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let's go ahead and jump into my

recommendations because i got quite a

few things here

and i don't want this video to be super

duper long but

you know we're gonna make it happen

everything i discussed in today's video

will be listed in the description box

down below let's go ahead and jump into

my recommendations and these i am so

excited to share with you guys

the first product i'm going to talk

about is something that i've always


but i didn't love the color of the

original one it's ridiculous i know

this has been a game changer i'm talking

game changer in my hair

i am talking about the dyson airwrap

i finally bought one and it's crazy

because i always wanted one

but i didn't love the pink and gray i

did i

liked it but i didn't love it and i

thought i'm gonna spend 500

and some odd dollars for that product

i want to love the color of it and so it

always just kind of stopped me from

buying it

and oh my gosh i regret not buying it


is my brand new i've had it about

three weeks now i would say and i am

absolutely obsessed thank you sephora

for having a payment plan

i used the clarinet payment plan to buy

this and i am so glad i did

i see this swoop that i have with my

bangs i've never had that

i have tried to achieve that with a

curling iron

for a long time and i've never been able

to get

the amount of volume that i have and

just the overall

look of my hair i love this thing up

here on the screen is the image of the

longer barrels

for longer hair and i bought those to

try to do some of my extensions with it

but this dyson air wrap i can see why

everybody loves it

i love this like volume and this body

that i have

and it lasts for several days like this

i mean i only watch i'm gonna be honest


i only wash my hair about every three or

four days i feel like it's the best way

to keep my hair healthy is if i wash it

every three or four days

and i just get this like amount of

volume and this like swoop

bang that i am just obsessed with

i love this air wrap and of course

i love the color i think the bronze and

the gray is just

so classic and so beautiful and

i love this thing i'm not going to

guarantee you that you'll be able to buy

this dyson and get 20

off because i don't know yet i'm

actually filming this before the cell

starts because i tried to buy this

during the friends and family cell

using the 20 off discount code and i

wasn't able to use it to buy this dyson

product so i don't know

if you're going to be able to use it but

i cannot recommend this enough

and if it's something that you want to

put on your christmas list for your

husband or somebody to pick up for you

it's fantastic i love it so much

i love this thing so much i am like in

heaven every time i use that i'm so

excited just get such

bouncy waves you guys have been noticing

in my comments you guys have been saying

what are you doing different with your

hair your hair looks so beautiful and

i've been getting so many of those

comments since i started using the dyson

now the other product i want to talk

about for hair

is this now i don't have this because

i'm out of it and i'm waiting for the

cell to start so i can

re-buy it this is from shuamari this is

called the

wada wave texturizing hairspray

and i love this like it is it is

expensive because it

you know sure amari is very expensive i

hope i'm saying that right shu amari

i might be saying it wrong okay i

botched it whatever

it has great readings on the sephora

website and there's a reason it is one

of the best texturizing sprays i've ever


and this one comes in a 7.54

ounce of aerosol can and it's 42

the best so this is on my list to pick

up but i can recommend it if you're

looking for a really really good

dry texturizing spray oh so good the

other one i would recommend

is the bumble and bumble so this is the


ounce version this one i paid 31.

