Selling on Etsy | Etsy Shop Tips for Digital Products (2020 Review)

20,000 sales on Etsy in today's video

I'm going to show you the exact process

and tools that one Etsy user who is a

stay-at-home mom used to make 20,000

sales of digital products while saving

herself 30 hours a week so in today's

video we're gonna be talking about

automation tools with Etsy and how your

customers on Etsy can create custom

digital downloads and it's gonna be

completely hands-off I know you're gonna

love today's video so let's jump in

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products and tools that help me in my

business and that I know will greatly

help you as well so let's go ahead and

jump into exactly what cordial is and

how it helped a stay-at-home mom to make

twenty thousand sales in an automated

way right we love automation on this

channel and you can get an insight on

how you can put this to work for you as

well on Etsy ok guys get excited because

I'm about to reveal for you the exact

tools and process that a stay-at-home

mom used to generate 20,000 sales on

Etsy with digital products this is super

exciting now if you look at the

breakdown a lot of digital products are

somewhere around five dollars so if you

have 20,000 sales at five dollars that

is a hundred thousand dollars in profit

on automation so basically what that

means is you create designs inside of

this tool that I'm going to share with

you it integrates with Etsy the

customers can type in custom names to

make these digital products personalized

to them and if you know anything about

Etsy you know people searching on Etsy

absolutely love personalized and

customized items this is some of the

best selling items on Etsy let me show

you some examples in just a moment so

you can get your brain ticking here and

get really excited about this process so

imagine a hundred thousand dollars in

commission coming in for work that you

did one time one time right so basically

you create the designs in this tool it

integrates with Etsy the tool and Etsy

work together to deliver the

product to the customer and you don't

have to do any back-and-forth with the

customer it's completely automated so if

you're a stay-at-home mom you know if

you're busy working another job and

you're looking for a way to make passive

income this is gonna be a great way to

do that because you can set it up once

and forget it

so what are we talking about today we

are talking about a tool called cordial

and this tool is going to help you

create things such as birthday

invitations or wedding invitations

digital products that people will order

that they want to customize so let's say

you have a two-year-olds birthday party

and you want the invitations to have the

child's name on it and the date the

customer gonna just type those things in

the child's name and the date they can

see a preview of it they can order it

and then it's automatically delivered to

them you don't have to go in and do the

edits of those digital products and you

don't have to show the client a proof

before they purchase they can already

see it and you don't have to deliver it

for them it's all completely automated

this is huge

Eli's so this tool was built by Etsy

digital sellers and they made it for our

graphic design and the digital community

on Etsy and their goal was to help

people earn more passive income and

reduce customer emails right you gotta

love that because you know if you're

doing any kind of customized products

you're doing a lot of back-and-forth

with the customers and if you don't have

proofs to show them they can not be sure

about what they're actually going to

receive so they can type all this then

see it themselves before they order and

you are completely cut out of the

equation there so it's gonna save you a

lot a lot of time now before quarrel

many designers made edits for the

customers and they communicated through

multiple emails they did multiple


and proofs that's a lot of time so if

you're doing a digital product for five

bucks like that is not really gonna be

worth your time so this is gonna make it

so that your customers are happy and

you're happy as well this is perfect for

stay-at-home moms and those of you that

are homeschooling right now with the

stay at home orders so it works is I'm

gonna show you all of this in just a

minute you can see the ins and outs of

the tool you can see some live listings

on Etsy and you can get started doing

the same in your own store they have

done their numbers here and about thirty

percent of people that visit the demo

end up purchasing that item that they

demoed within 30 days so that's really

really cool stuff we are over here on ed

C now and I have typed in cordial

birthday invitations and you can see a

bunch of Etsy users that are using

cordial for their digital designs now

I'm going to scroll down and we have a

best seller here this is five dollars

and 55 cents for a carnival ticket

birthday invitation and as you can see

this is a best seller so you know that

this seller is absolutely crushing it

with their digital product sales so

let's go ahead and click on this one

here and you will be able to see exactly

how this works so they're showing their

design here that they've made in cordial

it says edit and download now and so you

can go through here and see all of their

different photos that says try before

you buy edit and print it yourself

all words can be changed matching items

are available instant digital access

this is going to be completely automated

for this seller and the customer can get

their order straight away so if we go

ahead and look for more details here it

says edit right in your browser with

cordial demo try out the invitation demo

now copy and paste the URL so we're

going to copy this and

in a brand new browser and see this live

in action so here is the birthday

invitation on cordial where the customer

can go ahead and edit this so they can

click on the name here and let's just go

ahead and say it's Ben's birthday and

then they can select the number here and

you can put - they can edit the day the

month and we'll put that they can edit

the time so you can put one two three

o'clock boom and as you can see this is

a totally customized digital product now

the customer is not a graphic designer

so they could not design this themselves

but you can design this very very easily

inside of cordial and then all your

customer has to do is switch out a few

letters a few numbers and then they can

click buy now right here or they can do

the same on XE so as you can see these

are like the most impressive digital

products that I have personally seen on

Etsy so I'm super excited to dive into

using this tool and creating a store

with these types of products so I'm sure

you guys will be - this is what the

inside of cordial looks like where you

can actually create the designs there's

a lot of different layers that you can

work with over here on the side you can

see the layers where you're able to edit

all of these to create those custom

designs and then up here where it says

listings is where you actually link that

to your Etsy store now down below in the

description of this video I'm gonna

leave you lots of additional resources

and tutorial videos from cordial on how

to actually edit all of these things and

make sure that you know how to create

these designs I am

on etsy over here and I just wanted to

scroll through the store of the person

that had the best seller for the

birthday invitation so that you can get

a really good idea of what kind of

success that you can have with a store

like this with these kind of digital

products so as you can see this store

right here has done 9282 sales and

remember that's all automated so this is

a very good passive income store I

personally don't know whose store this

is I'm just using it as an example but

as you can see here they have baby

shower invitations birthday invitations

crochet and knit patterns they have

instant DIY banners they have labels and

tabs they have thank-you cards a

birthday sign school signs and thank-you

cards so the ideas are endless here

cordial can help you set up that very

passive automated store on Etsy that

many of you have expressed so much

interest in doing so I really hope that

you use this tool put it to work and

your business connect it to your se shop

and start creating thousands of sales on

this platform and the really cool thing

is you guys are gonna get a 15 day free

trial to get this up and running play

with it connect it to Etsy possibly even

and generate some sales before you go on

to pay to use this incredible tool so

you can hop over to cordial calm or you

can also access it in the back office of

Etsy here we are inside of Etsy on the

dashboard and actually let me move this

over here a little bit for you so you

can see when you're in your shop manager

you can go down to integrations and then

you can see where it says you can market

and promote your shop or you can improve

your listing

and understand buyer trends if you

scroll down right here you're going to

see cordial for digital listings so as I

said Etsy is recommending this tool

which is really incredibly awesome so

you can access it right there from your

XE back-office

go ahead and set up your 15-day free

trial I would love to hear from you guys

below if you are testing this out what

you think of it and what kind of

products that you're creating on Etsy

with cordial I hope you enjoyed today's

video on how to use cordial along with

Etsy to create a completely automated

customized digital product store that

your customers on Etsy are absolutely

going to love so be sure to leave me a

comment down below let me know what kind

of products that you're going to create

let me know if you have any questions

and I look forward to seeing you back