How To Get Clients EASILY on Groupon (Step-By-Step Method for SMMA)

hey guys how's it going Brad Reilly here

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today what I'm gonna be showing you how

to do is how you can land more clients

easily using Groupon com Groupon code at

UK or whatever it may be now this is a

really valuable video today so I want

you to stick around until the end but

just before we jump into it I want you

to comment down below right now what is

the best offer or marketing you have

ever seen on Groupon because let's be

honest all Groupon is is a way for

businesses to acquire new customers it

is essentially a way for them to

generate more customers generate more

leads and I suppose it can be considered

a form of marketing for them so what is

the best deal what's the best marketing

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let's jump straight in to the video so

as I mentioned Groupon is just a way for

businesses to acquire more customers and

I guarantee you most of the businesses

on here are making little if any if

anything it may even be costing them

money to make these sales they may

actually be costing them money to

acquire these customers because believe

it or not

Groupon take a massive 50% cut on all of

the deals and all of the coupons that

are purchased on here so for example

here we have this restaurant here in

Poole 22-pound I'm assuming for some

kind of here we go afternoon tea for two

with Prosecco for 22 pound Groupon take

11 pound from this so basically we know

the Groupon makes a ton of money in in

commissions for obviously getting people

to go ahead and purchase these deals but

what we also understand from this is not

only are these businesses putting offers

onto this website that are already such

great deals they're built their offers

that are built to attract and Wow pool


only based on price okay they're

competing on price here what's the best

offer we can offer you for the lowest

cost not only are they already doing

that and lowering their cost of what it

normally is you also have to factor in

the cut the 50% cut that Groupon take so

what does this mean well it this

essentially means that Groupon is a

marketing platform these companies here

are looking for help to generate new

customers for their business and they're

using Groupon as the platform to do that

which means one thing if we're offering

marketing services we know these are all

businesses that are looking to get more

customers and they are looking to market

their business so we can come on here

and find a ton of businesses and we can

reach out to them and hopefully set up a

meeting and close some deals and I'm

gonna show you exactly how to do that in

a couple of simple steps today so to

keep it real simple I'm just gonna

search for restaurants okay

restaurants are easy there are a bunch

of restaurants on this platform but this

works for everything now I'm just using

I think I'm searching here in pull but

you know you can do this to your local

area you can also do this to be honest

all around the country it doesn't matter

one thing I will say is be mindful when

you're doing this and you're hitting

outreach and you're reaching out to

these businesses that they are you know

smaller companies right like you've got

Frankie's and Benny's here which is a

massive food chain here in the UK I'm

pretty sure it's a international chain

as well so bearing that in mind if if

you go and try and reach out to

Frankie's and Benny's and say I see a

promoter on Groupon can we set up a call

and discuss Facebook they're probably

not going to do it they've got a full

team in the house probably already

handling all of their marketing or

they're paying some huge agency that

charge 20 30 50 thousand dollars a month

right so if we consider that like let's

disregard for a second all of the really

renowned large businesses we want to

focus here on the smaller independent

companies that are looking to generate

customers so at the top here we have

something called the manor house or the

manner at sway Hotel 295 reviews this

doesn't actually seem at all like it's a

big chain so let's use this as an


so if we click on here we can see right

now they've got 295 star ratings they're

selling afternoon tea for two for 2395

they're getting over fifty viewings a

day and to be fair few let's just put

this in mind I don't know if it tells

you how many purchases they've got total

here but let's put this into

consideration if they've had 295 reviews

we can pretty much bet that over a

thousand people have probably taken them

up on this offer alright that's a

thousand people that they've acquired

most likely at a lost or at least break

even through Groupon so we know this

business is looking to generate more

leads so what we can go ahead and do if

we open a new tab here we can go ahead

and type this into Google so we can see

here we have the website so we can go

ahead and check out their website and

then what we can do is we can try and

find their contact information nice and

easily placed on a contact form here and

boom here we have a contact form which

will land direct in an email inbox a

direct phone number and a direct email

contact so what we could go ahead and do

is if you're confident enough to make

the phone call you can make a phone call

that's great or you can drop a simple

email now bearing in mind we know that

Groupon takes fifty percent commission

fifty percent commission on all deals

and on all sales there it's you know

obviously it could be a good way to

generate revenue for businesses but it's

costing them a lot of money to acquire

these customers so what we want to come

in and do is say essentially hey I

notice you're using Groupon great post

just introduce myself my name's Brad I

run a Facebook advertising agency and I

work with businesses just like yours who

are fed up of losing 50 percent of their

income on all sales generated through

Groupon I've worked with businesses just

like you to help them get more customers

consistently and cheaper using Facebook

if you're interested would you want to

hop on a call later this week so I can

share some ideas with you something

along those lines keep it simple I

noticed you're spending fifty percent

with Groupon you're trying to acquire


summers I can help you with Facebook Ads

