How I Sell $3,000 SEO Services To Small Business Owners

alright what's up there guys chase here

a I'm gonna be showing you how I sell

$3,000 SEO services to small business

owners and how you can - right here we

have my stripe account I actually just

made $800 from an audit today and I've

made about $1,600

or $1,700 rounding up and last month

selling SEO audits and SEO services and

I'm going to show you exactly step by

step of what I do to sell these services

let me go minimize my screen okay so

first thing you got to do is you gotta

figure out how to bring in traffic and

now you're capturing your traffic this

is very important if you can't do some

sort of traffic capture and then remark

it you're going to be losing out on a

lot of sales so what I'll do is I'll

figure out some sort of messenger bot or

texting system or email drip feed and I

will start with content marketing and it

doesn't really matter how you get

traffic you can do ads you can do

content you can do YouTube videos you

can get traffic off Google but as long

as you're able to generate traffic some

way most people who do SEO and most

people who do online marketing know how

to generate traffic online it's not that

difficult if you have a system in place

that you're using to generate traffic

for your clients or for yourself as long

as you have some sort of way to be able

to market yourself to an audience and if

you're doing SEO generally you will

already have some sort of system that

you're using to bring in views bring in

traffic now if you have no idea how to

bring in traffic you have no idea how to

rank on Google you don't know how to do

YouTube videos you don't how to do any

of that stuff I would definitely start

looking into figuring that out because

this is not going to be a tutorial to

show you guys how to bring in views

that's something that should be kind of

common sense in a way that once you

start doing content marketing and you

figure out how to do keyword targeting

which I will tell you how to do right

now the rest will be pretty easy so once

you figure out how you want to do your

content then your gonna just start

picking out keywords and what I do is I

just use HRF and I've target KD so two

things you want to have you want to be

able to niche down and you want to be

able to target locate and what that

means is you want to if you want to rank

for SEO audits or you want to get views

for SEO audits on YouTube or you want

people looking at your ads for SEO

audits you want to be the

SEO audit person and that means that you

want have a lot of content you wanna

have a lot of authority around that

thing so you want to have let's say page

for SEO audit services SEO audit

pricings SEO audit best SEO audit

services whatever you have you want it

to be you want it to be topical you want

have topical relevance meaning you want

to have clusters of content around

whatever the niche is that you're trying

to rank and you start going for low KD

first so if we want to go for SEO audit

we go to keyword explore and a troughs

type in SEO on it and here we go we have

a very difficult keyword to rank for 65

that's not the key but we're gonna go

for we're gonna start out with a KD

anywhere from one to one and we're gonna

target those keywords first so we can

see we have 63 keywords and what we're

gonna do is run it just filtered by

anything with the keyword audit in it

just to make things a little bit faster

and here we go we have digital marketing

audit template so that's a KD one with

150 search volume so this is a great

place to start website on a checklist

template KD one another great place to

start so you can make a video on that

and you can make a blog post on it and

you could probably rank it pretty

quickly because pretty much anything

with low KD is gonna be something that

you're gonna be able to rank for without

having links or a lot of authority for I

know this because I'm doing this with a

gaming website if we look up siphon King

calm which is my gaming website you'll

actually see we're ranking with 0dr

for 4,000 keywords because all of the

keywords are 1 to 6 keyword difficulty

and again what I do is I start out with

a low KD I start out with a 1 and as I

start ranking I'll start going for a

more deep difficulty like this keyword

difficulty 6 and you start working away

up from there once you hit it 1 then you

go to a 2 then you go to a 3 but you

start with the minimal amount and then

you work your way up and you do that for

your clients too it makes things a lot

easier so if we go back to our system

we're talking about here our content

marketing system you start out by doing

some sort of content it doesn't matter

where you're doing a Facebook YouTube

Google as long as you're choosing about

two platforms then you use the KD method

I was telling you about you create niche

relevancy around clusters of content

and you create an opt-in strategy now

what I use is I use a system that I've

created within my relationship building

automation program which if you're not

familiar with that you can go to chase

Reiner comm forward slash relation -

building - automation and you can see

what I do but what up what a long story

short of what I do is I get people to

download my SEO on a checklist template

or my roadmap my at my local SEO roadmap

and once they download it they get taken

to Facebook and they have to put their

email in now once they put their email

in what I can do is I can use a couple

