🔥 Shopify For Services ✅ How To Use Shopify For Services

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shopify for services hey guys welcome

back to the channel today we're going to

go over everything you need to know

about shopify what it is and how you can

use shopify to sell your different

services so let's get into it now the

first thing you might be wondering is

what a shopify and how do you sell

services on shopify well shopify is an

e-commerce platform where you can sell

anything that you might like so it might

be a service or a product but today we

are going to focus on how you can

actually sell your services on shopify

so i'm just going to log into my account

over here and you can see that i have a

basic account on shopify and what i'm

going to do is i'm going to actually

start by creating my inventory of

services so on your shopify account you

can see on your left that you have your