Self Publishing Books | Publishing On Barnes & Noble

if you wanted to say your print book up

on pre-order well you're in luck because

today we're going to continue our self

publishing books off Amazon series and

pre-orders for print books is one of the

many options on Barnes & Noble Press so

stick around


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well Barnes & Noble Press formerly known

as Nik press is another great option for

self-publishing books off Amazon

while yes you can use an aggregator like

draft2digital Smashwords

and even publish drive to upload to

Barnes & Noble publishing on Barnes &

Noble directly can ensure that you

maximize your royalties ok enough

jibber-jabber let's flip the screen

around and get started first thing we

need to do is go to press Barnes and and set up our account if you

don't already have one it's fairly

intuitive I already have an account I've

been using it for probably about 6 or 7

months so I'm gonna go to the default

page which is projects and create a new

book I have the option to create a print

book or an e-book in this case I'm gonna

go with a print book click Next I'm

going to put in my title as I've said in

previous videos I actually keep an Excel

spreadsheet it's off screen right now

but it has all of my information for my

book makes it super easy to upload

fairly quickly so I'm just gonna copy

and paste that over now do I want to

sell my book or do I want to keep it


keeping a personal as if it's something

that you want to do for yourself or for

your family but I definitely want to

sell my book so I'm gonna do that do you

want this book to be set up on pre-order

this is a great thing that Barnes &

Noble does that a lot of other

print-on-demand sites do not and that is

allow for a pre-order for a paperback or

hardcover book in this particular case I

do not want to do a pre-order but if I

do I can just click yes I'm gonna click

no and this is something that I can

actually go back and change later so if

you are undecided that's not a big deal

now it's time to choose my book size and

my type the estimated page count for

this children's book is gonna be 18 to

50 pages the page size is eight and a

half by eight and a half the print

interior not because this is a picture

book I definitely want to make sure that

it's full premium color do I want a

paperback or hardcover with printed case

I already have a paper bag so I want to

do a hardcover

and for all of my picture books I always

do gloss finish but that's completely up

to you because of the choices I made

mainly because of the full premium color

the only paper option I have is white

The 70-pound white so we're gonna go

with that and as you can see my printing

cost per book is gonna be eight dollars

and 88 cents which compared to Lulu if

you saw that video that I did last week

it was around $13 so you may want to go

in and check out your different options

and see which works best with your

budget save and continue' all right it's

time to prepare that interior now it's

going to show you a brief overview of

what your interior is going to look like

as far as your margins and your bleed

you can select or deselect any of these

you can also click on the question mark

to get more information now you can

click continue which I'm going to do and

this will give you more in-depth

step-by-step help but if you are already

familiar with the process you can just

go to skip to upload your file but we're

gonna do everything so we're gonna click

continue and it shows you how to prepare

your images you want to make sure that

you have 300 dpi you don't want the

lower dpi 72 dpi is fine for an e-book

but for paperback you definitely want

the highest quality so there is no

pixelation so you want to go with that

300 dpi click continue tells you how to

embed your fonts give you a little

example here and if you want more

information you can click on this again

if at any point you want to just skip to

the upload process you can do that I'm

gonna click continue this shows you how

to save your file into a PDF format

again if you want more information click

show me how and now it's time to upload

our interior I'm just gonna drag and

drop it or you could select from your

computer but for me I have it open on

the other screen so much easier to drag

and drop this process can be a little

time-consuming so I'm just gonna fast

forward next up it's time to review my

interior file I can download the proof

which is just going to be a PDF file I'm

going to scroll down and

we've got here that's remember to

include the new ISBN for your book that

you're uploading make sure that you

update that in your interior of your

book because your paperback and your

hardcover are going to have two

completely different ISBNs so you want

to keep that in mind and make sure that

you update your interior accordingly

okay so I'm going to scroll through each

page you can zoom in you can zoom out

when you're completely done and you've

reviewed it all you just click this box

right here it says I have reviewed and

approved my manuscript so keep an eye on

that depending on your browser this box

may not be as visible so just make sure

that you remember to do that or you're

not going to get the option to save and

continue okay next up it's time to work

on that cover now you can either upload

a front and back cover separately or you

can upload your full cover file which is

what I have something click on that

click Save and continue now similar to

the interior it's going to give you all

the information you absolutely possibly

could need when it comes to formatting

your cover it's going to give you the

cover size the cover with the margins to

bleed the barcode area and the spine and

you can again deselect or select any of

these hover of the question marks

everything I said before for the

interior but now it's for your cover now

something that should be noted because

you're dealing with a hard cover and

because every site is slightly different

these margins these bleeds are not the

same as it would be for KDP so keep that

in mind and make sure you update your

cover accordingly again I could skip

directly to the upload your file but I'm

gonna click continue and you can see

again it's telling you about your images

once again you want to get 300 dpi then

you want to embed your fonts that way

none of your text or anything gets

shifted in the printing process again

gives you a little screenshot as to how

to do it if you need more information

once again click right here click

continue it's gonna show you how to save

your file as a PDF and now it's time to

upload my cover again I can either

select it from my computer or I can drag

and drop it

big surprise I'm gonna go with drag and

drop now it's time to

you are cover and we can download the

cover and get the PDF file of it we can

review the full cover which is what we

have here we can do just the back cover

if we want just the front cover or just

