How To Sell Websites & SEO Services To Small Businesses [B2B Sales Process]

you're gonna talk to somebody that's

outside of what we just said no don't

please don't please don't take you know

please don't talk to someone just

because you feel the need you have to

help them deny things it's fine can

happen they'll understand we deny people

every day it's ensuring that thousands

of people that deny everything every

single day because they know they're not

gonna be able to give them what they

hope for and if you can't give somebody

what they hope for you're causing

reputation threats to your business so

for me I already know in mind that when

I start working and I start nurturing a

lead is it all starts at marketing

you're not getting believe you're not

making the sale so I know that a company

is doing 1 million they have 3 bands on

the road ok and they are on billboards

I will take the whole family out to


yeah now let me give you an example of a

phone call that will not take if it's a

two-day-old registered website boom is

calm quiz it just shows you the date for

website was registered

why would I not want to continue talking

to at least the register for website a

brick store two days ago still in the

school sandbox you can't do any SEO so

that's where out throughout the battle

there probably a new business

don't check though sometimes they have

different websites so you want a couple

check that and number three is if there

are new business they likely have no

capital to do anything so you're gonna

spend time creating this godly proposal

that I'm going to show you and you don't

want to spend time if you don't have to

yeah even though it's very quick right

so this verse it's two years two days

hold on who is I always check eight reps

and who is because a trust will tell you

if they have domains referring to their

website or any type of action going on

there's no actually going on it means

they're too new to pay for services so

two day old and they sell teddy bears on

Shopify and they found being through

YouTube Facebook Ads video worst worst

Lee never sent me

now you got to also fit where the lead

is coming from right because we all

spend time around people that make as

much money as we do so if friend of

yours and they're broke and they're you

know whatever it is I'd say that way or

they're not you know the person that you

look up to it's likely that that leads

you know waste your time I'll give you

guys an example my friends who used to

do t-shirt printing he's not you know

unfortunately he has the mindset

restraints that don't let him succeed

and they'll send me leads and every time

I talk to his guys they tell me that

they don't have money but they want to

learn what I do and unfortunately this

is great because everybody paid here but

if you guys didn't pay we wouldn't be

doing this right why would I do this out

of my Saturday afternoon to do this and

teach you guys my business so you can

steal my customers right all right

that's something and unfortunate reality

of it is that you got to look at the

source of the lead if the lead came in

from a google search and the lead came

in from a Facebook we gotta really start

to think about that is

your time to pursuit that lead because

what I'm going to teach you here there's

time involved and if you can if it's a

qualified lead I swear to God I put this

person on a pedestal until we close the

deal so let's talk about if that person

is equal it is a good lead and you feel

as if you're ready to take them to the

next step

and you know marketing is stuff you find

at 6:00 they're networking events

referrals or people that you know family

members we're not talking about getting

these we're talking about the nurture

sales process here so once you get the

lead and events get a quick five to

10-minute phone call that's it you're

not trying to get on a phone call and

ask them everything about their business

and trying to close them on anything

you're collecting information if they

call in it's five to ten minutes right

if you schedule time with them in person

that you can skip right to step three

which is discovered

this is usually when you meet in person

okay this step right here though which

is the full interview

why would we want to spend five minutes

with them there when we're on the phone

you wanna make sure you ask me not

obviously so you're driving you got a

coffee there's cops behind you right

terrible time you get the phone call if

they call you then

yeah right you never like know all you

know what's the best way that I can grow

your business you know how are you

getting leads now you don't want to do

that because you're not focused you're

getting in the bags I've done that

before I know me too

everybody does not do anything and it

just happens so the phone interview

you're asking them a few questions tell

me about your business right they're

looking for the signs here that this

person can pay you for your program and

if they tell you that their business is

registered yesterday and they're there

in a $250,000 debt and they're hoping

that your SEO can you know bring them

thousands of leads who's gonna bring

them to discover in there no one I hope

not don't bring them discovery if they

tell you that they're you're their

promised land

right or if they tell you that they've

been in business for seven years and

they have hundreds of customers and they

have 30 employees and they're very proud

that the respondent the women's

volleyball tournament at high school

who's taking them to discovery call

Jason is right at that moment what

you're looking for is the size of the

business if they have employees or not

company with employees you never want a

one-man band which is fine we have

one-man bands but I'm talking about the

most high-value lead for my type of

business and your tech business - and

