How I Made $1000 Selling Vegetable Plants E-2: Best Plants, When to Plant & Where & When to Sell

welcome to the rest of garden homestead

I just did a video last week on how to

make couple hundred dollars selling

plants at a plant yard sale and I

literally got hundreds of questions

people wanted more details so I'm going

to make a long video going over

everything I know on how you can have a

plant yard sale and really make well

over a thousand dollars and I'll explain

all that as we go through there will be

a digital table of contents so you can

jump around and skip the parts you're

not interested in so let's just start at

the beginning first of all I'm going to

link the original video in the I cards

and end screen and in the description

and this is not gonna be about seed

starting I will link my playlist for

starting seeds indoors for 2020 that

will give you all the information you

need to start your vegetable vegetable

plants and doors so you know you have to

do that of course to sell them but to

sell plants what do you have to do I'm

gonna go over the supplies you're gonna

need the plants that sell the best where

you find places to sell the plants how

much you sell the plans for and

everything so let's just start right at

the beginning so I think the best place

to start is what herbs and vegetables

and flowers sell the best because you

want to have a nice variety and you also

want to start them so that by the time

you bring them out to your plant yard

sale you're gonna have nice large plants

you know you don't want something small

like that even though they would

eventually grow you want to get plants

that are looking larger and these aren't

quite big enough yet they're close but

you want to have nice size plants

because that's what people are good to

see and that's what you're gonna you

know be selling them so they're going to

be excited by the size of the plant and

by the price that you're charging and

you can charge anywhere from $1 to $3

we'll talk about that first thing what

sells the best herbs certainly sell the

best tomatoes peppers cucumbers squash

zucchini and then some other plants but

let me just give you a couple of ideas

first thing that I would do is I would

have a collection of oregano

thyme rosemary and chives and you

basically want to start these and you're

not worried about a frost date because

you're gonna have to kind of move plants

in and out of the house get them

acclimated to being outdoors and you're

gonna have to work around the frost

you're really working to have these two

a nice size on the day of your first

plant sale so when I typically talk

about when do you start stuff indoors

you pick the average last frost date add

two weeks to it count backwards you're

gonna pick the day that you decide to

have you plant yard sale when you're

gonna start your plants so best time to

sell the plants number one somewhere

between May 1st and June 1st week of

June the earlier the better this way

people aren't going out and getting

plants so you might want to have your

plant yard sale within the first week or

two of May and then you maybe go to a

flea market or a church a week or so

later and maybe one more place in the

beginning of June so let's just say you

want to have your plant yard sale on May

1st so I'll go over this slowly you can

write it down I would recommend starting

these 4 herbs thyme oregano rosemary and

chives 10 to 12 weeks before you plant

sell date next thing I would go with is

of course peppers and if you're just

getting started I would do three types

of peppers I would do bell peppers

I would do banana peppers and I would do

jalapenos those three peppers now if you

want to add to it to more peppers to add

would be the Cayenne red cayenne pepper

and then maybe some colored bell peppers

so you'd have the standard greens and

then you can add in purple yellow red

something like that that will give you

five different varieties you could do

more if you want to but those would be

the main ones for tomatoes I would go

with a basic red beefsteak have a lot of

those that's what people look for

and a standard large cherry tomato those

are the two that sell extremely well you

can also add in some heirlooms of your


different colored tomatoes do well and I

would mark them as indeterminate

varieties they tend to be best people

don't always understand the difference

between determinate and indeterminate

tomatoes so if you sell them determinate

varieties they'll do well but then

they're gonna die off so I would focus

more on the indeterminate varieties the

ones that will grow the entire season so

for peppers eight to ten weeks Tomatoes

six to eight weeks and for all of these

numbers I would go to the bigger number

so for the herbs twelve weeks

peppers 10 weeks tomatoes 8 weeks you

really want to get your plants up to

size those are the plants that you're

going to really have to start indoors if

you want to add something into that you

could do some eggplant and again

eggplant I would do about 8 weeks before

the sale date of your plant yard sale

then in this case we're talking about

May 1st these are what you would start

indoors and have plenty of videos on

that and again I'll link the list or

I'll link the videos to this video so

I'll be cutting into this video too just