the spine especially if you have words

or images on your spine you definitely

want to make sure that you pay close

attention to that but I'm gonna go for

the full cover everything looks good

everything is within the lines that

little bits not a big deal

okay so once again I'm gonna click I

have reviewed and approve my cover now

we're going to get into the meat and

potatoes of the book where we're going

to actually start putting in all these

details now defaults to giving the title

there is no subtitle for this book so

I'm good publisher name is going to

default to my name but if I wanted to go

under a pen name I could just change

that not a big deal we have to set a

publication date

now here's an option where before I said

I didn't want to pre-order if I change

my mind I can just select this and it

asked me if I'm sure no I'm not sure

because I don't want to put on pre-order

I do have to select a publication date

now I'm going to put it as today because

I want to do it as soon as possible

which is May 7th 2020 this is a first

edition so I don't have to put anything

here or here is this book part of a

series it is click yes it is part of the

my buddy knows series it is book 4 then

here's our book description this is the

default book description once again I

might go over to my Excel spreadsheet

that in here as you can see there is

HTML that you can use so I'm going to go

in and I'm gonna just for sake of time

I'm just gonna highlight and bold the

first line and the last line those are

the two most important anyway you can do

a quick preview and see how that looks

okay now there's an option for a longer

book description this shows up in

certain areas but not everywhere so if

you have a longer book description that

you want to include you can feel free to

put it here for the sake of time I'm not

going to because it's not required now

author and contributors obviously on the

author so

I'm gonna put in my name and my role is

an author you can add up to five

contributors if I wanted to put an

author bio I can absolutely do that here

again you can add some HTML I'm gonna

save and continue' now it's time to pick

that target audience we want to make

sure we make it as easy as possible for

customers to find our book so my

audience is kids but your options are

kids young adult eenz general adult and

mature audiences so I'm gonna go with

kids my age range is gonna be three to

five and the language is going to be

English now it's time to choose them

categories and this book is a nonfiction

book and I can either search for

categories or I can use the drop-down

I'm just gonna use a drop-down and this

one does have animals in it so we click

on that I'll pick subcategory and you

definitely want to peruse here and again

try to get as detailed as you can for

your book so your audience can really

find your book unfortunately this

particular book has all different types

of animals so I have to select it

general you can select a few five

different categories so I'm gonna go in

here I'm going to click another one and

I want to stick with kids obviously but

it's also a concept book and I know

there's a concept book option in here

somewhere there we go

learning basic concepts there we go

again this is general here we are on

keywords and we want to make sure that

we actually go onto Barnes & Noble in

incognito mode and do a search for what

people are searching for on that

particular platform because it may

differ from what is on Amazon so just

for the sake of time I'm actually just

gonna put one keyword in here for now

but you can put your keywords in here

and you come and separate them save and

continue' now this is what the retail

price is going to be as a default and

with that I get a whole whopping 73

cents royalty so I'm actually going to

do two things one is I'm going to up

this so that way it's just under the

dollar it's just more aesthetically

pleasing for than Sumer and I want to

make at least two dollars per books

I'm gonna up this to 1695 as you can see

I'll make two dollars and two cents off

each book sold save and continue' is the

content in this book in the public

domain no it is not

do you have an existing version of this

title available for sale on Barnes and via another distributor so for

example if you have your book up on KDP

and you picked expanded distribution or

if you're on and you select the

global distribution in either of those

cases there's a good chance it might be

on Barnes & Noble so if that's the case

you just select yes and you enter in the

other print ISBN so they can make sure

that there's only one instance of it if

it's a different type of book then they

might be able to link them together so

you definitely want to make sure that

you answer this accurately select no and

save and continue if you have editorial

reviews which is a great thing to have

really add some validity to your book

you definitely want to add that in here

so I actually did make a recent change

on my account here on Barnes ennoble

press and so that's why I'm not able to

add in my ISBN number right here but

this is the page that you would do that

on I'm actually gonna go back and update

that when they've approved the changes

that I've made again this is where you

would put your ISBN one thing to note is

that Barnes & Noble does not offer a

free ISBN so you will need to buy your

own ISBN in order to upload a physical

book here on Barnes ennoble press save

and continue now it's asking me for my

publisher name which it defaults to my


and publisher website now you publisher

name is required if you don't have a

publisher name you just enter your own

name publisher website is not required

but I absolutely suggest adding it in

because it's just one more way that you

can have traffic pushed towards your

website save and continue this is the

part where you go in and you do your

banking and taxing information so I'm

going to skip this part now it's time to

review the print book summary so again

we'll just go through step by step and

make sure that the book size and type

are accurate page counts corrects the

cover finish all that that's the right

interior that's the right cover make

sure that your details are all accurate

again these are things you can always go

in and edit either now or later

because I wasn't able to put in my ISBN

and because I made the change to my

vendor account I'm not able to actually

see the print button but if everything

looked fine I would just go down here

and I would click print and send for

review and that's it that's all you need

to do to get your book up on Barnes &

Noble Press now that you've got your

book uploaded have you considered the

audiobook maybe even narrating the

audiobook yourself check out this video

right here where we discuss it narrating

your own book or you can check out this

video that YouTube has lined up and they

think you'll love I'll catch you in the

next video and remember to write right