Strategy For Marketing A Service Based Business

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If you try to market your service based business just like any other business

you're going to be disappointed because service based businesses have a very

unique and really different approach that's required for success if you want

to generate more leads clients and sales. That's why in this episode, I'm going to

be sharing five things you absolutely need to know to have success marketing

your service based business. Let's get to it.

Hey there, my name is Adam Earhart, marketing strategist and welcome to The

Marketing Show, where we help you grow your business and generate more leads,

customers and sales by making way better marketing. So, if you're interested in

learning the latest and greatest marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks

and tactics, well, you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that

notification bell so you never miss a future episode. Marketing a service based

business is one of my favorite things to do because it provides all sorts of

different unique approaches and different challenges that marketing

product based businesses simply don't have. Specifically, the fact that you're

selling something intangible something that they can't see or feel or touch or

taste or whatever it is so we really have to get creative with our marketing

in order to paint a clear and compelling picture of why people should do business

with you. Plus, there's also a ton of trip wires or minefields or potholes or

whatever other analogy we can think of here, basically, all of these different