to clarify some key points and write

some stuff down so maybe you could just

do a screenshot so it's really going to

depend on your zone when you're starting

your seeds you plants indoors so it may

be you know 10 to 12 weeks 8 to 10 weeks

6 to 8 weeks you get the idea

so this is basically the list that I

would start with if you want to go you

know full speed I would do a little bit

of everything that I put on there if you

want to keep it simple just follow the

ones that I asked to risk and it would

be time oregano chives green bell banana

jalapeno beefsteak cherry tomato type

and that will be perfect to get you

started you know selling your plants on

the second page you may may not want to

add these I would because it'll give you

a nice variety and people usually will

buy a whole garden worth of stuff so I

would definitely do a cucumber

the pickling type a market more

something like that of which is of the

bigger 8-inch cucumber something along

those lines squash just a yellow type

zucchini a dark green type I want to do

the melons if you wanted to keep it


and I would definitely try and do some

basil and cilantro you could add in more

types of squash more types of zucchini

and one thing that's not on a on here is

an eggplant I'd leave that off too

unless you want it to add it and if you

do add it maybe just do your standard

big purple suit purple eggplant you can

do smaller ones like the Japanese type

but if you're gonna do an eggplant do

the one that people most likely

recognize now it depends on how much

room you have so you got all these

tomatoes peppers and herbs going which

is great they're gonna sell and you

could enjoy that but at some point you

know you don't want to be spending

hundreds of dollars on all this setup

it'll be nice once you start making

money you can you know expand and grow

so what comes next so the next plants

that so extremely well are your zucchini

cucumbers and squash and you want to do

them I have this here for four weeks

when they're going out into your garden

you want these to really have at least

four weeks to five weeks of growth you

want them to get nice and large and I

would start them rather than starting

that me you don't start them in small

containers like this anyway I would

start them in larger containers like

that if you buy in your containers that

are basic potting up containers they're

gonna cost you anywhere from fifteen to

thirty cents up a small pot you can go

to your grocery store you can pick up

eight or nine ounce cups this is what I

recommend and you gotta make sure you

put holes in them and by doing it this

way you're going to get 50

I don't know how many's in here 80 50 to

80 cups containers

for anywhere from four cents to seven

cents a cup that's a lot more reasonable

when you're trying to make money make

sure you poke holes in all these these

are flimsy plastic these aren't the hard

plastic if you get something like this

you make sure it's the plastic that's

flexible so you can punch a hole in it

you can pick what you want if you use

paper cups because we're watering from

the bottom and we're putting holes in it

and moist oil sitting here they could

deteriorate but some people like to use

these over plastics or styrofoam

styrofoam eight ounce and nine ounce

cups will work well too I prefer

something like this that's a little bit

it's more wide and not as tall as these

other cups in this way when you're

storing them and moving them around they

don't fall over as much if you use a cup

like this you can see how it's taller

sometimes they flop over but it'll all

work out you want to be able to write on

here what your plants are do not use

these markers in here it'll it'll drive

you crazy

you want to write right on the cup so I

would start your Zuke's your squash your

cucumbers you can even do some melons

cantaloupe watermelon people like those

too and I would put two seeds in a cup

you get it you can leave them in there

or you can send them down but you want

to actually plant them directly into

these larger cups you don't want to move

the four week plants I just talked about

into something like this and then pot up

and all that you want to take them put

them into you can get these roasting

pans if you go to the dollar store you

can get them for about a dollar each and

it will fit in a hole it'll fit in a

whole lotta it'll fit in many cups and I

would just plant your Zuke's

your cukes your squash your melons right

into those cups and you will bring this

out during the day when it's not

freezing bring him in at night they'll

stay warm at night they'll germinate you

take them outside they'll grow they'll

also be hit by the Sun they'll toughen

up to the UV rays you won't have to

acclimate these plants to the outdoors

I'll explain that in a second why you

have to do that with your tomatoes

peppers and your herbs so that's a great


to really get a whole lot of cucumbers

squash zucchinis melons going you can

also do beans people like beans I would

put in two or three seeds for beans for

usually green beans and climbing green

beans I would get some containers like

this these actually cost me four bucks

it comes with a lid at Walmart and the

big one I think was six dollars you're

gonna have tall tomato plants you're

gonna want to be able to move them