you also want to just check and see the

revenue right can you can touch like

that you meet in person if it's your

first time maybe don't ask that kind of

get a feel of what they're doing right

now and once they check off on this

folder to do and you've really got to

understand that they're qualified to pay

for your services and then it's gonna

work because just paying you for your

services does not mean it's gonna work

right and it startup containing ten

thousand dollars but it's not going to

work and you're in it for it working

you're not in it to make money because

if you're in it to make money you might

as well just get a job you're building

wealth here you're not building any

money so when you get this free check

here now at the end of this meeting do

you email them and propose them times to

get on another ball no you say great you

know now is it back now is not the best

time and I know it's not the best for

you you may have a very busy schedule

can we set something next week maybe a

30-minute Qualis but where I can

understand a little bit more about it

and see if we have the products or

solutions to help you how does that


timid 8030 have sold something know

these purpose people got into

communication with you have

that right here why they know you're

gonna what you do they need services

they need someone to do this or else

they want to be on the moment you people

are visiting they value their time

especially if I qualified lead the

Facebook gaps guy that I got might not

values time but these people value their

time so when they're on the phone with

you and you're very quick and you're

you're not doing this right and this and

this and this and this you just wasted a

ton of time but more importantly these

people on the phone with you because

they're interested so if you're the

right solution and you propose something

that's easy for them to understand

they're gonna convert but we got to make

sure we're setting some stones so at the

fall interview you're sending me for an

actual miss Tucker

uh-huh all right so this is five to ten

minutes you're bullshitting on the phone

yeah I left the school with Nancy your

daughter a great girl you know played a

lot of hockey together in college and no

I mean I'm just glad we've reached out

you know now it's not the best time

because right now unfortunately I'm

driving and I'm sure your visit - why

don't we set a time to where I can

really see if our products and services

help you always you're gonna get a yes

you know what you're gonna get it no

when you ask dumbass questions in this


are you using WordPress no tell me more

about your business tell me why what is

your goal and what is a better time for

you that's it here's quick company and

once again if you meet them in person

they probably skip to this discovery so

let me give you an example when you meet

somebody a person at a Chamber of

Commerce man let's say hey Karen my name

is Ron how are you what are you doing

just where I'm a painter

great sounds good you know we have a

painting program that helps and it's

like you hear some leads bubble bubble

blah and you start to chatting with them

you know small talk the coffee table

full crab whatever at the event of

building the relationship you just ask

care we should meet up so I can share

some of my ideas that's right if you

have a little bit of reputation they're

gonna say yes

you're sketchball and your bad

reputation what are they gonna say

they're gonna say no but if you have a

little bit of reputation you're wearing

something decent you're not wearing a

stain wife-beater you're wearing

something decent professional stand up

straight shake hands and you just

lightly ask they're gonna say yeah sure

I have 30 minutes let's do it right

so you notice the other instinct where

Phoenix on yesterday you guys go out to

that are you wearing a branded shirt or

it's always better if you're wearing

rancher okay because the Brandon gives

customer safety that you're gonna be

around for the long term okay so so now

you know Sarah great you know what's

your schedule like next week here night

we got something

I basically pull out my phone and I

create a calendar invite and I say

Carrie what's your email now Carrie gets

the calendar invite to his phone and now

it's on both of our schedules so you

don't forget because what does the

calendar do it reminds you of the event

coming up right so now we have this

together if we're on the phone for me I

have an account manager in which she

kind of knows who I'm talking to if I'm

in the office

so she'll create the calendar invite

that the sales meeting with client if

you're on the phone pulled up over right

away and you set the meeting with the

customer in your calendar as fast as

possible because you let her know the

fastest way to lose a lead you don't

show up to the discovery meeting great

they're not going to take you you don't

show up so at the discovery right here

you have to set up the calendar in your

phone you have to do it set up calendar

in phone now are you gonna use Jason

River at everybody here does

not have a company no man as an email I

think we all do

I think if we're all educated enough to

pay the money that you guys paid to be

here today we have company right are you

going to send that John to 420 all day

at you know what I mean you're

not going to send that you want to send

a company branded emails all right now

here's where it gets pretty so the

discovery me

you're doing 5% of the talking their

customer is doing 95% of the topic and

you're asking open-ended questions about

their business and more specific I'm

going to give you the questions to ask

right now because these questions will

be reiterated in the proposal that we

create when we're ready to present our

services because we're not presenting