different tools called integral mat and

Phantom Buster and I can extract data

from the user I can take their email

match it to their LinkedIn profile and

then I can take their data off of

LinkedIn and send them messages based

off that data that I found and I created

all this stuff myself it took a really

long time to do but you can actually see

what these messages look like now

they're pretty cool and a lot of you who

are probably watching this video have

already seen this but you'll see here we

have a conversation with Marissa who I

don't really know anything about except

for the fact that she gave me her email

and here you can see it says all the

things that it's set to these are all

the informations that I was able to get

tagged in her profile her birthday her

job date range her location her school

or school degree and this is all

automated and here you can see the first

message says by the way I found your

LinkedIn profile here it is there's the

link and it says her good at content

strategy is that true

she says hi chase yeah I'm pretty decent

at it I geek out a little bit about

strategy and puzzles so I find it fun

then it goes to I explained that

explains why you went to India and a

University of Pennsylvania lol just

messing with you are you happy you've

got a bachelor's degree so it's pulling

all this information from the crawl that

we did within the robots and so this is

how I'm actually able to pitch on

whatever I'm trying to sell so here I'm

actually trying to sell my SEO pro

bundle which includes all my courses

including this one and all my templates

that you can export and put it into your

own processes just like this one but

what you want to do is you want to

figure out some way to get people to opt

in whether

on email mini chat texting and then what

you do is you get them to talk to you

you want to build a relationship so

whether you're automating your

relationship building or you're just

building it yourself you want to figure

out how you can actually create

conversations with the people who are

watching your stuff opting in and then

asking them questions getting to know

about them once you get to know about


then you can pitch them whatever you're

trying to sell when I was first doing

SEO audits I was doing free SEO audits

and the reason why I was doing free SEO

audits is because I didn't think I was

gonna be able to get enough audits paid

I didn't think I was gonna have enough

people paying me $800 a month or $800 an

audit because that's kind of a high

price if you're just starting out so I

would do a free phase one audit now what

you can do is in these funnels you can

actually create a free phase one on it

process where you can take the person

who comes in yeah you can have a

conversation with them again it does not

be automated like the one you're looking

at right now but if it is what we're

gonna do is at the very end you're going

to offer them that free phase one audit

and all they have to do to get that

phase one audit is to fill out a form

and the form is going to say this it's

gonna say what is your budget because

you don't want to offer face on audits

to people if you don't know what their

budget is if they have $0 so why are you

going to be trying to bring them into

your sales process so you weed out all

the people have zero dollar budgets and

you start offering the phase one on it

to people who have a budget within

whatever you're trying to sell

I've been targeting people that are

within at least $2,500 a month

and what I'll do is the phase 1 audit is

pretty simple if you look at the

checklist most you guys already have it

you'll actually see that all your

auditing is basic stuff like does the

site redirect to the preferred version

is the favicon on there is it a robot's

thought text on there is the sitemap set

up in the robust context so on and so on

if you don't know how to do any of this

stuff also the paid SEO template will

actually walk you through with videos

for each section showing you how to find

these things identify the problems and

then actually fix them as well so that

is also something that I would recommend

if you're a brand new if you already

know how to fix

stop just grab a free template and

you'll be good to go so after you get

your free phase one audit in then you're

going to get on the phone now this is

very important if you can't bring your

customer from watching you or looking at

your blog or wherever they're at to

getting on the phone with you you're not

gonna be making a bunch of money and the

reason why is because look people want

to talk to you before they buy from you

they want to get on the phone so first

thing you want to do is after you get

them a free phase one audit and they're

within your budget range you get them on

the phone you get them on a screen share

I use zoom because it's free and I will

offer them a screen share that's about

ten to twenty minutes and I'm gonna be

asking as many questions as possible on

that call I'm gonna say hey is this um

something that you know makes sense to

you are you interested in these types of

things happening for your website you

know what what was the person that you

were hiring before this what were they

doing was it a good experience was it a

bad experience so you want to ask those

questions and then what you want to do

is you want to go over all these simple

things you can say yeah your site

doesn't redirect to preferred version

you got a bunch of weird indexation on