around in some capacity so I recommend

these ClearType containers now the clear

containers are a little bit more

expensive but this container here will

do really nice to hold your tomato

plants again really tall so the clear

domes serve two purposes when you're

bringing your plants once they're in

here and they've been growing indoors

and you're not used to the Sun this

provides a little bit of UV protection

because it's not perfectly clear so you

could put your plants outside just like

that and then put this over that and

they could stay out a little bit longer

they'll get some UV rays they'll stay

warmer they'll grow and they'll get

acclimated to the Sun so this is just

you know two ways that you can use this

container you can also just a trick is

you can put sunscreen on here and that

helps decrease the UV rays from coming

through but also lets in some sunlight

and the whole idea is just to get your

plants used to the outdoors so that they

look great come time of your sale the

lids are nice because you can put them

on you can stack them on top of each

other when you put them in a car and

transportations a whole lot easier

especially if you're moving around a

whole lot of plants getting your plants

used to the Sun some people don't know

what that means when you grow your herbs

your tomato plants your pepper plants

and doors they're not used to the Sun so

they have no resistance really to the UV

rays so if you put these straight out

into the Sun it's a beautiful sunny day

you think your plants are going to do

well they have the sun shining on them

what happens is the sun rays that UV

rays burn

leaves and it kills off the leaves your

plants usually survive but you don't

want to have that happen you know a week

or two before you're going to go sell

these plants because they're going to

look terrible

so you have to slowly bring your mature

plants that are ready to go out into

containers outside and get them used to

the Sun and that's called acclamation

and that usually is a five to seven day

process I recommend trying to take your

plants out when it's cloudy if it's

cloudy you can leave them outside for an

hour to the first day if it's cloudy the

second day you can leave them out for

two or three hours and you slowly get

them use so the UV rays if it's sunny

out seriously you can only sometimes put

these out for twenty minutes or so in

full sunny days let them you know just

get hit by the Sun get twenty minutes

worth of the Sun thirty minutes worth of

the the Sun bringing back indoors you

can also put them in a place where they

may just get Morning Sun like if the

front of your house gets the the sunrise

and then the Sun moves away to the

backyard put the plants out on your

front step this way that sounds a little

bit less intense the other tip I have is

as let's come over here so I've got

thyme and oregano in there just broke

the surface so as your plants are just

breaking the surface and for like the

first two or three weeks of growth try

and take them out once or twice a day in

those flats I'm sorry once or twice a

week not once or twice a day once or

twice a week and put them outside in the

Sun when they're little they've got that

resistance to the Sun it's after they've

been growing a while indoors the

resistance goes away so if you take them

out once or twice a week let them get

some sunshine why they're small and

growing they're gonna build up a

resistance to the Sun and you'll be able

to get these out much more easily it's

really really important because I don't

want you to do all this work you take

everything outside you pot everything up

into these nice containers or into your

cups you put them in the Sun they're out

there for a day or two and then you look

at them and all the leaves are burned

so it's really really important to

transition your plants alright so a

quick recap we've got four herbs oregano

thyme rosemary chives

we got peppers and tomatoes a couple

different varieties some eggplant

we have zucchini squash cucumbers some

melons you could throw in some beans and

definitely you want to do basil and

cilantro in again don't pay attention to

these numbers just listen to what I'm

saying for basil and cilantro you want

to start these about five to six weeks

before they would go outside and you can

start them the same way as the melons if

you want to go right into the cups or

you can start them in these tiny cells

like right over here let them break the

surface germinate inside and as they get

established move them out more quickly

so you just pop them out of these

smaller cells get them into your cups

and then get them outside and the

benefit to that is inside your house

where it's warmer your basil and your

cilantro it's going to germinate more

quickly and get the size again the whole

goal is to really have beautiful plants

on the first day of your plant sale

alright so let's talk about the first

plant sale and pricing you can obviously

price them for whatever you want

whatever might sell in your area if you

go to Home Depot you go to Lowe's plants

are anywhere starting it 2 bucks if

you're lucky but 3 4 or 5 dollars

depending on what they are you don't

want to compete directly with them you

want to give people a great deal so I do

recommend you know if you want to make

