How I Made $10,000 In Profit Selling A Service On Craigslist // Beginner's Tutorial

yo let's talk about how I've made

$10,000 in pure profit selling great on


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out and done so today we're gonna talk

about how I made $10,000 on Craigslist

it's Drake profit straight-up provocated

there's no gimmicks no games none of

that stuff I'm gonna show you why this

was so lucrative how I was able to beat

out my competitors without having to do

anything other than what I was already

doing you guys stick around cuz this is

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alright so stick around guys now let's

talk about let's talk about how I was

able to do ten thousand dollars selling

on Craigslist alright there's gonna be a

tutorial going to show you exactly how

interrupt a computer but first we need

to break this down alright one I

identified my target market okay I

identified my target market knew what

they need it and was able to jump in and

cater directly to them at a fraction of

the price of other people okay which

means a two point number two number one

number one was fine in the market

alright number two is identifying their

price point and the pain of said price

points of other competitor okay you have

to identify the perfect price point okay

because if you come in and you're

competing with some other person at

their price point and you can't prove

that you're better

what are you doing it for all right you

need to come in and build that up right

you need to come in build it up don't

just go for the kill shot day one

build it up compete all is gonna do is

cost you a little bit of your time

that's it a little bit of time guys all

right you find your target market and

then you can Pete on price okay very

simple very simple you remember those

two things you're gonna make a ton of

money just like I'm gonna show you how I

did all right

let's go on to the Roughnecks computer

let's break this down see you right

there so guys a few years ago I guess I

should give you a little context on how

this all worked out

you know the shop was just we were

bogged down with a ridiculous amount of

work right we had way way way way way

too much work you know we just couldn't

get you know any cars in to get tuned

like you just had our hands full and so

I'm like at this point like we couldn't

take any more you know those cars and so

I'm like ah you know I make a little

money on the side you know we the shops

coming along everyone's happy money's

coming in you know let's let's not even

worry about it so I posted up something

on Craigslist you know just for myself

using open open-source software right

and yeah baby see you flash and a ROM

Raider for you guys that are in the know

in the car community you know so

typically you know I charge you know

right off the bat 300 bucks just to hook

up to your you know to your car okay so

with this since I wasn't doing it as far

as the shop I was doing it as an

individual I you know I wasn't really

charging people you know that much I'm

like hey look you know 350 I can get a

basic tune done for you you know some go

fast stuff you'll be safe you make

plenty of power you be good to go for

like big things you start getting any 85

and big turbos and all that stuff you

know I'll come out to you but I'm gonna

need to draw the car for a little while

to get your fuel trims just right and so

on and so forth now granted people like

oh yeah you know but you're only gonna

do like one or two cars and no the guys

like this happens all the time people

want to go fast I knew that because you

know obviously how shot people are

willing to spend whatever and you know

the season comes around where people are

you know looking to get out there in the

streets or go to the track and start you

know making some Jam you know they want

to go fast man summer you know hits ups

but well spring is really when it starts

you know spring is when it rolls around

and people really want to start more

faster and they want to you know make

that power all that power

so hey who better to do it than someone

who's you know familiar with the

platform who knows exactly what they're

doing so you know

350 bucks people were getting done but

you guys have to realize there is a

whole lot more to it 350 bucks is

actually extremely cheap for getting a

tune so I was able to undercut the

market provide better value in service

and then you know still killing you know

so you guys have to think about that for

a second you know if you guys can

provide value you can make tons and tons

of money tons of money I did over 10k

with just this you know gold $350 tune

like granite I had to do a whole lot of

them but guys like it really didn't

matter because it's all profit like if

you're doing photography or making cakes

or whatever it is you know it's just

really taking your time you know if

you're willing to exchange a little bit

of your time then go right ahead this is

one of my my listings right here that

was actually removed um yeah I was

knocking people out of the out of the

market at this point but I'll show you

why it's so lucrative

why 350 bucks was killing everyone else

you know people are coming here you know

getting tuned and you know I love Mike

by the way so don't don't take this as

no disrespect or anything I love my

body's cool is all get-out one of the

coolest guys I've ever met actually um

you know but hey you know 600 bucks

1100 bucks you know 1200 bucks 1600

bucks like it and granted this is what

it should be okay

you know 1600 bucks is is right around

the going rate if you want to do a

