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bjbj Speaker 1: The number one question that I get asked by publishers is, what is the

best way to market my books? Well, that is the right question to ask. Most people have

the wrong intentions behind it. So in this video I'm going to show you the three biggest

things that you can do to help promote your book and increase your overall profits. Everybody,

it's a can come an acai. And in this video today I want to show you and talk to you about

the three best [00:00:30] ways to market your books. Well, actually the two best ways and

one massive misconception in the space that's not actually doing what you think it's doing.

So before I get into those, let's talk about how to actually market your books and what

does that really mean? Marketing your book simply means how do you get more traffic to

your book for your book sales to increase and your profits to increase. Speaker 1: Now,

most people are looking for the easiest, the one trick pony, so [00:01:00] to speak, that

all they have to do is press this magic button or do this magic thing. Boom, they're going

to get a kind of book sales. Unfortunately that just doesn't exist. So every single way

I'm going to talk about today is going to require a little bit of effort, some, a little

bit more than others, some less than others. But um, these are the three best ways that

I have learned and the three best ways that I've keeps my students inside my self publishing

blueprint on how to market their books and increase their overall profits. Now for each

of these methods, [00:01:30] there is going to be a slightly more in depth video for every

single one that you can find either in the cards or write down in the description below.

Speaker 1: If you do want a little bit more of my insight and a little bit more training

for those three particular methods. But let's dive into the first one. Kindle countdown

deals. I love Kindle countdown deals, so these are free to use. They're super simple to set

up and um, they are a great way to overall [00:02:00] ring your BSR up or down depending

on how you look at it. And it's a just a really easy way to get some additional sales going

into your book. I've used Kindle countdown deals to bring back books from the dead to

help promote newer books and just to overall grab that covenant bestsellers book in multiple

categories. So the way it works is your books have to be enrolled in KDP select and every

90 days you can opt in for this program [00:02:30] where Amazon will discount your book and put

a really cool countdown timer and a slash for your discounted book and promote it to

their audience. Speaker 1: So once again, this is a completely free service that Amazon

does for you and it's a great way to boost up your sales rank and increase your profits.

Um, over this seven day period. Now I normally price my books at 99 cents for this particular

countdown deal. And I talked about why I strategically do that in the in depth [00:03:00] video that

you can find the, the description for the countdown deals and you can run this deal

for seven days in the U S market and for seven days in the UK market. So you want to make

sure that you're utilizing both markets so you can just optimize your reach and optimize

this great feature that a KTP allows us to do. So the second way is free promotion and

those that allows you to put your book for free for up to five days on what they call

their five day free promotion. Speaker 1: Now this is the one [00:03:30] that most people

have the most misinformation about. Free promotion does not affect your book sales rank at all.

This is not going to drive more sales to your book at all. So only only use free promotion

if you have a specific reason to use it. For 99% of my books, I never put them on free

promotion anymore. Free promotion really only makes sense if you are using it to one, build

your email list to increase it or to your running [00:04:00] a specific affiliate offer

or some sort of backend offer inside your book. And you just want as many people to

see this book as possible so you can profit on the backend. So the way this works is just

like the countdown deal. You go into the promotions tab inside your KDP dashboard and you select

how many days you want to run your five day for emotion. Speaker 1: You can select it

for one, two, three, four or five. You can break it up and do two here and three there

or however you want [00:04:30] to do it within a 90 day period. Now depending on what your

strategy is, this might be a complete waste of time because you could only run either

a countdown deal or a free promotion every 90 days. You can't run both. So make sure

you fully understand exactly what your end goal is with your promotional strategies.

So you select the best one for your particular business. And of course if you want a bit

more insight [00:05:00] inside free promotion and exactly how to maximize it, um, check

out the link in the description for the free promotion video where I go into a bit more

in depth on how to maximize the free promotion on KDP. Now the third way is Amazon ads. Speaker

1: And this is by far my favorite way. This is the most longterm strategy. It is one of

the best and easiest or pay per click systems out there and that's exactly what it is. It's

[00:05:30] a click system Amazon has specifically for their KDP platform. The way it works is

you select keywords that you want to place a bid on and when customers type into this

keyword on Amazon based on the amount you've been in, the keyword that you've selected,

Amazon will then show your book or your competitor's book to that particular customer as they're

browsing through the Amazon store. So this gets into all this starts becoming a lot of

fun when you start diving into [00:06:00] it because you're just playing a bidding war

against other publishers and other marketers on Amazon. It can get expensive if you're

not watching your bids or if you're not setting your budgets correctly. Speaker 1: It can

be pricing, but this is something that you should be checking every, not so much day

but every few days, definitely every week to stay on top of to make sure you're adjusting

and readjusting your bids and your daily budgets. As you know, the market [00:06:30] is going

through its ups and downs on Amazon. This is not a set it and forget it program such

as the other two methods that I did talk about. This does require a little bit more effort,

a little bit more work, but this is going to have the biggest impact on your book strategy

and your book sales overall. Now to help you get started, there is a link in the description

for a five day free Amazon advertising course. This course is completely free and I gave

Chesson the Kindlepreneur and you're able to kind [00:07:00] of walk through it and

he shows you exactly how to get started at how to set up your first few Amazon ads so

you can get started in the right direction to start writing ads to your books. So those

are my three favorite ways on how to market my book. So make sure you understand what

strategy you want to go after and understand the difference between each of the three strategies

that I talked about and pick the one that's going to be best for your particular business.

If you have any questions. Definitely [00:07:30] hit me up in the comments. Love to connect

with you and always everybody. I'm a backup. Speak to you soon. This transcript was exported

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