here if you present here you're losing

the deal why have people our

relationship driven by the time we get

to the proposal we've already talked

four times right did you go to any

company with any sales experience in the

world they will not try to close you the

first day because they don't know enough

about you to make sure their products

are going to work for you so at this

point we're asking

what are your goals and you're taking

notes here this book we asked what are

your goals just you know small


this one we're asking what are your

goals that you're taking expensive notes

right what are your goals well you know

right now we have 14 people in our

agency and I'd really like to get 250

people in our agency and the reason why

we want to get there is because 550

people that I have more free time and

what am I doing when we're getting that

client you're creating a new mission to

throw back with them when they give you

an objection if they do it again we

almost never get an objection and then

you're getting this ammunition you're

writing on paragraphs of their goals get

into it so Kerry said my goal is to get

to five staff by the end of the year

well I'm gonna ask it how do you plan to

do that and then I'm gonna take notes

what's stopping you from doing that then

I'm gonna take notes and I'm going to

get into his bowls more and more and

more because this person is on their

fourth phone third phone call with you

because they have a goal and they are

trying to see if you are professional

enough to help them reach their goal

because they're already going to spend

the money the money's on objection

they wouldn't have gotten here if they

were thinking money right if they were

thinking on the money for this they

would have never gotten here so don't

even think about the money they would

have never wasted three hours of doing

throughout the time you're doing this if

they were thinking about money they're

really thinking about is this guy or

girl professional enough and experienced

it up it has a plan that works for me

they want to find that out and you gotta

make sure you written a little cherry

over their heads a bit

keep trying to begin it and once you

present it they can't say no because you

already going to wait to efface so what

are your goals all right second question

what's stopping you from getting is that



what's stopping you from getting to that

goal get emotional about it well I have

a staff member that was very negative

since this we're not getting a bottom

line leads sales people keep turning

over you know I just just don't know I'm

just stuck right okay anyone asks where

are you now you yeah

where are you now well you know this I'm

doing 800,000 in revenue we have 420

sound we have some offices here at

Connecticut we would like to get to 2.5

million next year you know this is

missing this and now you have in these

three simple questions you have enough

ammunition to sell anything to anyone

right it's as long as you know what

their goal is as long as you know what's

stopping them from getting to that goal

and where they are right now is in

relationship to that goal this can go

for Andy fingers I could sell you guys

his last table if you were the right

prospect that leads to the questions

right where are you now what are your

goals with your office space oh wow I

want some a place people can come to and

work together okay okay great we have a

book in my head ever glass table in life

this day what's stopping you from

creating office space that people really

like our furniture you know this

table right here is wood it's not as

good as it should be people don't really

feel comfortable coming to work out the

money this is missing this and where is

the office space now at scale one to ten

on where you want to be like a - right

how position denies to recommend the

table bearing position right so you're

just asking discovery and now you want

to get into this is technical of where

they are right

so then ask what are you doing now


on your website and digital marketing

they will tell you everything at this

point because you built the relationship

to ask a question like that if I said

take care how you doing

ruana I do a painting marketing out do

use WordPress isn't that weird your

first time meeting it just not gonna

work you could have we did talk for a

little bit

people are not going to tell you what

they want because they know you're a

salesperson and they know that you're

gonna try to recommend them something or

did you talk too fast and you get


that's another before you even say

anything you'll note they'll notice that

I'm gonna go bleep exactly and that's

why here

you can't talk because you get excited

when people say you know I really want

to figure out a way to you know migrate

my email with my WordPress website well

I have solutions that I don't talk just

a quiet

take notes don't present until the next

call because the next call this blips

it's 95% you and 5% of customer all

they're doing is making a decision is

this clear

is anybody seeing valuing this say the

bottom if you know that he's like he's

give me his looks he knows like a lot of

the I knew is the 95% Emily

but yeah so I'll get all excited the

customers like gentle times like this is

this he whips out the business

vertically like that and that's our

excitement cuz you know what we do and

well it's good at least you like what

you do they're halfway there you know

and at this point right here

we're all ready now if your digital

marketing you're you're gonna get these

answers that you're gonna want to say

something to and you cannot my website

is slow

slow down and talk what else get it out

of it so your website so what else I

don't know how many leads I'm getting

online okay yeah that's definitely a

concern what else well you know our

competitors are ranking above us that's