your money back that you put in start

with you know plants for a dollar and

then move them up to 2 bucks so you

certainly can get 2 or 3 dollars an herb

plant you can get one or two dollars a

tomato plant you can get one or two

dollars for your squash zucchini

cucumbers basil cilantro you can even

push it up to three dollars

I've liked doing it at about 2 bucks a

plant and then I would do 3 for 5

dollars but it all depends on you know

what you want to do and where you live

all that kind of stuff so when you pot

up your plants you're gonna have to put

them into the trays like I was talking

about and move them in and out doors

take him out during the day when it's

warm bring him in at night if you have

to you don't want these to be exposed to

freezing temperatures it's also going to

be raining outside you're gonna be

watering outside so I like to have a

roll of duct tape for the reason being

that when these are going in and out

you're gonna put a hole in here so if it

rains the water drains out you never

want these to sit in water you're

probably not gonna have to worry too

much about bottom watering and watering

and dripping up at the point when the

plants are bigger and they're in these

cups you can water from the top with a

watering can or something like that but

if you wanted to you needed to you could

put a piece of duct tape over the hole

just pick you know put the hole in right

here maybe and then the duct tape let's

definitely seal there and then you can

water in a container or a tray if you

need to so this holds 19 cups these are

eight or nine ounce cups this one over

here and this is what I prefer this

holds I think 32 cups and I'm gonna just

go on from here saying every plant we

sell would be $2 a plant 3 for $5 so you

have about $64 worth of plants here take

off the discount let's say you got about

55 and over here

$38 with the plants take off the

discount you know maybe $33 so you can

see that it starts to add up I would do

a plant sale on a Saturday Thursday

night Friday night I would put out signs

in my neighborhood directing them of

course to my address and I would do it

from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. you don't have to

be there all day you can even do it 8 to

noon and that would you know get people

coming as I started doing this year

after year years ago people started

looking forward to it and they would

come regularly and they would anticipate

it now with social media what I would do

is start a Facebook group or use

whatever social media you use get all

your friends on there and do a pre sale

that week and have people come over

if you want to you could also do the

sale on Sunday to same time 8 to 12 and

that's good a really I'm trying to think

back but I mean I would sell hundreds of

dollars worth of plants over that

weekend as I got into doing this

regularly I would take my perennial

plants that were out in the yard I would

divide them in the fall put him into

larger pots let them grow let them

establish over the winter and then when

spring came they would sprout up and I

would sell those larger quart pots that

you know you pay five six seven eight

nine dollars at Home Depot and Lowe's I

would sell them for four or five dollars

so that's another way to make money

dividing your perennials and putting

them you know into larger containers

where do I get my large containers start

asking your friends now for any

landscaping containers when they do

their landscaping or any plant

containers when they do the landscaping

and just put a collection together

you'll get all kinds of different pot

sizes and you can use them for your

plant cells alright so that's the basic

yard sale done yet your driveway out of

your yard I would also look for local

flea markets they're not expensive

sometimes they're as low as 10 bucks for

like a parking space that's where mine

was mine was out at a giant grocery

store and he just got a parking lot

space for ten bucks so I would do those

two sales pretty close together the one

at the Giant and the one out of my

driveway and they'd be maybe seven to

ten seven to ten days apart and that's

important because you're planning all

your plans to be ready for that first

plant sale out of your yard a week or

ten days go by you do the next sale if

you want to do a third sale your plants

are starting to get too big so you got

to make sure you're fertilizing these

regularly about every week with a dilute

water soluble fertilizer and you also

have to make sure that they don't get

too large that they start the flower and

fruit and the plants get wrecked so if

you want to do a third sale maybe later

in May or at the beginning of June when

you start your plants for the initial

sale for May 1st you get everything

started you have everything planned

but maybe you want to start a couple of

plants well not a couple but a handful

two to three weeks after those initial

tomatoes or there's initial peppers so

that you have some fresh peppers some

fresh tomato plants for those sales

later in May or the beginning of June

you just want to plan accordingly don't

overwhelm yourself really plan it out

however you want if you want to keep it

simple just grow enough for you that

first weekend for your plant yard sale

and you'll easily I think make 200 300

400 500 dollars just depending on what

