are a consultant

so you can sell one hour consultation

calls maybe one hour

skype or zoom sessions through your

woocommerce website

so let's see how to do that and before

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all right so from top bird hoover over

on new and

click on product so here product name

i can type skype session

or i can type here one hour with

consulting on

skype with jim fahad like i said we're

adding it as a product but

technically it's a service now let's put

some text in the description

also i wanna put the same text on the

short description here

okay so let's now do the product

settings so

product data yes it's a simple product

and it's a virtual product

so i'm checking the virtual but it's not

downloadable so i'm not selecting the

downloadable option

now the regular price i want to set it

199 dollars

i don't want to set any sale price for

this service

now let's go to inventory let's give it

a skew number

so i'm just putting here a unique sq


also as it's a virtual product or

virtual service so i don't

wanna select the manage stock but i

wanna select the

sold individually option so i wanna

select this one

so people can only book one hour skype

session with me

if i disable this option then one person

can take five

quantity of the service so i of course

can take five hour long skype session

with one single person

that's why i'm selecting this option

sold individually for this

specific service and then let's go to


so here i want to put some purchase note


like you have successfully registered

check your email

and let's fix the schedule perfect now

from the right here is the product

category so

i wanna create a new category for that

and i wanna name it service now click on

add new category

then here is the tags option let's add

web design then skype

session all right this toys enough let's

click on add

and then i wanna add an image

so here product image let's click on set

product image

go to upload files click on select files

then from inside this service folder i

want to select

this image now click on open let's click

on set product image

all right now let's go to the top right

click on publish

now let's view the product

here we go so here we can see it's under

services category and here is the

product title

or product name then here is the pricing

199 dollar

then here is the short description then

add to cart button and you see there is


quantity adding option also you can see

all this q number

category tags and here is the

description and reviews options

so if we now click on add to cart

and if we now go to our cart

say it's now added to our card but you

can see here

we cannot increase the quantity from

here as we have selected the sold

individually option for

this one like these products we have

quantity options so people can

increase the quantity of that product by

clicking on this top icon

i mean top arrow icon also they can

decrease by

clicking on this down arrow icon but for

this specific product they cannot

control the quantity

so by following the same way you can add

any kind of service you have

like if you are a photographer you can

add your photography services

into some packages if you're a web

designer you can create your web design

service into different packages

like you can see here i will create your

beautiful blog website for

500 so you know use your own creativity

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everything if you follow that tutorial

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anything online from today i will put

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anyone thank you so much for watching i

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