your website you don't have URL

structure categorized and they're gonna

say well well I offer you a full four

phase audit for whatever you want to

charge I was charging $500 now I charge

$800 for a four phase on it what a four

phase audit is is you're auditing four

things you're auditing let me put this

in here $500 let's just say you're gonna

offer it for you're gonna offer one a

site-wide audit which is what you

already did in phase one you're gonna be

looking at all of the issues that are

gonna be affecting the entire website

basic SEO issues number two you're gonna

be looking at technical SEO issues

you're going to look at things that are

gonna be affecting the website based off

its analytics search console map search

console metrics and then HR EPS data

that you're gonna pull with are

screaming frog template and then what

you're gonna do is you're gonna look at

their keywords you're gonna look at

their competitors and then you're going

to look at the authority game plan so

how are they going to be actually doing

what we're talking about in part one

which is creating this system how are

they going to be doing their content

marketing what's their content budget

how are they going to create their

opt-in strategy how are they going to

build their relationships and how are

they going to build Authority that's

pretty much all I offer to Mike

and it's very templatized it's easy to

do you're doing these audits within a

couple hours you're selling the services

and getting on the phone with the

prospect within the next day after you

get the on it done

people are usually more than willing to

move forward because they've already

spent a good chunk of change with you

nobody's gonna spend 500 to 800 dollars

with you and then not want to spend more

after they see all the things that need

to be fixed from the initial audit it's

almost like going into a house and

saying hey this is all the stuff that

needs to be fixed it's $800 for me to

look at this for you but who's gonna fix


right if you're the one who identified

all of it they're not gonna want to go

and try to find somebody else for the

most part maybe some will but most

people once they see your system they're

gonna see all these four phases they're

gonna go holy cow probably nobody else

that I know can do this so I'm gonna

hire this person to do that for me

so let's talk about the specifics around

this because this is very general right

obviously everybody knows you need to do

content everybody knows you need to

somehow create an opt-in strategy

everybody knows that you need to create

some sort of system when you're doing

implementations for your clients but how

do you go from not having really any

experience to start to being able to

start getting results like these for

clients where you get you know an extra

boost and double the traffic in just a

couple months um breaking number one for

their main keywords or this new website

that's already ranking for 111 new

keywords and I've only been working with

them for a month or even if let's say

you're trying to rank for Web Design in

your area you know I'm ranking number

one for Web Design in the city I used to

live in and I'm also ranking number one

in the city that I now live in and I

just got a call earlier from these

rankings because I'm not only doing that

because this I'm not only doing SEO for

clients but I'm also doing SEO for my

own websites because I'd like to rank

for things in my area because generally

it's very easy to do if you have a home

address and you have a few extra bucks

to spend on content and maybe some

citations you're going to be able to

rank really quickly using these methods

so one other thing that I'll mention is

that if you really want to

the specifics on what I do for these

local sites you have two options you can

go get my free SEO local SEO checklist

which will show you all the different

things that I do step-by-step so we got

you know figure out your content

management system verify GMP build

citations and then I have breakdowns of

all these different things on what they

mean or you can always head over to

chase runner comm and grab the SEO Pro

bundle which actually includes all of my

information about my courses this local

SEO domination course is actually a step

by step guide over the shoulder training

of me creating a brand new website and

ranking it in a month all in front of

you on live videos breaking a SEO

website in my town for the third time

actually that I was doing it so I would

check out some of these courses if you

guys do have a few extra bucks and

you're trying to you know kind of spend

your time learning something that you

think is going to help improve a couple

more streams of income for your business

but let's talk about what I actually do

once I get the client so once I get the

client and I sell them on the service

I'm going to take their audit and I'm

just going to drag it on my desktop so

all of these different websites are just

clients and what I'm gonna do is pretty

much a couple times a week I'm going to

go through these different websites and

I'm gonna click into them and I'm gonna

figure out okay well where are we for

these different websites so this website

right here Delta City painters I just

got off the phone with the owner today I

make sure to keep track of my calls so

here it says four to twenty twenty call

we need to get new content order and

page be done and they just added a new