i bought this to get me by until i can

get the sugamari

on during the sale and i like this one

too this one works great too

so i would recommend both of these as

far as just a really good

texturizing spray i've been really

impressed with it i've had it for

i don't know maybe two or three weeks

and i've just been really enjoying it

but i love the show amari one it is so


the next product is this this is from


this is their holiday hair fix i

actually purchased this

during my friends and family discount

code and i

love olaplex you've been with me for a

while you know

i love olaplex olaplex is one of my


favorite shampoo and conditioners i

started using it i would say about

two years ago now and i've never looked


it's highly concentrated so you only

need just a tiny tiny bit of it

and it lathers up really well and it

just washes your hair beautifully

the technology behind olaplex is

unbelievable they have their own system

for bleaching the hair or treating

bleached hair that you can get at like

the beauty supply stores olaplex is

fantastic i feel like my hair is so


and you guys always ask me your hair is


shiny what are you and it's the olaplex

after you use it for as long as i have

my hair just automatically retains the

shine my hair

over time has gotten better and better

and better it's

uh so good now in this set you get the

bond smoother which is like a

leave-in reparative like styling cream

so especially if you have more like a

thicker coarse hair and you like to use

a styling cream

this kind of works as like a hybrid

product where you can

it's a leave-in kind of treatment plus

it's going to

be a styling cream for you it also has

the number three which is the hair


this is the hair perfector and then

shampoo and conditioner and then the

bond repair

the hair perfector is the first step

that you want to take when you're using

the oliplex system

i use it about once a week because i

only wash my hair every three or four


uh so i use it every other wash is

basically how i do it

and the bond perfector i like to dampen

the hair

kind of wring out the water and make

sure that it's kind of

you know it's damp but i've kind of

gotten the water it's like towel dried


you want to kind of towel dry it a

little bit before you wash it

and you can put on the hair perfector

let it set up let it sit for a minute

you know as long as you can some people

put a thing over their hair and go to

sleep and wake up the next morning and

wash it out and then do the shampoo and


i like to do it while i'm sitting in the

bathtub just like shaving and

doing this or scrubbing off my fake tan

or whatever the case is

and then you know i leave it on for as

long as i can

and then i you know rinse it out and

then go in with the shampoo and


it's so good it is a game

changer especially if you are somebody

that's done a lot of bleaching

or any kind of you know harsher

treatments on your hair

this system will blow your mind it is

one of the best on the market

i've had so many hairdressers tell me

the the olaplex system is just a through

and through

fantastic the next product that i'm

obsessed with for the hair

is the caristas this is the set that i

bought this is one of their holiday sets

i also bought this during the uh friends

of family 20

off discount code i only had one code so

i had to like put it all into one order

so this is the caristas magic night


and then this is the oil serum now let

me tell you something

i've been using the oil serum for a

while now this is the first time i

started using this

this oil is something that i will

probably never go without from this

point forward

i use this if you have extensions ah

this will be a game changer for your


i love using this on my extensions

because you are supposed to kind of keep

your extensions especially like clip-ins

and stuff

oiled because there's nothing that gives


oil there's nothing to give the hair

nutrients because it's already been cut


i love this oil because it's thin and

it's not

oily but it is so good

one of the best i've tried a lot of oils

you guys a lot of oils

this is fantastic one of the best so

when i saw that this had like a holiday


i thought well i've always wanted to try

this so i'm gonna go ahead and pick it

up it's like the eight hour

magic night serum if you have like dry

hair or

uh you're wanting your hair to have a

little bit more shine or you get split


easy this stuff is a game changer and

the thing that i love about it is that


it's creamy so this is what it looks

like but when you rub it into the palms

of your hands and then take it along the

edges of your hair

it goes right into the hair it smells


i love the smell of this but it goes

into your hair

in such a soft way that it doesn't weigh

the hair down at all

like i said i use this every night and i

only wash my hair every three to four

days if you guys have been looking at

these and thinking about getting them

you won't be disappointed they are so

good let's move on to a few

other products that are kind of you know

random products and then we'll jump into

the makeup

so this this is the rice wash from

tatcha i've talked to you guys about

this and a few of my monthly favorites

this is my favorite night cleanser so i

used to use the touch of deep cleanse

and i still love it but this is cheaper

and this works just as good in my


this makes my skin feel baby soft i love

the smell of that stuff on my hands you


this smells so good the carista stuff


i love that it's cheaper than the deep

cleanse but i feel like it works just as


and what i like to do is like kind of

rinse my face

uh just a little bit with some water and

then i take it and rub it in where it's

like you know it's almost like it turns

a little white as i'm rubbing it this is


ph neutral cleanser of rice and

hyaluronic acid that gent

that gently purifies your skin while

it's moisturizing

you only need a little bit too that's

what i love about this is you don't need

