So How Does Selling LipSense Actually Work?

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hello everybody Andrea Trusteer with

dental health tutoring so a lot of you

have been asking so how can we sell lift

fence so if you've seen some of my

earlier videos last week and the week

before I did talk about it a little bit

some of the videos are a little bit

longer so I decided to make a short one

of just pretty much know how does it

work exactly so when I was a student I

would have loved it to work from home

you know if I could do anything just

work from home and not have to leave my

house that would have been awesome

because when I was in the dental hygiene

program I was in trial so to get

anywhere I would have to take the subway

and it would take a look narrower which

is all fine but when I'm in school till

about 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. it just would

have been nice to not have to work after