How to Start a Web Hosting Company (Easy Passive Income!)

okay so three two three three yeah three

weeks ago I posted a video on YouTube

talking about one of my passive income

streams which was web hosting and of

course if you haven't seen that video

definitely go check it out I'll link it

up here before you watch this one it'll

make a lot more sense I promise but to

my surprise that video kind of blew up

and I I kind of feel like a

fourteen-year-old girl when I say that

like oh my video on Instagram I just

blew so the video did really really well

way better than I thought it would and I

I thought that I answered the majority

of the questions that I thought people

are gonna have in the video but there

are a lot of other questions that I

really didn't anticipate I talked about

how to find clients how I accept

payments how to do this how to do that

but there was still a ton that I didn't

really answer so again if you haven't

seen the video go watch it here but if

you're too lazy to do that essentially

what I talked about in the video is how

I purchase a server or not purchased I

rent a server for a flat rate every

month and then what I do is I host web

sites for a lot of other people on that

one server that I rent so my server cost

about 25 bucks a month but I have 43

different web sites 43 different clients

that I host on this one server and I

charge them anywhere between 15 to $50 a

month so you can see that with just one

client I cover the cost of the server

and then all the other clients above and

beyond that are money in my pocket

essentially this is just like having a

rental property on the internet

obviously if you've seen any of the

other videos on my channel that's what I

talked about almost exclusively but it

really is like having a rental property

on the Internet the great thing though

is you don't have to deal with tenants

very often you don't have to worry about

collecting rent or getting late because

it's just automated you also don't have

to worry about tenants destroying your

place or flooding the place or dealing

with a clogged toilet at two o'clock in

the morning like I said I currently have

43 different web sites and they're

pretty much anything and everything

under the Sun I host websites for small

businesses medium businesses a lot of

mommy bloggers I

I've got a couple like weight loss blogs

I've got an energy company I've got two

construction companies I mean I

it doesn't matter like I don't care what

the companies are anybody who needs a

website or needs web hosting I'm happy

to handle it for them each and every

month from every single one of these

clients I get a little paycheck and all

of those little paychecks together add

up to about seven hundred dollars a


initially it was a decent amount of work

to find the clients get everything up

and running but once it's established

and everything's done it's so easy like

when I say easy I mean really easy for

the most part I don't spend any more

than 30 minutes a month managing all of

my clients now that brings me to the

point of this video why am I just

reiterating everything that I said in

that video reason is because I've built

a playlist talking about my web hosting

business and how to do it step by step

by step there are a lot of like little

breakdowns and little kind of like

minutia steps that I definitely miss

just because it was a you know I was

like a 20 minute video and there's no

way to possibly answer all of the

questions all of the different steps

that are involved with owning a web

hosting business so click the link down

the description below and like I said I

have a playlist with step by step by

step instructions on everything you need

to know and everything you need to do to

start your own web hosting business so I

think this is a really great idea

because this isn't ever talked about in

the previous video I talked about how if

you go and look at like those blog posts

about you know 20 ways to find passive

income or you know whatever it may be

it's all just the same ideas over and

over and over again and I on my channel

I try to do things that are a little bit

different so again if that interests you

go ahead and click on the link in the

description below and I'll see you in

the next video