TUTORIAL: How to Create a Fiverr Gig and Start Selling Services to Make Money Online

hello everybody Chris here and today I'm

going to show you how to create a gig on

Fiverr now if you don't already know

what 5r is fiber is a site where you can

basically go on tell other people with a

gig what service you are offering and

either promote yourself basically link

people to the gig or wait for people to

come by and find your gig in their

internal search engine to basically buy

the service from you

so you're posting a service via a gig

and people buy that service from you you

go ahead and do it

it's called fiber of course because the

standard gig pricing is $5 though I

believe you can change around the

pricing and you can always offer extras

for extra money so before we get started

if you do want to support the channel

you can do so by going to I had and get right

into it so to get to this create a gig

page what you would do is go up here to

the menu after registering an account of

course go to selling and you'll see

create a gig down here that will link

you straight to this page so the gig

title always starts with I will and then

you put basically the rest of your title

on what kind of service are you offering

in this example we'll just keep it

simple and talk about creating an e-book

cover ie book covers or something a lot

of people need and a lot of people don't

really want to do it for themselves and

it's pretty quick to do so it's a good

service for a five dollar fee so if you

were going to create an e-book cover for

other people you would just put that in

the title so I will create an e-book


for your book I mean you can mess around

with the title a little bit more of

course to get a more precise and one

good idea

just like YouTube is to try to kind of

hit on certain keywords figure out what

people are going to be searching for and

then you want to include those words in

your title so that when they see it in

the search engine it's going to catch

their eye the same thing applies down

here at the bottom for tags okay

so next up you have to pick a category

there's a bunch of different ones out

there and you can pretty much tell it by

the way these are just the top level

categories there's more beneath it you

can tell that there's a lot of different

things that people are offering on

Fiverr and other sites like this and

that's just because it's quite possible

to get a lot of work done online these

days so in this specific case the book

cover would be a graphic or design so

we're going to choose graphic and design

and we can select from the sub category

down here you can see each category has

like 10 or 15 extras so book covers and

packaging is exactly what we're looking

for now down here cover photo is going

to be pretty important for you I believe

the correct image specifications are 600

pixels by 370 so it's 600 wide and 370

tall and you can double check that if

you need to but it's going to be a jpg

image or jpg image that you're going to

be uploading make sure you own the

copyrights obviously you don't want to

get sued probably won't happen but they

mean you don't want to risk things now

if you've already C for this specific

get created some ebook covers or you

have any other portfolio work you want

to demonstrate with an image you can go

ahead and post this here it's actually

pretty nice when you see the work that

other people have done and you can

always come back in here and edit it if

you need to now with the description

this is where you give more information

tell people exactly what you're doing

what they should expect when you have

exported the the file you have it all

done and anything they need to include

could go here it doesn't have to go here

because on a future page a future setup

page the buyer instructions

that's where we detail that and but

sometimes I like to add it into the

description anyway so we'll just write

something here I'll create an e-book

cover obviously this is just for

demonstration you would put more in here

and you have bulleted points available

and bold if you have something you

really want them to see I would

recommend bolding it could be like a gig

rates how much you're going to do per

gig and a gig it would be the $5 fee

people can buy multiple gigs

simultaneously now gig metadata usually

something you actually want to do so for

this specific one we can choose book

cover because that's exactly what we're

offering for packshot I would say 2d

graphic because covers are 2d of course

image it's going to be a JPEG image for

the specific type because that's what

Kindle prefers about if you wanted to

say off with the Photoshop file you

could also do that here by checking PSD

and of course these settings are going

to be different depending on what kind

of gig you're offering this is just for

the e-book cover obviously so things

that people probably want to see web

publish ready and if you can get it

ready for print as well where it is

compatible with say create space or such

things you could check that here there

the more things you can offer with these

gig metadata's the more customers are

going to be able to reach because

different customers are going to be

needing slightly different needs

obviously so tags or taxonomy are

basically keywords that are associated

with your gig and will help the search

engine figure out where to display it so

for ebook covers I would say ebook cover

is a very very obvious tag to use you

could say Photoshop creation or let's

just go with Photoshop work sometimes

the tags that are already there might be

a little bit better and as a third one

you could say jpg exports not really

great tag but we got to move on here so

duration the maximum time to deliver

this is by default how long at most you

expect it will take you to complete your

gig and send the final work off

