How to Sell Cars to Service Customers

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when we gonna talk about today real

quick cuz I got some people I'm about to

meet we got training class just we one

of the things I do want to talk about is

how do you get service customers what's

up babe how you doing I'm excellent

Bryce got it on phone talking to my to

my people online give a shout-out to the

man of it alright so how do we get

customers out of service what most sales

people don't know is that the service

department is actually a gold mine but

everybody's terrified to go over there

let me give you some reasons why the

service department is excellent a way to

generate business number one they're

already a previous customer typically

and they're bringing their vehicle here

to get serviced so they already believe

in your store and the store has some

credibility number two they already like

your product obviously they bought the

product they're bringing it in to get

serviced and even if they did not buy it

from the dealership they still rather

bring their vehicle to this store which

means that they value this store so the

store has credibility already so they

trust it they got the vehicle in here

getting some work done on it and now

here's the kicker about that one thing

I've seen people that are masters in the

service department do they invest a

little money and they go buy donuts walk

through the service department and hand

out donuts and shake hands then after

that they find an individual and they

just sit out into just a general

conversation like hey see you sitting

here you get your vehicle worked on what

type of work you're getting done on your

vehicle I'm getting this that the other

really what type of vehicle do you have

what year is it now once you find out

what year it is and whatnot especially

if it's one where the warranty is

getting ready to expire you can really

educate them all hey listen you know

your warranty may be getting ready to

expire have you thought about you know

jumping into something new where you get

a newer warranty you get your coverages

back if I can keep your payment

somewhere around where you are now would

you be interested in at least taking a

look or seeing what you may be eligible

for okay that's a big deal but it's all

about sitting down and just having a

conversation with people while they're

back there but one of the best people

I've seen they're getting serviced

customers they go out they hand out

Donuts or they go buy candy or they go

back and they shake hands and just


themselves and sit down and just start

asking questions get they name find out

what they getting work done on find out

what year it is and like I say the way

you can truly add value to somebody is

if they're getting ready to their

warranty is getting ready to expire okay

or if they have a pre-owned vehicle

that's a little older that they're

getting work done on they may consider

jumping into a newer vehicle if the

payments can be somewhere around where

they are currently but don't

underestimate the power of the service

department go back there shake hands ask

questions remember they believe in your

dealership it already has tread ability

but it's up to you to go back there and

you know become friendly some people

make the mistake of trying to be the

friend of a customer you can't be their

friend you just met them you could be

friendly but remember that you are not

their friend but that can be established

after time so go back there introduce

yourself to somebody and get to know

somebody but do not underestimate the

power of the service department there's

a lot of opportunity back there that's

just sitting there watching TV on their

phones or bored to death so if you're

waiting on a lot ups and it's coming

slow if you made all your dials and

you're done with that if you've been on

social media and you waiting on some

appointments to come in that evening I

mean you looking for something to do go

back there to the service department

introduce yourself to somebody make sure

they know about the condiments make sure

that they are aware of all that the

perks that come with your service

department find out what they're getting

work done on find out what year it is

and think of all the ways that you can

bring value to this person that is

sitting in the service department and

again when a customer's warranty is

getting ready to expire on their vehicle

it will behoove them to get into

something else where their warranty is

renewed it starts over or else they will

be coming out of pocket for any of the

repairs or any of your issues that the

vehicle may have okay so if you're

looking for a way to generate additional

sales make sure you utilize your service

department because again it is a

goldmine and if you're looking for the

word tracks on how to introduce yourself

and talk to customers in the service

department with

looking for the ways that you can

qualify and ask questions and not get

stuck in your process if you're looking

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but remember the service department is a


I'm Brian Maxwell over now