How to Sell Digital Products on eBay (Downloadable Listing)

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welcome guys to this tutorial here I

will be talking about how you can list

digital products meaning that you will

be able to send a download link instead

of a physical link such as ebook and for

example a course and so on so the

according to eBay policy if you want to

sell these items as is you would have to

send a physical item for your listing

this means that for example for your

ebook video costs and so on you would

have to send for example a CD or USB

flash drive with the material and you

cannot simply send a download link for

the customer to look at and then

download the item that would be against

eBay's policy so that is one way how you

can do it so send a physical item with

it and then there is also an alternative

way so I will show you there is one

category you can list the item so let's