to whoever you're sending it to so in

this case you could say three days or

two days to deliver generally if you

don't want to go to like seven days or

more than that being that it's basically

a market place anyone can sign up for

its kind of competitive and if I saw

someone who said that was going to take

them a week I'd probably just go to the

next guy so if you're going to do this

probably want to be on top of your game

now once you've chosen a maximum

duration you can go ahead and save and

continue it looks like oh yes of course

I forgot to choose an image so I'll just

grab this Kindle eBook career of cover

creation off of my desktop and the

description should be at least 120

characters long so I'm going to do that

really quickly done obviously you want a

real description oh wow it won't even

let you spam like that okay that's

probably a good thing because you don't

want people you don't want people

spamming your site with cheap gigs only

the real people are the best for this

site there we go and we'll save and

continue to do okay now on this next

page configure pricing the first thing

that you have an option to do and I

almost always do this is to check extra

fast now this means you can do you gig

in less time guaranteed for an extra fee

usually five or ten dollars now in this

case I could say one day which means

from the moment they give you the gig

and order it you have 24 hours to

complete it but they will pay you extra

in this case so licensing is something

that may show up depending on your gig

if you're doing audio or graphics you

don't necessarily have to check this but

if you want to charge extra to guarantee

that it is legal for commercial use you

could do that there including the source

file is pretty much a given it's it's

really easy to just have that there and

maybe some people want it so they can

make slight edits to it now if you have

any extra gigs or gig extras rather that

you want to add in addition to those you

can do that here write a description too

how much you're going to charge for that

how many days choose a type of which

there will be quite a few different ones

and you can choose to charge for

shipping though this would only apply to

certain gigs I basically if you're

sending them a physical object and

you're going to want to charge shipping

there of course because otherwise you

won't make any money on it but if that's

not relevant to you than just hit save

and continue well now I do have to

uncheck that because I wasn't actually

going to fill on that gig service so

let's go back to the next page okay so

here is where you can upload a video you

can always do it later but having a

video is usually considered a really

good idea on Fiverr basically it's a

30-second introduction that you created

explaining what your gig is about you

don't have to do it certainly you don't

but it can be a really good investment

of your time especially if you want to

get more orders because if people see

that you have a video especially one

that may have your face cam using webcam

or something like that then people going

to think you're a lot more credible

you're not just some shady guy hiding

behind a computer you're someone who's

actually willing to put your face on it

now of course that doesn't mean you need

to put give you full name or anything

like that but yeah just having a video

that kind of advertises your gig when

people come to your page is really nice

to have and as you can see they say that

you would sell two hundred and twenty

percent more on average and that's

pretty considerable ok so we're going to

skip that for now and here on the bio

instructions page they've changed this

bound a little bit over the last few

months I guess you have the option to

choose three different types of answer

free text which is where they can just

type whatever they want and include

attachments multiple answer which is

where they can well check boxes

obviously basically if you have some

instructions and you want to give them

different options or you want them to be

able to easily tell you what they're

looking for like

you want it as a JPEG image or PNG image

for instance you can have two check

boxes there and they can choose which

kind of image you want to export an

attached file would be if you have like

a script that they need to send you

before you can get started or

instructions or maybe a copy of the

ebooks so you can skim it and make the

cover for it that would be attached file

and you can attach file you can have

them attach files to free text but if

you want to make it mandatory you

definitely want to use attached file now

you don't have to have just one

requirement here you can see number one

you can add multiple ones

so something requirement one and then we

add another requirement attached file

the file please and so on and so forth

so then when they go to actually order

they're going to see this and they can

type their instructions and attach the

files as necessary and then at this

point you can basically just go ahead

and publish your gig within I think a

few hours or 24 hours something along

there you kid will be published it'll

show up in the search engines and people

will be able to go ahead find your gig

and start ordering now if you want to

ensure you get kicks you may want to go

ahead and promote it basically send

information out to social media sites if

you have a blog or website or anything

like that you can get Fiverr what would

you call it like plugins to basically

display your gigs on those sites and let

people click and get to your page on

Fiverr and go ahead and order them but

in general that's really all there is to

creating a gig on Fiverr so if you have

any questions feel free to leave them

down below

I've been Chris thank you very much for

watching and I will see you in my next