to generate leads and customers cheaper

and more consistently are you interested

in having a call now if you have

previous results already attach them

that will be social proof if you don't

and you're a beginner fine don't worry

about it just yet okay you can you can

do that over time so another cool thing

that we could do here that will work

really really well is we can go and

check these businesses out on Google's

so if we go back here and type in their

manner at sway hotel again and what we

want to search this time it actually as

we set we want to search for the

Facebook page but how buckets about

blimey Facebook there we go we want to

check out their Facebook page now if we

take a look here we can see if we go

down to the page transparent as page

transparency section we can see if

they're currently running Facebook Ads

so we click see more and it says here

this page is currently running Facebook

ads so this is actually a good sign

people get confused right they they

think that you want to target businesses

that aren't running Facebook ads you can

definitely do that and persuade people

behind the benefits of Facebook but if

pages like this and businesses like this

are already running Facebook ads but

they're not doing that great of a job

they clearly already know the benefit of

it and therefore was actually an easier

to close for you to say look I know you

know the benefit of Facebook ads because

you're running them but you're leaving a

lot of money on the table

now I've checked this page out already

just prior to the video so I could show

you a good example here but if we take a

look at these ads they launched these

ads in December and they're currently

running too so you can see here that the

ads are by no means terrible like

they're not horrendous ads the pictures

look absolutely fantastic they've got

some kind of carousel going on here of

all the beautiful photos of of the

manor-house and the restaurant and the

meals and the food they look great that

I've got no issues at all with the

actual content and the creative what I'm

not the biggest fan of though what I'm

not the biggest fan of is the the copy

here it's not that well spaced out it's

not that I catching and I get

and to you right now if you go and check

at the quality rankings and the

engagement rancors of these ads they're

going to probably be below average or

average so I know for a fact these ads

could be performing better obviously we

also don't know what the targeting is

but something that you clearly can tell

they're not doing right now is running a

retargeting ad or if they are running a

retargeting ad they're not capitalizing

on how warm that you know that lead is

so for example I'm pretty sure this is

also a hotel so what they could have is

they could have a pixel I placed on the

booking form of the the room so you know

whenever somebody lands on a room to go

in book book the room the pixel will

fire and obviously you can also have a

pixel on the purchase page so if someone

bucks a room they land on the thank you

page and then they get a purchase file

what you could do is you could set up an

ad to target everybody who's landed on

the booking form the booking page who

hasn't purchased so this is targeting

everyone who's essentially added to cart

but not bought and we target them and

say we've only got a few rooms left by

now or you have a chance and give the

discount giving them an offer now that's

a really good way to capitalize on those

really warm leads which they're clearly

not doing right now

and what's funny if we actually go to

back onto their website and we go ahead

and visit that website let's take a look

so I have here the Facebook picks will

help her there are no pixels currently

found on this website

they're running Facebook Ads without a

Facebook pixel installed that is the

biggest crime but you're leaving so much

money on the table you're missing out on

all of that data yet they still clearly

believe in Facebook Ads because they're

running them and they still clearly want

to get more customers because they're

putting a huge discount on or on offer

to acquire more customers on Groupon so

when this won't always be the case you

won't always find businesses that are

like this that are running ads or don't

have a pixel installed do a little bit

of research prior to sending a message

you could even attach a loom or a video

and say hey look I noticed you're using

Groupon but you know I also notice

you're running Facebook ads because

you're clearly trying to acquire more

customers you don't have a Facebook

pixel and stored Pienaar

there's a lot of work on your copy I'm a

Facebook advertising that's but I'd love

to come in share some ideas review and

you know see if we could potentially

work together you know put put out to

them send a video send a loom push for a

core if you're not confident enough to

send a video no worries mention it in

the email I no issue of running Facebook

ads you don't have a Facebook pixel in

the stored I love to hop on a call share

some ideas with you and tell you you

know tell you how you can be making more

money from your Facebook Ads put it out

there okay cuz at the end of the day

this is so much better than like a

complete cold email if you cold you mail

a bunch of businesses you don't know

where you're at but here you know

they're at least trying to acquire more

customers and to be honest a few

businesses don't care how they acquire

their customers as long as it's done

ethically and as cheap as possible right

so you know this is a real fantastic way

to do it

and only can you hit them up on email

you know when you're visiting websites

you if you can find a phone number you

can call you can DM them on Instagram

message them on Facebook whatever it may

be but as long as you're communicating

to them and push them for a call ASAP

then you have a really really good

chance of actually using Groupon to

close some deals for your business now I

hope this video is a massive help if you

would like more content on Groupon maybe

you want some exact scripts maybe you

want me to show some a live footage of

me actually doing outreach to get some

clients on Groupon maybe you want to see

you know me sending looms live let me

know in the comment section down below

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