that's doesn't sound good what else

our pay-per-click campaign I don't know

who's running it but they're not doing a

good job okay what else our social media

guidance posts and social media is

posting irrelevant things in our

industry okay what else I just don't

know if I'm getting what I'm paying for

for these digital marketing services

what else do you see the power

what else what else what else what else

what else they're forced to give you

answer yeah

whereas how's the question like this are

you using WordPress so I'm gonna answer


beside okay yeah what's the point of

that there's no point in that question

yeah the customer is going to go yeah

that's an ending then you're gonna go

okay it's like you're working like a

checklist for milking at all at all or

and you want to go into it what else are

you doing now that you're frustrated

with and once you have all of this keep

in mind you've been taking diligent

notes right this one trick is gonna be

worth the whole money as men here so at

this point you schedule a presentation

meeting right so at this point you go

here I think I've got enough to go back

to my team and put together a custom

plan for KP painting services okay once

again care I think I've got enough

information from this phone call to go

back to my marketing manager and create

a custom plan for KP painting is that is

that clear

I want to discover

our 3545 power depends on their client

if you already understand their industry

a lot it could be 20 minutes but if the

clients like here's the thing if you

have a lot of reputation this doesn't

even happen

nope this is for kite doesn't know you

you know the increment online lead or

whatever maybe if care tells will that

I'm the best SEO I've ever had

you know what that conversation sounds

like well it's ten grand okay that's why

we want to focus on referral and survey

based business rather than hey well

anyways we wanna develop market new

painting SEO them up and then you just

you just look way way way off but if

it's a referral it's a one-ball close I

think I've gotten enough information

from today's phone call to go back to my

marketing team and put together a custom

plan for your business and you don't

stop you doesn't say

I'd like to schedule another meeting

with you remember we don't send them an

email schedule you mean we ask that all

and you say I want to schedule another

meeting with you care on Tuesday at 3:30

p.m. Eastern Time how's that sound

pretty so I can present this plan tier

right so now the schedules here and now

you're at the close your presentation

close / presentation

now one beautiful thing happens between

this call in this column you guys want

to know what it is they talk with the

client will excite your website perfect

visual spiritual visual visitor tells

you this by the way they think research

you and what do we say about reviews

back there but here's the more

management part that you do if you guys

are implementing everything they say

it's gonna increase your circle because

he was taking oriented notes we sent the

client an email game that's leading this

name mr. customer picks for the call

today I really got to learn a lot about

ABC painting copy just so we're on the

same page the computers when I heard on

today's phone call copy and paste notes

write what's not gonna demonstrate

you're listening and this person

has just reconfigures their whole

mindset that they're not wasting their

time giving somebody information about

their business that's not going to

propose something that makes sense to

them so now this person thinks actually

they know and you know it looks really

great if you just take notes in this

format now that they know that you've

been listening to them and they feel

great about it and every single time we

send this email you know what the

response beginnings that's exactly right

we're on we look forward to seeing you

next minute every time I've never gotten

something I've been responding and I'm

going to show you few examples in there

and now we're positioned because we took

notes here to fill out our Google slides

with these notes that we've already

taken and what we're going to do with

that meeting at this meeting right here

where the slides appear

we're gonna say to the customer and

we're going to go through it real that

example at this meeting they're going to

show up on time because you've added it

to the calendar they're gonna show up on

time because they know you've been

listening and now you're gonna have a

digital marketing slide deck based on

their problems with your package

solution and at this point right here as

long as you show up and you know basic

English you're gonna get 95% close rate

as long as you follow what I'm going to

say so this slides is I have the

template here for you guys and the

slides is going to cover every

that's inclusive in your digital

marketing or spas products right so the

website redesign in every objection they

can think of it you can try to settle

for a redesign we're gonna give you a

website that's completely focused on

generating leads for a painting business

from thousands of user testing examples

and experiences write a spec objection

to that you know do you guys on my

website yeah you're gonna get that and

you'd be like what we don't own your

website you still own your domain we

just build it on our CMS so you can cut

the learning time we have to building

your own website right right off the bat

now the person knows they're not paying

for your time to learn their CMS okay do

I pay for posting actually the posting

is lifetime right tons of ways to

overcome objections and then the last in

the slide here you're gonna show them

your proposed solution whether it's

three to five hundred dollars up front

in two thousand a month whatever it is