a lot of it

it'll last a really long time i think

these last me about every three months

or so

and if you can get this on the 20 or 15

or 10 off it is

fantastic this carry case

from sephora is the best carry case

now my daughter i gotta find him so she

took this

to her last uh vacation they went on a

houseboat with my

with my mom out in the middle of lake

powell and she took

this and now i gotta find the little

inserts that go in here there's three of


so i'm gonna put the image right up here

on the screen of what actually comes

in this because i don't have them but

they're little pouches

there's two of them that kind of sit in

here and then there's one that's like a

like a bag that you can zip up like put

your lip liners and eyeliners and

lipsticks and mascaras and stuff like

that in it

this is the best carry case i have had

this one for two years

and it is amazing i actually have given

them away in

like giveaways oh so good great time to

pick this up on sephora

i just i don't ever really hear anybody

talking about this carrying case and it

has a great place for all your brushes

to kind of

stick them in here keep them nice and

protected and

one of the best carry cases one of the

best and like i said i've used this a

ton of times i mean

so many times and it's still so it's in

great condition the zipper works great

on it

it's really well made and in my opinion

it is like a must-have

from the sephora website so i wanted to

briefly mention it

and of course i will have it linked in

the description box down below for you

guys to just go ahead and click on it

and find it immediately

the final product i wanted to talk about

is this

so this is another product that i picked

up during the friends and family

i always try to pick up this during a


anytime there's a 20 off sale i always

pick this up

this is the beauty blender uh cleanser

this is their solid

and this is what i use to clean my

brushes i buy the large one but again

you know if you can get the 20 or 15 or

10 off it's

it's definitely a little bit cheaper so

this is a solid that sits down inside


you're wanting to clean your brushes

that you kind of dampen

your brush a little bit run it over the

solid and it's kind of like a soap

for your brushes sonia g has recommended

this for her brushes you guys know

sunny g she just has such amazing

brushes and she's recommended the solid

uh so many times because it's really

gentle on your brushes

you don't want to be using like um that

cinema secrets or anything like that

or even the one from mac it's very harsh

you don't want to use those on your

natural hair brushes

so i was making that mistake for a

minute and it kind of one of them

kind of got ruined i had to replace it i

was using the cinema secret so

if you want to keep your natural hair

brushes really nice

uh then i would recommend getting this

beauty blender solid

it is amazing of course i do use it to

clean my beauty blenders

this little thing right here is like a

little um matte once you've run your


underneath the water and you've rubbed

it into the soap you can go over across

this and it will kind of help

you know get in there and clean it up

you can use this for your brushes as


but i always take advantage of a cell

and i always pick up these these are

fantastic for those days that i don't

want to wear lashes because i have such

good lashes on this side

i did rip out these lashes right here

with an eyelash curler as you guys know

that really stunk i've been reaching for


these are good these are so good

i don't know how long they're going to

be available but they are the best

individual lashes i've tried them from

kiss i've tried them from ardell which

i'm wearing kiss lashes right now i love


and i love ardell lashes but this from

patrick tom this is his collaboration

with house of lashes this is a full one

right no i got like four of them

so you have your short your medium and

your long

and i love these these are good and i

like how they

give the lash a lift and they got

different lengths in them and even

though the ardell's do

there's something about the way these

were created these are really good so if

you guys have been looking for a really

good pair of individual lashes

i recommend these and these and it's

always a great time to pick them up when

they're 20

off let's move on to two foundations

that that

i am loving the first one is

the tom ford traceless matte foundation

you guys know i love the traceless stick

foundation that's a foundation that i

love to reach for

kind of like the new chanel la beige

when i'm not on camera and i'm just

in my everyday life and wearing you know

just minimal

or regular makeup but i'm not filming

when i come on camera it's not something

i can wear because

it's just so healthy and radiant i just

beam off these and reflect off these


however traceless soft matte foundation

is just like the stick foundation but

just a little bit more of like a satin

matte finish where

it's longer lasting which i still love

my stick i am

not telling you i don't love my stick

foundation because i do

but this one lasts just a little bit


and it gives you this soft finish and it


so beautiful it's one of those matte

foundations that

everybody can wear if you have dry skin

this is a very soft matte formula that

just looks beautiful

same thing goes for the lemare


okay like i've said before i talked

about this in my september favorites but

i gotta repeat myself you guys

this is one of the best stupidly

expensive foundations i did not like

this foundation when i first tried it i

didn't get the right shade

and i just didn't love it i couldn't

figure out why everybody loved it i was

like what's the deal with that


i finally got the right shade i'm

wearing it right now and i

love it it is so beautiful

it looks radiant but healthy it's a soft

fluid so it's kind of these two are very


so if you like the lemare you will like

the tom ford if you like the tom ford

