Sell Service on ETSY 2021 (How to offer service on Etsy to get passive income)

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Sell service on ETSY

Hello guys

Today I am going to talk about how to sell service on etsy

We usually start etsy shops to sell physical product and the digital products

However there is a opportunity to sell service as well

this video will help you to understand how to do it

and will help you to reach more customers as well as the more income

If you are interesting in selling service on etsy

this video is for you

I will explain both method to list service in etsy shop

lets jump to the tutorial

First of all I will show you some example

Etsy SEO service

custom logo designing

Etsy SEO workshop

Photoshop editing service

Video editing service

So you can offer any service you can sell

you can get passive income from this

Mainly there are two method

01 - Digital items listing method