How To Start Selling On Fiverr (Beginner 2022)

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in this video we're going to be talking

about the best way to start your journey

selling on fiverr

so i've been selling on fiverr

consistently for about six months i took

a little break in between after my first

three months and now i've been back at

it for another three months over that

time i've made a little over five

thousand dollars i'm a level two seller

a little over halfway through this month

and i've made a bit over two thousand

dollars and once my most recent delivery

gets accepted i'll be right around three

thousand dollars for halfway through

this month recently i've been able to

raise my prices for my projects so i've

been making somewhere between a hundred

and seven hundred dollars per project

where one of my fiverr orders was

actually worth 950 dollars so i'll be