Selling Service Design to Product Oriented Companies

so how do you talk to product oriented companies about services and service

design that's one of the questions I got from Matthew who's part of my selling

service design with confidence course and it's a great question as I've heard it a

lot and a lot of people seem to struggle to sort of convince product oriented

companies and it can be physical products or software products on the

value of services and on the value of service design so that's exactly what I

want to address in this video and the answer to this is of course it depends

how do you talk to a product oriented company or somebody who's has a really

strong product oriented mindset well I'm going to give you an example which works

really well for me if I'm talking to somebody who's interested in the

finances or a business proposition of a product oriented company and in that

case I talked about two things when I talk about services compared to products

and to money one of the things I like to address is that services give

you a competitive advantage compared to products as services are by their very

own nature much harder to copy for competition every service requires some

kind of human interaction or at least there's a much bigger human interaction

part in a service than there is in a product so that makes services much harder to

copy for your competition that's one thing and the other thing is that

services people tend to pay way more for services compared to products just think

about if your car breaks down or if your tire runs flat you'll much likely pay

much more or premium for somebody to fix your tire then

the actual tire itself the cost of the tire itself so there's a big business

opportunity for actually delivering services on top of products and this is

not new of course we all know this but somehow people tend to forget this

so again how do you talk to product oriented companies about services it

really depends on who you are talking to but if you need to make a business case

for service design I'd say services help you to gain a

competitive advantage as they are much harder to copy and customers tend to pay

more for services so there's a great opportunity to make a larger profit I'm

really interested in how do you approach conversations with product oriented

companies what do you say to get them excited about services and service

design and maybe also what challenges do you see leave a comment down below and

let's see what you all come up with if you enjoyed this video don't forget to

share it with somebody who might also benefit from what we are discussing here

and thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video