3 Things You Should NEVER Do When Selling IT Services

hey Robin Robins here founder of

technology marketing tool

and in this video I want to share with

you three really key tips that's going

to help you close more sales when you're

selling managed services IT services

outsource IT support and where this came

from was actually at the Rhode show I

had somebody even write to me in an

email after the Rhode show saying this

discussion that happened at the Rhode

show that was kicked off by a question

somebody in the audience asked was the

most valuable discussion that of the

entire two days and I've heard that over

and over again from a lot of people and

I thought you know that sounds like a

really good blog tip so I decided to

just shoot this quick video and give you

this discussion so the question that

kicked everything off was how can I

close more sales and the person who

asked the question was dealing with you

know the usual price resistance installs

and delays and haggling over price and

of course why do I need a managed

contract why can't I just go break fix

like I've done in the past you know that

the usual things and so we started

talking about what she was doing and how

we could improve it so tip number one is

that you never want to email proposals

now if you think about it your proposal

is the single best value that you can

offer to a customer you've gone in

you've assessed their situation

hopefully you've looked at what they

want to achieve or you discuss that with

them and you know their goals you know

what their what the problems have been

and your proposal is not just a quote

tip for Computer Services well it might

be if that's the way you look at it but

it should be here's the solution to the

problems that you're having in your

business it is the highest and should be

the best value that you offer it's the

it's the framework it's the it's the

strategy to how we're going to solve

your business problems by emailing it

you degrade it to just a quote first of

all so there's no value in second of all

when a prospect gets a and a proposal

via email what's the first thing they do

you know it they open up they look right

at the price and then they go oh they

have that sticker shock because they

haven't looked read through anything

there's been no value bill there's

no explanation and then you play that

really needy and embarrassing game of

calling and saying hey sent the proposal

just wondering if you had any questions

that's your way of saying you know I'm

ready this one's know if you want to buy

you know you just don't ask it that way

you try and be cool and say I want to

know any questions you know if they had

questions they'd call you it's the

stupidest way to follow up my suggestion

is when you go in and you assess their

network but you schedule the next

appointment say look I'm going to come

back with my report of findings whatever

if you're running Diagnostics and so

forth you're going to come back with my

report of findings and we're going to

discuss my solution and what's best in a

right fit for you so you schedule that

second appointment before before you

even leave and you never email a

proposal and if a client asks you to

email it you need to say I can't that's

not how we work the other tip that I'll

give you is you never use a proposal to

close a sale and here's what I mean by

that so many people they meet with the

prospect ask about their needs their

wants their everything but they

tap-dance around pricing and they then

they never even bring it up and you know

when you go into a prospect by and large

you know what it's going to cost to

support their network right I mean just

based on what you see the number of

workstations servers what they've got

going on what they're saying they want

in general you know what you're going to

charge that that client now it might not

be exact again but you have a general

idea and I think a big mistake a lot of

people do is they never discuss price

until they email the proposal and then

of course the whole thing goes down in a

handbasket right so what I'm saying is

you should never write a proposal to

close a sale the proposal should be a

summary of what you've already discussed

with the prospect so you should have

already discussed what they need what

they want what their budget is what

resources the timeframe if someone says

okay put together a proposal my my

mentor Jim camp who wrote the books

start with no he's a an amazing man when

it comes to negotiations top notch guy I

recommend his books but one of the

things that Jim taught me to say when

someone says we'll give me a proposal

I'll say what do you want me to have it

say so again a proposal should just

simply be a summary of what you've

already discussed and that way there's


surprises and you know in advance before

you put all the work into creating a

proposal whether or not they're actually

going to buy and and the third tip I've

got for you is that if you're having to

close really hard when you're in the

meeting with a prospect or you're

getting resistance or they're ignoring

you they're blocking you they're not

returning your calls you're not getting

the love back and you know what I mean

it's just you can't figure it out they

have some like hidden agenda or they're

blocking you they're screening you it's

been really difficult if you're dealing

with a lot of objections in the sales

process here's the third tip is that

your marketing is flawed and that's a

lot of what we covered at the road show

was how do you use your marketing to

pre-sell pre-qualifying predisposed the

people that you meet with to do business

with you I mean if you need selling but

marketing is what's going to position

you do it when you go in the door and if

the lead is not generated properly if

the marketing is flawed in the beginning

it's going to be really hard to close

you're going to be getting appointments

with people who are just really not

interested who are cheap whiny pain in

the butt people nobody else wants to

serve so your marketing is what helps

you in your sales process so if your

again if you're having a hard time

closing your marketing is flawed and

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business with you that the objections

are handled most of the frequently asked

questions are handled in advance you're

positioned properly because a lot of

people the way they market they actually

position themselves as just computer

repair guys like like a plumber or an

electrician and when you position

yourself that way you're not going to

get the respect that you deserve

you're not going to get the quality of

leads that you want you're going to get

shopped on price so a lot of the

problems you're having with selling is

because your marketing is not done right

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