How to sell SEO services to local business - SEO sales software

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hi guys I'm gonna show you a quick way

that you can sell your SEO services to

local businesses using a simple SEO

sales tool it's a web app so you don't

have to download anything but we found

this super useful so far and I just

wanted to share this with you guys so

there's many ways that you can prospect

for for clients but one of those ways is

just by scraping the web for emails and

names of local businesses by looking on

their websites so say we're looking for

plumbing in let's just say Miami and my

computer's a little slow but normally

you would either hire this out or do it

yourself and just go down the list here

Bay plumbing Co and scrape their emails

for their or scrape their websites for

their emails name and then contact them

but what we've been doing instead is

using scope leads because cold emailing