you will probably like them amir they're

very similar do i think you need both

probably not i would go based on you


which one has the right shade for you

because they're both

kind of similar in the way that they

look and wear uh but this one supposedly

has like skincare ingredients in it so

it's really expensive

i don't know but anyway this is

beautiful so

i wanted to recommend both of these

because they are

amazing of course i cannot go without


my favorite powder which yes i'm gonna

be buying a backup during the sale

this is my favorite powder i wear this

this is the

uh charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless

finishing powder

it is in the shade to medium this is

one of the best powders for smoothing

this texture out right here

and kind of just making you look just a

little bit softer in that area but never

being too heavy

and like i recommended in my beautylish

style video

this brush from sonia g this is the mini


this is a game changer these two

together game changer because this brush


everything so softly where it's not too

heavy on the skin and these two are just

like a match made in heaven

and i told sanya g i'm like i

wanted to love this powder but i

couldn't figure out how to make it work


i got the mini cheek and then i combined

these together

and it was like magic so i had to


that powder because and or maybe you

love it and you're like oh i need to get

it back up while it's on sale

yes the next product is from gucci

i love this bronzer i do yes

you get way more with the charlotte

tilbury bronzer than you do the gucci

uh but it's my understanding that the

gucci is a limited edition

product and i love this for that

little bit of radiance i love this

bronzer i've been using it non-stop and

i'm actually thinking about buying me a

backup because i do love it that much

and i have a feeling that i'm probably

gonna get i'm gonna hit pan on it

now yes i think that the charlotte

tilbury is a little bit better of a buy

because you know you can buy you just

buy the shell

and then you can buy refills for it and

i think you get 17

i know you get 16 grams you get just

over a half ounce worth of product

in this bronzer and with the gucci

you get 12 grams uh just under a half

it's 0.42 ounces so you still get quite

a bit

but yes the gucci is more money than the

charlotte tilbury

but this is a beautiful bronzer it's so


so pretty i am so glad i finally bought


everybody was raving about it and i

didn't buy it in the beginning

and i just kind of kept pushing it off

pushing it off push enough i finally

picked it up and

oh my gosh am i happy i have it in my

collection it

is gorgeous so let me talk about

uh a few products from charlotte tilbury

because you know she's my favorite brand


palette has become one of my favorites

i love this palette no you do not need

this palette if you have the desert haze

they're very similar in tone and the

shades are very similar

so if you have the desert haze which is

that one

quad with all four mattes then you don't

really need this palette

i used this palette today with another

palette i'll i'll be sharing that one in

a minute

but i really really enjoy this palette

in fact

uh makeup craze just sent me an um

instagram dm letting me letting me know

that temptalia gave this palette an

a it is really good what i love about


is that it's such a soft formula i mean

you can see this is a

matte palette and the texture the

shadows are so soft

that they're extremely easy to blend

and they're extremely pigmented but i

get no fallout from it absolutely no


i just have to tell you i have been

enjoying it today i paired it with this


palette from tom ford this first frost

palette you guys

now i'm going to tell you i have a

feeling this will sell out really quick

a lot of you guys have been probably

waiting for the fall or winter cell from

sephora before buying this

so if you guys are thinking about

getting this hurry and run down to the

description box down below add it to

your car

and click out because this will go

probably pretty fast because

this is a beautiful beautiful beautiful

palette from tom ford

it is just becoming one of my favorites

yes these two shades are kind of similar

but it's so pretty so today

all i did was i grabbed uh these two


in this palette these two right here and

kind of smoked them into my outer corner

and then i grabbed the first frost

palette and i put this

all over my lid and i put this right up

here in the inner corner and kind of

rubbed it in

it's so pretty oh so pretty of course i

have to share with you guys the dazzling

diamonds this palette is

so this is one of her palettes of pops

and i'm obsessed with this

i love this palette i love the textures

i love the way they they make the eye

look they're so

pretty now i will be honest though

uh recently charlotte tilbury had a

thing going that if you spent over

i think like 100 or something you could

get the palettes of pop

in the um pillow talk

i used it the other day and i just

didn't love it like the shades

are kind of exact it's weird like these

two look so similar

these two look so similar i don't know

i've only used it one time

i'm not fully loving it yet like like

okay for example when i first used the

dazzling diamonds i fell in love

immediately i knew i loved

it that day like i was like oh my gosh i

love this this one i used it yesterday

and i was like

i don't know that i love that so i'm

still on the fence about the pillow talk

i'll keep you guys updated how i feel

about it but

this dazzling diamond gorgeous

now the other two of course i gotta

briefly mention

the bejeweled palette if you guys have

been waiting for the cell to pick up

this palette

get it in your car check out it's

beautiful it's such a

gorgeous gorgeous palette i've been

reaching for it

non-stop and i just i love all the

shades in here and i'm

already starting to appreciate this

section right here which i didn't think

i would ever use that section