they're proposing are repressive and

your most basically asked them for the

business here and I mean physically ask

them for the business

and I can assume that they're going to

say ask not the phone you're gonna say

okay you know what John are we doing

business together and that that's when

you get the answer and you're speaking

95 percent here and you're going five

percent now if the client says that they

might ask us questions I've been at

where you proposed your price they're

gonna convert you just have to make sure

that you give them a good answer so if

they say everything looks great I'm just

scared that when I move my website over

to you guys

I'm going to lose SEO rankings what does

that sound like it sounds like somebody

who's committed to doing this they just

want to make sure so just make them feel

comfortable when they start asking those

questions at the end of the proposal and

the cool thing about this is if this

slide back is going to be the same thing

every time because they're only selling

what long service every time so it's

going to allow your sales people if you

have people that are selling this or

yourself to just get better every single

time and the most important part is is

you're gonna touch on every single piece

of their business if social media

website SEO digital marketing advanced

analytics and everything check on on

their website so when they search be

able to online there's nothing that

you're not doing that they are that you

know that

Neela's so in this level you're

reconfiguring their goals right there's

a slide on the deck that literally says

here's the goal that you told me on our

first caller here's the challenges of

talking first of all here's why where

you are now when you told me in the

first of all because remember we have

the notice and then they're gonna say

yeah that's great and then you're gonna

say here's our solution our lead

generation solution for painting fic so

say though they have WordPress they have

so and they say I'm worried about that

sale rates and we move over they say

after like eight months they're done

with us so what are you taking away

after your services are done

what do you mean so like they also have

access to the do that ago yes okay but

maybe like all the plug-in tomorrow yeah

I thought those will all stay the same

then what you do is at that point is you

just move them down to a management

package of 200 a month or whatever it is

they charge okay you just say you know

look great I doing this to the fella

mark here's the exit survey to see why

you're canceling so you have no data you

have a benchmark and then you say what

we'd like to do is we're just going to

give you access to your website cause it

was hosting for life yeah there's no

point of you having to pay for a hosted

website already built this funny yeah

well we are gonna do is lower your rate

plan from two thousand a month to one

hundred a month and just give you access

to it make sure that it's up and running

properly and happy yes you know wherever

it is that you want to say they're okay

do we put that in the contract say yes

oh yeah you know what happens when we

were done we still have my website

that's the only objection I ever get you

never objection at the closing

presentation were so a lot of the times

I've noticed

even after the presentation it's not as

good as this but I'd say like maybe 70

60 70 % depending on the client and then

you still get the freaking client always

the main major addition this sounds good

but this time in my budget at the moment

or you know her

you up here yeah it's just like

hiring a staff member that all of a

sudden wants to start bashing the boss

of private employees I should have never

got to here with that person and the

indications of that is right here

cause they'd want to let this Facebook

person that found a YouTube video wants

to talk about their particular Southwest

work if I let them go through this whole

process and I'm here and I present

something crazy and they say that what

can I do about it

they actually don't have the money that

I squeeze it or no I just wasted seven

hours is you gotta prepare this seven

hours on this prospect that was never

going to be a customer anyways wasting

my time to see what I can do for them

because people will get that startup

looking you know how do I get some fish

here how do I get some information there

I like all this guy and steal his time

you know that's like someone in a

low-income place talking to a lawyer

right they know the lawyer is expensive

but if they can call and get a few

minutes they're going to so you've got

to stop that right here and part of that

is having the discipline to say no and

what's the easiest way to say no by

niching down because if people know you

only work with a B and C they're not

going to get offended and try to go

after your amputation and tell them no

so the company calls in and they have a

CBD oil company I'm going to tell them

look I appreciate you thinking of the

dollar mark unfortunately we only have

contractors with their internet

marketing services and

I'd be happy to send a referral to

another agency that come here something

along those lines so if you get to the

step King and they actually are

qualified lead and they actually don't

have enough money then what you do and

I've had that actually happen to me then

what you do is is you follow up with

them and you follow up with them in the

future because they were qualified at

one time trust me when you take somebody

through this they think you spent 400

days okay yeah so they're gonna

appreciate it they're going to call you

back when we have that happen all the


so yes you understand what they're

saying don't say that's that's

you have money sign up you know you're

gonna say I completely understand

I would say I completely understand mr.