GMB location so I'm always thinking

about okay what's the next thing that

needs to be done on this site and I'm

also going into the website and I'm

thinking about okay if this was my

website how would I want it to be how

would I want it to look what would I

want it to be ranking for and then I

think about all the different pages I'm

going to need for those rankings one of

the best things you can do after you do

initial round of implementations for a

client meaning that you you fix all the

basics like the page speed you make sure

that there's call to actions you make

sure that there's no duplicate content

once you do all that stuff all you're

basically doing is creating new pages

building out new content

I use writers access to hire all of my

writers and what I do from there is I'm

basically also just doing optimizations

to the website so a lot of people are

like well you know if you're just doing

like new content you're adding condom

the website how is that SEO and the

reason why I say this is SEO is because

if you look at roof repair squad which

is one of our clients you can see that

they don't they still don't really get

what they're doing because we just added

a new page it's called metal roofing

Houston that's we're trying to rank for

now metal roofing Houston is one of our

keywords they added this as a blog page

and it's supposed to be a service page

so a lot of clients don't really know

what they're doing and you need to be

there to kind of tell them okay well

this is a service page this is the type

of content you need to order you can see

their title tag right here doesn't even

really it says the pros and cons and

metal roofs roofing in Houston that does

even make sense it just needs to say

metal roofing Houston here's the service

we provide so I can say that you know

for most clients you can easily get away

with a six-month SEO package which

should equal at least if you're doing

two thousand a month per client you know

you're thinking about at least $1200 per

client and a lot of people are worried

they're like well chase what if I lose

my client six months from now cuz I did

all the work for them and that's fine if

you made $12,000 off of a client I mean

and you can't get any more clients

within that period that's on you you

know you made a good amount of money

you're you help them out you did what

you needed to do and you move on you

have a great case study and that's all

that really matters a lot of the stuff

that I do on YouTube a lot of the videos

I make a lot of the content I create is

just case studies it's just me going

over things that I was able to rank and

that gets me more clients so you guys

really want to figure out when you're

doing this stuff when you're trying to

get clients you're trying to get people

to pay you a lot of money that you have

a system where you're creating value

you're creating content and you're

creating opt-ins you're building these

relationships you want to build as many

relationships as you can online so that

you can automate your sales system with

some sort of conversation look at this

you can see why your flow is very real

and be able to grab customer data so you

can start pitching you

our services to them and the more people

know you the more they're gonna want to

buy from you the more they're gonna be

willing to pay the reason why people I

continually have people say well I

wasn't expecting to pay that much but

I'll pay it because people want the best

they want to do what they want to get

what they want to get it done right so

when you have these systems set up in

place like the ones I have nobody else

is going to touch these systems like

there's nothing else out there right now

that's able to take this process and

replicate it over into businesses with

these templates like these templates are

nuts so that's why I'm telling you guys

if you have the money like go check out

the SEO Pro bundle it is literally six

hundred ninety seven dollars right now

there's also a payment plan if you can't

afford that I think it's like one

hundred and ninety a month or something

for three months something like that and

you can go get that you can get all

these templates literally right now you

can grab these processes the one on many

chat the one on my SEO template all of

these will include videos that you can

use and straight up replicate them over

to your business and start making a

bunch of money like I mean they these

are continually I've gotten already this

month five different clients that are

already willing to pay me two grand a

month and pay for the audits within only

a couple days of finding out who I am

and so that's what I'm saying guys it's

not incredibly difficult to do this but

you do need to figure out the processes

and you need to replicate them in your

own business all right guys

um do we have any questions before I

sign off but do they know they need it

what are we talking about Coco says what

if screaming frog cannot pull data but

your hoster says it is permitted any

idea it's probably your robots not

texting you to fix good stuff bro

inspiring help me elevate my game nice

all right guys I'm gonna pull this video

on my edit I'm gonna put it back thank

you all for joining and if you guys have

any extra questions I didn't answer them

today just type in in your email little

send to box I'm at chase runner comm it

is right here and I will be able to get

back to you with any questions you have

so til we see y'all


yes yes bye