How To Sell Digital Products On Weebly

all right what's going on folks welcome

to the video my name's brand Olynyk I

appreciate you for coming by this is

going to be just a County conversation

probably about two and a half maybe

three and a half minutes max on how to

sell not just digital products on Weebly

but how to sell digital products in

general on the Internet to build an

income that's sustainable reliable and

consistent and continuously grows a

month after months so you're gonna want

to pay attention to this stuff I'm going

to break down some important principles

and concepts you really have to know

when it comes to selling digital

products on the internet whether it be

with Weebly or another platform having

gotten around people who have made

anywhere from $10,000 a month up to an

over $25,000 per month selling digital

products on the Internet you just you

got to know this stuff it's gonna save

you a lot of headaches a lot of anxiety

and frustrations that a lot of people go

through and I including when I first got

started doing this had gone through

myself so that said to start off with

the kick the first you know process of

this video how to actually sell digital

products on Weebly Weebly is just a

platform site it's just the base it's a

hub it's a website design platform where

you can actually just build a website

that is specific to whatever digital

product and service you have that's

that's really what we lose all about

it's just your hub it's kind of like a

blog you can build out of it's your own

website okay where you can bring people

to alright to fill them in on what type

of digital products and services that

you're offering which when it comes to

that you want to make sure that your

Weebly site is just totally about that

product and service not all over the

place not scattered you want to inform

people and educate people on your

specific product and service that you're

offering so that's how we Bleus

but on the side of that on the contrary

when it comes to selling on Weebly when

it comes to in general selling digital

products and services on the Internet

the big key is learning how to expand

your sphere of influence learning how to

attract an endless amount of people to

you and the best way to do that is

honestly through systems

okay and my experience with this goes

back over the last year when I came

across person if you hear me out here

for a second this is a big hint here

when it comes to building and income

selling digital products when I came

across a person just over a year ago who

was building an income not on Weebly

selling digital products but was selling

digital products just in general and

making a high multiple six-figure income

just to give you an idea this person was

banking ra income stuff they Keith all

right income they keep every single

month they were making ten times the

amount of money that I was making in a

whole year

alright so crazy high multiple six

figures pretty much seven figure income

and because they were doing this

traveling 11 months out of the year all

right 11 months out of the year so they

had mobility to operate just from their

laptop and that flexibility and

lucrative nough stracke t'me and i

reached out to them for help and luckily

i was able to get it and just being a

person who was struggling on the

internet trying to sell digital products

and services i was able to connect with

them and finally have that breakthrough

where they walked me through step by

step what they were doing without doing

anything technical without being on the

computer all day long and because of

that I started to modern copy you know

what they shared with me and in a period

of couple weeks create a full-time

income for myself selling digital

products that I didn't have to create

all right selling digital products that

were proven and making results in the

marketplace for average ordinary people

and I was able to go in a period of a

couple weeks creating a full time income

working part-time which it's not average

it's not typical results I'm not here to

sit and guarantee you the same results

but if you're coachable and trainable

and you really want to sell digital

products regardless of if that's on

Weebly regardless of if that's on

another platform or service if you want

to learn how to sell digital products

without having to go through the

learning curve of creating your own all

right if you want to do it in a way

that's sustainable consistent and

reliable and do that every single month

creating yourself an income and a

lifestyle the best tip I give you

connect to someone connect with someone

who's already selling digital products

and services on the internet because

it's so confused

and overwhelming if you're trying to do

it all yourself isn't it you know I know

some of you can relate to that but

connecting with someone it's the biggest

best secret I could give you and

learning the skills required when you

connect with someone it's really what

it's all about so I hope you enjoyed

this video conversation as much as they

did putting together for you I look

forward to seeing you on the next one

and also make sure if you really do want

to learn the skills more info on how to

sell digital products to build an income

on the internet without having to create

your own digital products if you want to

learn how to do it in a sustainable

reliable way make sure you check out my

site it's one two three marketing tips

com if you're coachable trainable

you're willing to learn some things I

encourage you to check it out I'll put a

link down below but that said I

appreciate your time and I'll see you on

the beaches of the world take care