you put out there now notice I didn't

talk about the cool weather crops kale

lettuces stuff like that I grew them a

little bit differently

I grew those in these six-packs because

no one really wants to pay a dollar or

two for a single lettuce plant in a

container like this or a kale plant

because when they go to the store

they're always sold in six-packs so you

could set something up like this grow

some lettuce in here some kale in here

and you would start these about 6 weeks

before your your plant cell so that they

get to a nice size - you don't want to

go for weeks

sometimes they're a little bit small

past 6 weeks they're getting too big so

lettuce isn't here kales in here you

could do broccoli you could do

cauliflower the cool weather crops and I

would sell this for usually 2 bucks if

you're really having a good time you're

really ambitious you could also do peas

I would start the peas and cups like

this you want to get them really growing

and getting a good six or eight weeks of

growth two or three pea seeds in here

set them up up and in a tray like that

peas like the cold weather more and I

would just start the peas by taking

these outside going today bringing them

in at night and this way when you go to

sell them you're gonna have people ants

that are eight inches tall and people

will enjoy that and they're gonna be

nice and healthy well established

do you want to recommend you check with

your state or your province or wherever

you might be living and see what you

need to do with respect to taxes and a

lot of states you need a tax ID it's

real easy to get you can do it online

nowadays and you would just pay the

appropriate taxes based on what you sell

so now that's not such a big deal if

you're selling it you know out of your

driveway for a yard sale I mean most

places don't bother you when you do that

but if you're going to flea markets

especially flea markets that have been

established sometimes people come by and

ask for your tax ID even sometimes it

you know church weekend events and stuff

like that so I just want to go over real

quick to the planning stage you know you

can start looking now it's January here

start you know thinking about the date

you want to sell your plants start

setting up your social media so that you

can send something out to your friends

and let them know you're gonna have

plants that they can buy and then start

looking locally in papers online where

to mouth check out churches ask your

friends for different flea markets and

events where you can sell your plants

and then set them up on a calendar and

you want to do this in a way that you

get your yard sale with large plants and

then in about a week or so

you sell them again so that's two sales

and in each sale I really think you can

make you know a couple hundred dollars

up to four hundred dollars so you do a

couple of events and maybe you do a

third one later in the month or in the

beginning of June with some new plants

that you are with plant you start a

little bit later than your first wave of

plants you know and see if you can break

that thousand dollar marker what's most

a thousand dollar

you know goal what's most important is

you just decide what your goal is if you

want to make a hundred bucks

so I'd stick with mostly herbs and

tomatoes and peppers if you want to make

more different varieties of those plants

throw in the warm weather crops and just

kind of build your plan that way and the

other question I got a lot was I just

want to keep this simple what would you


for something simple pick two or three

of these herbs oregano thyme rosemary

chives definitely peppers do a sweet

pepper do a hot pepper sweet banana bell

pepper jalapeno tomatoes just do the red

beefsteak and the cherry tomato I would

do some cucumbers you can do pickling

cucumbers for inches you could do the

standard cucumbers 6 or 8 inches just

pick one of those whichever one you want

one type of squash usually a yellow

squash dark zucchini that's plenty

you'll have enough to get your yard sale

started get established people will

enjoy it and you'll be on your way to

being able to do this regularly and have

some extra money if you really setting

this up and you're doing it right

there's no reason why over you know a

weekend worth of you plant yard sale a

flea market and another you know maybe

church sell something like that you

can't be pushing a thousand dollars and

who couldn't use the extra money to buy

what they need for their garden and

expand the garden and you know offset

some of the costs

gardening's not terribly expensive but

it can get expensive when you're

bringing in all kinds of soil amendments

you're building raised beds or if you

want to set up grow light stations like

this so I hope this gives you some idea

of how you can really set up an indoor

grow light station use these containers

to start plants by bringing them in and

outside and start a little business make

yourself some money enjoy gardening and

have that extra pocket money thanks so

much for watching please look in a

description for the table of contents

links to other videos that show you how

to grow this and at the end of the video

I'll have videos attached to that thanks

again for watching and please check out

my seed shop at the rustic garden com