and i'm actually starting to enjoy that

section so

this is a gorgeous palette and of course

i could not

not mention the pillow talk instant eye

this gives you so many beautiful soft

mattes to blend

and pair if you're somebody that like

has a lot of these little quads that


you know just shimmer shades this is

amazing i really do love this palette

now of course i'm going to mention this


charlotte darling palette this has been

one of my favorite palettes from

charlotte tilbury and it's because it's

just simplified

and very easy it's just one of those

easy easy palettes i'm gonna actually

give one of these to my mom for


if you want a good christmas gift for

your mom or your sister

or your daughter or somebody they will

love this

and this is a great time to pick it up

so i'm gonna just briefly mention that

one because

y'all know that one's my favorite we're

gonna move on to these palettes from

rare beauty

you guys i i love these palettes

i love these palettes i love these

palettes now exception

to this shade this shade's a little bit

weaker i wish that the shade had a

little bit more punch to it

but these [ __ ] these palettes are

amazing i

love them and they have such great


and i love the way that i can as i did

in my review

i placed them on the lid blended them up

into the crease and they just blended

beautifully into the crease without even

needing a mat

and i have noticed that they have a very

very good rating on the sephora website

so i'm really happy to hear that i'm not

the only one that thinks that these are


especially for the price and if you can

get 20 off of them

they're awesome of course i'm gonna

mention the

now you guys of course i have to mention

these two palettes

this is the bronze from natasha denona

this is the glam from natasha denona

both fantastic

fantastic like she out did herself on

these palettes i have been

loving these and yes i've told you that

a video is coming very soon

of me creating three looks combining

these two palettes together

if these are on your list you will not

regret it

it they are so good either one of them

both of them it does not matter whatever

color story reaches to you

and talks to you the most they're both

so good i have to mention them because

they're so good

i have to talk about the eyeliners from

pat mcgrath

these are some of the best waterline


meaning if you like to put uh like i do

this every day i do my lashes

even if i'm not putting on false lashes

if you put like black or brown

i like to depend on it depends on what

look i'm doing like today i used brown

uh but i like to go up here on the upper


and color that in and kind of fill in

that skin

it'll make your lashes look thicker and

if you're looking for one that works

really well in the waterline this one

from pat mcgrath

fantastic even if you use it on the

bottom waterline or the upper waterline

i love this from pat mcgrath as far as

lip liner suggestions

from sephora i have recently picked this


up from huda beauty these are great lip


she created good lip liners i bought

this one in the shade flirt and i've

been really enjoying this it's a really

pretty nude color

and i recommend these or even

these from charlotte tilbury i love

charlotte tilbury lip liners too

so this is iconic nude from charlotte

tilbury and this is flirt

from huda you can see that flirt is just

a little bit darker

uh but both really great formulas and

they both

i mean look they're they're on there i

mean they're not wanting to go anywhere

both are really good lip liners so those

are the two that i would recommend

picking up

okay the other product i want to mention

from rare beauty is the liquid blush


so good so i have talked about this


i like the matte formula over the dewy

which is kind of surprising because i do

love dewy

um i'm actually wearing this today it's

so pretty what i like to do

is it's got a nice doe fit applicator i

like to put it a little bit here on the

back of my hand

and i use a natural hair brush uh to go

into it

so i grab my brush this is the one from

refer the number four

love this brush so you can go in like


and rub it into the hand and then

whatever's on the brush

i go in and apply it right here on the

center of my cheeks

for me that's the best way to apply it

i've seen people

take it and go directly on and create

the dots and then blend it out with

their finger

that doesn't work for me this for me is

the best way to get it to be the most

natural on my skin

and i love it i think it's absolutely

the best liquid blush it is so good last


this setting spray from hourglass what a

perfect time to pick it up and try it

out i

love this this is a very soft mister and

it's not one that's going to make your

skin feel wet

so if you use something that you're used

to that you know you

maybe have to use it and then use like a

fan brush to kind of you know

fan it and kind of dry it and set it

this is not that

this is a very very soft soft spray

where it like you can't really feel it

spraying on your skin you can but you


and it dries to a very very smooth type

of texture

and it's good like hourglass

nailed it with this i love this and i

do feel like it is a soft focus that's

exactly what it is it's a soft focus

setting spray

it's not going to make you look oily or

greasy in any way

and i feel like it sets my makeup and i

do feel like it helps the longevity

it's a great time to pick up the setting

spray it really is also

do not forget that sephora has a lot of

skin care products on their website

and during the 20 off sale that is the

best time to stock up on

some of your favorite skin care items

sell doesn't end until

monday the 9th of november so you can

kind of budget and

and go through and kind of say okay i'm

going to pick up this now and then

you know next week i'm going to grab

this like you know

don't forget about your skincare because

it's a great time to pick up your


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