flex-fuel setup and all that like it I'd

I wouldn't do a flexural setup for like

less than this because it takes so much

time you know there's so much time and

effort put into it you want to make sure

you get it just right like a yeah 1600

bucks guys but think about that you know

1600 bucks why do you think I'm in the

automotive industry I mean not just

because I absolutely love cars but guys

like we could charge an absorbent amount

of money for you know certain things and

people will pay it like clockwork you

know and this rip this is all just your

time guys so imagine you charging $1,000

a tune you know for like flex fuel

seller you get good with $1,000 people

will pay $1,000 for their cars no

problem no questions asked same thing

with import DPS I love these guys

they're a big honda shop out in philly

you know these guys they have a real


hatch i also heard you know they had a

couple issues with it but brought like

they do some of the fastest Honda's in

the area literally they do like a good

chunk of the fast Honda's in the area

and you know it's 500 bucks guys 550 for

a you know for a dyno tune you know for

a turbo team you know Honda is you know

the S 3000 like

back in the day it was super advanced

but compared to other ECU's on the

market not really you know it's it's not

all that it's not all that great you

know the parameters are still decent but

you know compared to what you have now

yeah it's you know it's pretty much set

and forget you know most people you know

don't even use all the you know use the

full abilities because Honda's are just

so cheap and easy

you know so you 550 bucks blooming in

and out because they're they're just

that easy you know but then you have

GTRs like it's just a basic stage to

tune you know this is on ecutek engine

and transmission remapping guys like

here we go

you know 900 bucks 950 BAM 900 bucks

it takes you nothing but your time is

not gonna kill you it's not gonna break

the bank you can pretty much get in get

out make your money why in the world are

you not trying to sell your service on

Craigslist or on your own website or

through Instagram or Facebook it's one

of the easiest ways to build out capital

literally like if you are struggling and

you need to make money very quickly and

you don't want to follow one of the

tenants that you know I I preached in

the webinar and in the e-book and that's

flipping free stuff on Craigslist then

selling your services is quick and easy

it's one of the fastest things that you

can do in as long as you can prove your

worth it's not gonna be a problem people

are going to pay I mean look at this

guy's like in your mind you like no

one's gonna pay this this is Mike body

he is one of the greatest tuners in our

industry he is well known so for him to

charge $1600 for his time is a drop in

the bucket people will pay this no

problem when you were that good doesn't

matter if you're national or local your

name and your work will sell it it will

sell and therefore you can charge

whatever you want people charge crazy

page crazy prices for wedding

photography okay I'm like what I'm

spinning how much money for for wedding

photos and all that stuff you know get

out of town yeah that's that's when I

was married

back in the bank back then you know back

when I you know was young and naive but

um yeah guys like just think about this

this is how I was able to make so much

money and even at 350 dollars you know I

had to do way more than a lot of people

but 350 bucks that's all profit and it

really didn't take me that much time

because the car is always - now I

already figured out already you know I

had maps you know from basically every

you know calibration there was a bolt on

the knee and you just finesse it you

know you're like all right this is where

I start it if there's any kind of

mechanical issues you figure it out you

know help them but for the most part you

know you don't have to go crazy and

reinvent the wheel all right you know

some cars make more power than others

but for the most part you know you can

kind of guess what that power is gonna

be according to what they have you know

like yeah you're gonna be tuning them

making sure everything's good and safe

and that the tune is set for their car

you're not gonna be a cookie cutter

off-the-shelf type of thing so it does

take a little bit more time but guys a

couple hours like couple of hours out of

your time like where else are you gonna

make you know 550 bucks for a couple

hours not too many places unless you're

doing things that are very promiscuous

and you're not supposed to be doing

unless you're in New York where it's

decriminalized now I'm pretty sure you

guys know what I'm talking about so yeah

guys that's why I did it that is exactly

how I did it I had a very basic ad

posted up on Craigslist very basic tags

but I knew what people wanted and boom

there you go that is it that's a quick

and easy way man you know I'm not even

joking with you this is exactly how I

did it and it was one of the best things

to ever ever happen to me you know

because it was just such quick money it

was quick and easy and boom there you go

you made can't you know ten thousand

dollars like literally where else oh

you're gonna be able to do that you know

without much you know with without much

effort not too many places so you know

there's that but yeah guys so if you

need anything else make sure you hit hit

me up make sure you check out the links

below get into the free Facebook group

check out the ebook all that good jazz

and hey you know be safe be smart

catch you in an excellent