How To Sell On LinkedIn In Under 30 Minutes A Day

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day business owners are looking at how

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money to grow their business which is

probably why I get asked this question

on sales calls all the time what is the

minimum amount of time that I can spend

on LinkedIn every single day now the

answer is as much time as you want

really obviously the higher the input

the higher the output but there are

things that we can do to make our time

spent on LinkedIn more effective which

is why today I wanted to film a video on

how you can use LinkedIn in just 30

minutes a day to generate consistent

flow of leads for your business before

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further ado let's jump in to point

number 1 which is prospecting to run you

through these points I'm gonna probably

go onto my laptop and show you on sales

navigator and in LinkedIn just so you

can follow along with me so when it

comes to prospecting we have two major

ways of doing this the first one is

using a LinkedIn free search so that's

just if you don't have sales navigator

for example or a premium version of

LinkedIn you can go into the regular

search bar and you can search for people

jobs content companies schools or groups

so the one that we mainly tend to do

especially ever in sales navigator is

either for people or companies so if I

go and do people over here it will pull

up different sort of options that we

have and then we can extend to it sorry

we can expand these filters to show us

all the different options that we have

in terms of narrowing down our search

results so you can see here we can

select how close the connection is to us

if they have a connection of certain

person locations so geographical

position of where your ideal prospects

are located industries current past

companies this is important in the

profile language where they've been to

school so for example if you're looking

for people that went to the same schools

use it could be that you're looking for

guidance in terms of postgraduate or it

could be any any sort of different

reason you can add that they have to

have got what gone to a certain school

don't really need to touch that that's

basically everything this is obviously

if you know who the person is exactly so

you've got someone's name say from a

business card and you want to search

that person on LinkedIn

using the search that you can do that as

well so this is the free LinkedIn search

just to show you what the results

section kind of looks like let's just go

I'll do United Kingdom location

let's do real estate the industry let's

go in on real-estate profile language

English and as you can see up here it

doesn't show me the amount of results

I've got so I just click apply search

and then it says two hundred and

forty-one thousand results which is huge

I would probably try and narrow this

down so we could say second connections

to myself so it's more likely that if I

send them connection requests they would

respond as we have someone in common or

I can go through and ask for an

introduction from a current connection

and then you see we have the total

amount of results you can open up all of

these different profiles in new tabs and

we can request to connect with them so

if I wanted to connect with this person

I could always I don't know you've got

300 characters to use in your connection

requests so before you invite them to

connect please please please make sure

that you that you personalize this

connection request message because I

mean just it's just pure I guess lazy

and it shows the other person that you

don't really have a real interest in

connecting with them if you just send

them the general hi I'd like to add you

to my LinkedIn network

Thanks and then your name so I always

make sure that you add a little note

here this is pretty straightforward

like the the LinkedIn free search is

super easy if we go over onto cells and

have a gator I'm actually gonna do

another video which will be up on my

channel in the next week or two which is

going to be how to you sales navigator

in 2020 so I'm not gonna go into too

much detail in this video but just keep

an eye out and turn on post

certifications so that you get alerted

when I have the sales navigator video go

out so in terms of the sales navigator

search it's a little bit more advanced

you can do

up here by keywords or boolean or you

can go to Advanced Search and go for

leads or search for accounts so I'm

gonna do search filiz just to compare it

to the other one over here I'll notice a

few things that are different so you

have for example more company filter so

head count company type members of

groups that people are in tags posted

content keywords keywords up here which

is where you can do a boolean search if

you don't want to do it in the main

search bar over here if it example I go

on here let's go for real estate again

let's do similar to what we did last

time so real estate profile language

English geography we did United Kingdom

I think that's kind of all we yeah all

we really did in the other one so as you

can see here we've got 250,000 results

one thing to know is that on LinkedIn it

won't show you results past the faster

thousand so there's literally no point

in having two hundred fifty thousand

search results here cuz you're only

gonna be able to see one thousand of

them so if I wants to do this act which

I would never do because it's just too

high but just to compare it to the other

one you can see here that we have a

bunch more filters so people have

changed jobs people that posts are

linked to and people that share

experiences experiences with you which

can act obviously as a great

conversation starter and then over here

you can see that we have loads of

different options with the leads so for

example I could save this lead I could

add I tagged him I could view similar

