How to Sell SEO - Actual Live Sales Call

okay I just got a request for a call a

sales call for SEO

today is April the 2nd I'm them

freestyle it in today's video I'm gonna

break down like step by step what I'm

actually doing to educate prospect and

what I'm doing to try to close a deal I


got about one minute to call I haven't

even looked at the clients website yet

I'll do it as I'm talking and multitask

and hopefully you enjoy this type of

video let's do it I said I said good

morning is actually afternoon

sometimes I seem to forget what time of

day it is but good afternoon yes it does

I apologize on a few minutes late my

name is Chris from a nerds world and I'm

here to answer any questions that you

might have pertaining to SEO if you'd

like me to review your website its it's

a personal audit it's me going through

your site and offering recommendations

it's not like I click a button and out

comes this report as for turnaround time

right away

I'm ready to work so if you want me to

review the website I can get back to you

later today with my findings everything

that I suggest is based off actual stats

it's not just my opinion it's factual

statistics normally what I ask is just

simple things like if you can share with

me two or three of your competitors

I'll pull their stats and do a direct


where you sit where they're currently at

for a funeral past right because I am a

believer a strong believer since day one

really reverse-engineering success I've

been doing SEO for 16 years it's not

something new for me and all of my any

any any advice I ever give is based off

of actual facts so if we can see what's

worked for your competitors then we know

which way to go with yourself and I

think it's eye-opener for most business

owners to see what they're doing right

so it's not experimenting right it's

following the hip steps that have

already been proven so that's that's

always the first step and based off

those stats first I provide them to you

directly it's a chart that I put

together and then based off of that I

put a recommendation

just like room for improvement based off

those stats then we normally have

another call to go through it because

sometimes people don't know exactly what

they should be looking for in this chart

but that's that's basically how it works

and it happens right away if you can

provide me a list via email of two or

three of your competitors I can start on

that immediately I can get it back to

you beforehand update today

no no cost at all that's always the case

like are within a business 14 years

we're not we're not charging for audits

some people do the idea is if you're

happy with the service we provide then

we end up working together so it's well

worth the investment for us

any reason at all including lack of

funds you know budget in these types of

times we don't need any notice that all

your build once per month you're sent to

invoice and if you're having to pay the

invoice if you're not happy the

relationship stops at any time for any

reason no penalty things like updating

plug into stuff like that is part of SEO

actually we don't charge for it it's

just incorporated in our SEO pricing

now if Nuria is type of person that

wants to be like proactive and always

have a team of people are ready to do

updates to your website that's where the

maintenance would come come along it

just depends on how often you're looking

to update your website or make changes

to your website and it really comes down

to budget once again if your budget for

example was $1000 for SEO and you said

Chris I want to use an hour every month

on updating my website from that

thousand then we would just incorporated

in the price and you know what most

people don't realize like updating and

maintaining your website is SEO yeah

situation is that everything is normally

we're all in the same room together but

yeah there's no distinct mic there's no

difference in in the services that we


I appreciate your time very much I look

forward to the email thank you so very

quickly that was a call not perfect by

any means but ten minutes short sweet

gets me to the point where now I've got

to client excited and the client will

submit to me some information that's

sort of the first filtering system to

see if this person is actually into

interested or they're just we won't say

wasting time but spending time my

presumption is I'll get an email in the

first few minutes if you notice her in

my phone call I said you'll get this by

end of day she was already impressed

watch how much more I impressed her when

I get it done in one hour so the second

that email comes in I'm sprinting I'm

pulling stats I'm gonna walk you through

that whole process and show you from my

end what does that mean because a

question I get asked so often was like

Chris you compare stats where are you

getting these stats what are these stats

today I'm going to show you exactly what

these stats are and where I'm getting

from and hopefully it will help you

close more deals exciting I'm excited

that makes I wasn't planned to shoot

this video I'm out of juice I'm thirsty

well that's let's just wait for that

email to come in and I'll be back