How to Sell Services Effectively | Harry Beckwith | Selling the Invisible

How to Sell Services Effectively by Harry Beckwith

Do you think that you are selling a product?

Think again!

Because majority of the remarkable companies that we see around, such as American Express,

Levi’s, McDonalds, are selling services, not products.

When we talk about services, we all know that they are more invisible than products, and

require an entirely different sales and marketing approach.

This is what Harry Beckwith, New York Times – Wall Street Journal bestselling author,

sheds light on.

He shares over 100 tips and insights for business owners, sales and marketing individuals in

his book.

And, we have highlighted some of the best in the video.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to find out.

Tips & Insights for Business Owners, Sales & Marketing People

Getting the Fundamentals Right: Before you start marketing your services,

it is crucial for you to understand a couple of fundamentals so that you can have a perfect


Therefore, let’s take them under the spotlight: 1) Fix Your Service First:

When working in this highly competent business world, make sure that you are living in the


You shouldn’t always think that the services you are offering to your customers are unmatchable

in terms of the quality.

It is definitely not like this…

There is always a room for improvement.

So, keep an eye on such areas and eradicate all the issues to be the best.

2) Get the Focus Right Understand the likes, dislikes, and preferences

of your customers and keep asking yourself “is this still what the customers want?”

Surveying & Research: Why survey is an integral element of your

business’s success?

It is because people won’t tell you what you are doing wrong – not even your best


The best way to find out is to ask.

So, make use of various platforms to connect with your intended audiences, have conversations

with them, and evolve your services accordingly.

Marketing is not a Department Marketing is something that makes or breaks

the entire product.

If done sensibly, marketing not only takes your services to the next level but also establishes

a strong authority of your brand that distinguishes itself from others.

Similarly, Beckwith emphasizes on how marketing needs to be an integral part of the organization

to maintain a marketing mindset across all the team members.

Positioning & Focus We have all heard about brand positioning

and focus quite a lot.

But how do we apply that in practice?

Well, that’s how it is done: Focus on One Thing:

Instead of experimenting with multiple services, focus on one distinct thing that gives you

a competitive advantage and sets a strong position of brand in your prospect’s mind.

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