How to Sell SEO - Actual Live Sales Call

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okay I just got a request for a call a

sales call for SEO

today is April the 2nd I'm them

freestyle it in today's video I'm gonna

break down like step by step what I'm

actually doing to educate prospect and

what I'm doing to try to close a deal I


got about one minute to call I haven't

even looked at the clients website yet

I'll do it as I'm talking and multitask

and hopefully you enjoy this type of

video let's do it I said I said good

morning is actually afternoon

sometimes I seem to forget what time of

day it is but good afternoon yes it does

I apologize on a few minutes late my

name is Chris from a nerds world and I'm

here to answer any questions that you

might have pertaining to SEO if you'd

like me to review your website its it's