customer what if we worked out the

prices in the rape plan that's the first

thing you go to you try to lower

services there forth the decreasing

price but if we took out social media

and we reduce the rape our 250ml is that

an option for you ass they think oh no

they go okay how about we take off the

BBC campaign and then this way you're

not spending budget over here your

website address yeah there you go no and

then I go okay what if we just take off

the SEO the PPC and social media and

you're paying 1/4 of what I just

proposed to you that could work right

okay let's do it sounds good

and that's where you need to physically

ask people to get very clear with their

communication you're not getting a yes

or no if you're getting maybe it's not a

yes or no you need a physical yes you

know out of that person's mouth are you

taking baby that for me yes talk about

that right now

we're in a great question it depends on

your scheduling both people scheduling

so I try to do this within a week if

possible weekends no counts of seven

days so I'll try to seven business days

with that person but generally spending

that person will hold off talking to

anybody else if you do these parts right

they won't talk to anybody else once you

give them the business professionalism

of all this they're going to see that

you know what the hell you're talking


and if you if you get on this call and

you got this phone you ask really dumb

questions really amateur that less than


you know revenue questions like um it's

so cool that your business does this you

know one day I hope to have a business

that has that me just don't say that

I mean you just want to ask them

clear-cut questions you don't want it

you want to be here with the business

owners you know I mean and if they see

that they're gonna take you very

seriously when it comes to this point

tasks for the business

oh yeah of course yeah that's not hard

to be what I want to do it just to be

clear these wonderful meeting that

discoveries also focus it can be if it's

national yes it'll be a I like

the starving person one phone call there

are less certain person you skip the

whole mythology right discovery and they

if you have an office space which is

really the key component here the same

thing that happens in sports where the

home field gets an advantage happens

here in the business too so they come to

the office they can physically get a

touch and see what you do especially

when a client comes in here and I have a

whole team of people like this you know

it gives them confidence that you're

going to be around for the long term if

you're not picking up phone calls and

you're late does that people gonna give

them confidence that's like if you went

to the looks lock and drove the Civic

and it started breaking down right right

so you were test driving it would it

give you confidence that it's gonna last

for the next ten years and buy it you

know so you've got to give him a

concrete confidence here show up on time

make sure that you're always the one a

proactive communication so when it comes

time to you know propose here there's

anything I do and right here next steps

from here then you go on to onboarding

and you are to talk about onboarding

like that they get that big email from

your commenters and you introducing and

you collect recreation set the holes

along incentive does this make sense do

you usually go to the company or do you

ask them to come to your office

they usually recommend coming here but I

always offer to go there as a courtesy

this would be discovery or even pool /

presentation now a lot of the times your

discovery is going to be on the phone

level because people don't have time

and if we're dealing with somebody in

the shore line which is an hour from

here and it's still in Connecticut I'm

not gonna I'm not going to try the four

I don't think they will either to do

this coverage - it's a risk there for my

time now if they're very qualified

legality whether so your sales cycle is

seven days

together sort of gauge the water eastern

discovery fear with if they're ready to

start up right away is like you know

it's gonna take you six hours to fill of

slides I'm exactly what you yes yep and

in the story meaning you can add what is

your timeline on getting something

starting like this and they'll typically

tell you you know they'll typically tell

you while hiring a marketing manager

Monday and we need someone to you know

give her stuff to do I love those

clients if you have a client that has a

marketing manager those are always the

best customers because the owner is not

stressed out about money it's paying a

marketing minute but that's what's going