professed his I can be his profile

connect with her message him directly

using in mails

and in mail is a message that you send

somebody if you're not yet connected

with them so you can see just from this

the options that we have on sales

navigator are much much higher than

using LinkedIn free search with sales

navigator is obviously paid but you do

get the first month for free as a trial

and they bill you automatically monthly

me ever gone from that so maybe if you

want to try out sign up to sales

navigator and see if you like it or not

and then after the first 30 days if it's

not giving you a return on investment if

it doesn't seem worth it to you then you

can always cancel and go back to

LinkedIn free so that is step number one

prospecting now in terms of the time

limit that we

giving ourselves of 30 minutes I would

say I'm gonna cover three different

phases of this 30-minute so I'm gonna

split equally into thirds so you want to

spend about 10 minutes finding ideal

prospects seen as we have all the

different search tools available to us

on LinkedIn it shouldn't be that tricky

to spend 10 minutes build a list of safe

30 prospects that we want to reach out

to in the first 10 minutes before we

move on to step number 2 which is

sending connection requests so if we go

back over into my laptop in terms of

connection requests say I built a

Leicester so let's just make this a

little bit more narrow down so we do

second-degree connections company head

counts 1150 let's do seniority level

owners so we've got 868 results so say I

wanted to open up all these people into

new tabs so let's say for example these

two people pay less and roi so I could

go into these profiles and I could

request to message them so I've got two

options here I could either message off

our connection that we have in common so

one of my fast connections Sofia I could

message her through this and say hi

Sofia I'm actually looking to be

connected with bayless I've noticed that

your connection of his would you mind

giving me an introduction I'd be happy

to introduce you to somebody in my

network in return just as a thank you if

not it's absolutely fine hope you have a

great day so I that message Sofia or I

can go directly to Bayless and I could

say message him through sales narrator

so this would be an InMail because I'm

not connected with him yet or I can just

request to connect with him manually so

I could go on here connect before I do

this actually you'd want to look for

things that you could start conversation

with him so for example I could read his

About section see if there's anything in

here that I could use to start a

conversation with him so for example

let's have a look Australia so for

example after reading this I could then

because it seems like a super

interesting actually

Ben sometime we connect a request and

say something like so I could say hi

Bayless just took just read through your

About section very interesting

background and impressive you to achieve

would love to connect and also welcome

any any travel recommendations for

Australia I've always wanted to visit so

see this highway let's just read through

your route section very interesting

background impressive what you've

managed to achieve would love to I would

love to connect and also welcome any

travel recommendations for Australia

I've always wanted to visit all the

Bassett Asha send invitations so you

basically go through all of your

different leads and do the same thing so

with this guy for example let's have a


so fitness wellness business

so every month with this guy I'd reach

out and to connect with him and say hey

Roy noticed you have an interesting

climbing actually used to climb for

seven years when my favorite spots to

climb was called the wax in Sheffield

would love to connect with you Natasha

like a lot the time I don't even send

anything pitchy or salesy I literally

just try and find some sort of common

ground with them to start a conversation

with their defense down so I'm not kind

of putting their guard up as in like

what is she gonna pitch me why she's

gonna try to sell me and I start a

conversation and then I can move it

towards a sales direction after I've

connected with them okay so now we have

spent ten minutes doing our connection

requests the final step is to follow up

with people so a lot of time I see

people just give up as soon as they

don't get a response now on LinkedIn it

could be a multitude of different

reasons as to why someone hasn't

accepted your connection requests or

responded to your message in the

connection requests and this could be

due to them not being hugely active on

LinkedIn so they may check her account

every week or so your message may have

been lost if they get a lot of prospects

reaching out to their inbox every day

every week it could be that they're not

interested at the time or it could be

that they've just not had time to see

your message or to get back to it and

respond they might have seen it but they

just haven't got around to it yet so the

key here is not to sound salesy not to

be pushy but just to provide value so

you can either provide value to them

follow up in some kind of polite way or

you can use the ECCC method which is

engaging with that content if you're not

sure what I mean by the ECCC method I

will leave a link to my KC down below

it's free and inside it outline how you

can follow this method in a five step

engagement formula which is basically a

non-person non salesy way of engaging

with someone having multiple touch

points with them and then increasing

your chances of converting them into a

conversation or potential prospect to

get them on a call okay so that is

everything that I wanted to mention in

this video I hope you found it useful if

you still feel like you need more help

with LinkedIn in terms of implementing a

good lead generation system and you

think I might be the right person to

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