Selling the Invisible Value - How to Sell Services

hey this is Victor Antonio and I want to

do a follow-up video to my last video

called what's the value now if you work

on the last video I talked about let's

say you have a product and a product has

certain bells and whistles right and I

said features are what goes into a

product features but what you Devon

derive from the actual product are

benefits right and let's say this

product has one to five different

benefits that can benefit the customer

problem is the customer is always left

wondering how do these benefits really

help me and it's our job as I mentioned

last we go to quantify that value you

quantify the value by tying your

benefits to one of three things how can

the customer increase their revenue how

can they reduce their cost or how these

benefits help them expand their market

share okay increase revenue reduce costs

expand market share now I got a great

question from one of my subscribers who

said Oh Victor what if I don't sell a

product but I sell a service great

question right what if I sell a service

how does this apply the answer is in the

case that we're going to talk about

right now this does not apply the

gentleman's service is martial arts use

a martial arts instructor has a martial

arts school and that definitely is a

service so how does this model apply how

do we quantify a value well we have to

kind of change the model just slightly

but it still works

instead of increased revenue reduced

cost or expand market share one of the

things we can emphasize in this case for

martial arts is first of all how does it

help the client physically okay how does

being in martial arts help the client

physically how does it help them

psychologically I missed the whiner

there psychologically and then how does

it help them financially now I know that

should be an app but I put pH I wanted

three P's so there it is haha

anyway let's walk through it again

physically what I would say is as I talk

about my service how does it help the

customer physically well first thing I

would do is talk about health how

martial arts can help them

with their health maybe keep them

physically fit stay in shape and maybe

less visits to the doctor right less

doctor visits because they're healthier

because they're staying in shape so in

other words this is going to save them

money so instead of two visits a year

maybe it's only one visit a year okay

one time how is it going to help them

psychologically well when you start

feeling good about yourself physically

you're probably gonna start feeling very

good about yourself psychologically so

maybe now you're more focused maybe now

you're more goal-oriented you're

motivated to do more you're feeling good

about yourself and guess what all this

ties into optimism which allows you to

really get more done last but not least

is how do you tie it into financially

well mr. customer if you're physically

fit you're psychologically ready to go

financially how's that going to help you

well let's say you have a job you're

going to be more productive you're going

to get more done get more done and

because you're going to get more done

one of two things are going to happen

you're going to get a raise or you're

going to produce more produce more and

make more money okay so mr. customer if

I were selling the martial arts services

physically this is going to help reduce

your cost in terms of doctor visits

you're going to be healthier but

psychologically gonna be more focused

more motivated more optimistic spend

more time with your family mr. customer

could you ever put a value on that and

then from a financial standpoint if

you're physically fit

psychologically well financially you're

going to be in a better position because

you're gonna be able to be more

productive going to get more done and

maybe you'll produce more make more

money or if you have a job you'll get

more get a raise so mr. customer can you

now see how being in martial arts really

does impact all aspects of your life get

the idea this is how you want to

position your service

so again tie the service in to

physically how's it going to help them

physically how is going to help them

psychologically and then we begin to

wrap this up which financially how could

also impact them so you're really

hitting all three aspects of the clients

life and this time they're not going to

question how it can impact is going to

become very obvious that martial arts is

a good thing

and they're gonna buy or at least be

more likely to buy this is Victor

Antonia always reminding you selling

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