to take care of being able to see the

help of your stuff

right here you wanted this going here


I've never used that but that's a really

good idea

ya know it's a really good idea and

there is there is the the risk of them

not taking action at that time and like

I said they got on the phone of you for

a reason here you know it's not like

they're just getting on the phone and

quiring about digital marketing services

and then just not being in reporting you

don't avicii somebody goes into a

partnership the average person not the

person that goes into this test measure

the average person that's going into a

car dealership it's actually interested

you know they go in and they're like

okay you know I know I'm gonna talk to a

salesperson I know that that's coming

salespeople have a bad reputation and

then you know there's no you're going to

do it all's the salesperson has to do is

say here hold my hand and let me show

you the right way

do it and that's where you build trust

and you build authority when you're

doing that right now

in here the less ego the better always

less ego the better you don't have to

say how you rank number one for this you

don't have to say any of that if you

focus on them that's where they will

build trust in you because they know to

write when you're dealing with people

with millions especially clumped

companies do you think that they focus

on self development of course they do

they're reading audio books they're

reading books to read don't Carnegie

they know so when you're babbling on

what do you think goes off in their head

this guy is an inexperienced

businessperson who keeps talking I'm not

gonna get to the next step with me I'm

not gonna stay quiet about it cuz I have

no ego and I'm a millionaire and you

know you're gonna do you know I think

the next because you don't have the eyes

to realize that with that person it's

kind of like being a second gen doctor

you go away and you think dr. O'Neill in

to explain the going on

and he just like this this is net and

that you need this this this and this

you look at him like dude I don't got a

runny nose and you talk about I

need heart surgery and then you have

this malpractice trial and then

you got to do the repetition manatees

yeah and yeah the fee on the key

component of a doctor is to really

analyze what you're sick for and the

same situation is here and there's

nothing better than when we're earned

right has anybody ever not been heard in

this room doesn't feel good does not

feel good you always want to be heard

people always want to give their opinion

that's why Twitter exists people want to

give their opinion you want to be heard

so you know how powerful it is to sit

back and let others be heard something

happens emotionally as human that people

suspect it and they see professionalism

enough and another good job I'm gonna

take our crazy story not the kind of

walk do it I had a practice it was

actually a physical therapy clinic 11


the lady was she reached out to me on

LinkedIn by God or personally reached

out to me I didn't do none of this

burned out 11

an opportunity to market for them for

their tunics like I'm six in his day

about it because I knew she was ready to

spend money I was informed her husband

it's ready to go but I did not know this

and this is if I wouldn't

notice by not you still do I can look it

up is called to door physical therapy is

based off in Ohio but they doing so much

better now but we still keep in contact

so soon rivers you got up I'll

never see directly yeah

and I've done that leads to sign for

London I was talking about that and so

you're spending two to three hours here

at prospecting or networking to get

leads you're spending ten minutes on the

corner you're spending thirty minutes to

an hour here you're spending one two

three hours here depends how depth to go

with the proposal to the client so total

you've got three or let's say five six

six hours and ten minutes that you spent

working on this deal can anybody here

afford to not sign a deal out that

working with number six hours no you

don't have time for that so you better

make sure that you stick with this every

single time because it's proving for all

of our customers and Peter Bob is a real

life example material promotions

yesterday's exact process that we went

through and it was within five business

days a little closer I I knew he was

leave he was a past customer we had so

this one I got a good quarter view of

what's changed in your business coming

to help out we got to discover it

physically went to his office spent an

hour with him making pole banners with

them literally printed stopped helping

him we're just talking about the

business what's changed how's family

business tell me about her goals what he

wants to do then I went into close the

proposal there because I already knew

them and I talked about all of our plans

we didn't even show a slight decorative

English shake hands there and I got

confirmed agreement that we're working

from there and when you're going into

the close at this step where your

pricing is being demonstrated and we're

going to show you this in real life in

there the actual slides that you use

we're asking them right here after we've

just pitched our mouths off how does it

sound to you so many Tommy yes or no how

does it sound to you

great here's our next step so we're

working together yes or no you know that

type of approach you could say no tell

me what would make it better you know

business well there's a reason that's

the one who's saying that it could have

been your presentation I know it's not

going to be your offer after this

weekend so there's something else that

you're doing within that sales cycle

that's causing that and unfortunately

people look further than you guys has to

you buy amazing they look further than

your eyes they look further than what

you're wearing you know they look at

everything because they don't want to

waste time so I wanted to show you this

really quick before I show you the

slides and how we sell this stuff with

your new solution your new product guys

package or service that you're gonna be

offering every single time the same way

anybody have any questions so there's

more steps

Asli right coming

the most critical that you really got

it's critical one that you're going to

nail down and this one is the most

critical as you guys know that so the

phone interview you know that that can

be also respond instinctively where but

this part right here you know it it

leads as far as that if you meet people

as long as you go out like these people

I'm talking you dude you're gonna kill

me the key is is when you meet somebody

in person and they're there to be there

and they're not going they're not in a

rush getting a coffee before work you

usually have a good opportunity to speak

to them so this part really isn't that

hard you just got to be a person that's

going to talk to people and just

genuinely care about them and that this

part of the phone interview is just a

robotized to call it can be regrown so

you're just trying to get our actual

sit-down meeting with no distractions

this is very critical because it's going

to tell you right away how you're going

to do this so I would say discovery in

sales close it's the most important part

that's even sales related then the


one of the initial part where

cross-linking screening at least and

mentally ten times more

they're trying to make sure that you can

probably grow this with

this is all based on just and balance

all right

no not getting any cooperation we

consider our network pulled out rich and

tall so what we'll do is this will go to

various BN eyes to the state ground will

go to various chambers of commerce it

will ask friends and family will just be

in the loop that we're open to taking

business and everybody we know you know

so I make sure that everybody knows that

it and family parties at this and this

and this at everything and then all of a

sudden you know this is the centralized

hub where everybody just sentenced

everything else you know this is like

you know you gotta you gotta go where

people are in person because it's not

work it does you can get pulled but the

end of the day people want some people

especially in this industry so here is

cold inbound

everything referral you literally don't

let me show you a referral goes

ever charged we really gotta throw in

your clock that's gonna be

higher than the other place yeah and at

the end of the day it's because you know

if I'm getting a referral from a company

that's doing millions I already know

about the referrals also do anything I

can offer more services and more

advanced stuff to that I can't put

somebody who's starting out referrers

going to increase like missing

it would sound like this it would sound

like hey uh you know thanks for getting

on this call I think we got enough

information to pretend this to you our

team spent hours making this

presentation that for your business and

it's funny because when you guys see

these slides it literally looks like

you've spent hours and there's small

tweaks to make it look like that that

they are going to see mock-ups of their

website different things like that so

any other questions on this all right

let's head into the other room and I'll

show you how to propose this part here

the sales