Three Essential Tips for Selling Security Services

most security guard company owners that

I talk to especially newer companies

don't realize how important sales are to

their company's success in fact I would

even argue that sells is more important

than the actual services that you're

selling and we can debate that in the

comments section below but for now let's

talk about my three essential tips for

selling security guard services welcome

to another three minute Thursday 3

minute Thursday's is my web series where

I provide security guard companies with

the tips and tricks that I've learned

over 15 years of being in the security

guard industry much of which I spent in

the trenches doing everything from

putting together multi-million dollar

proposals to filling open shifts to now

creating affordable and easy-to-use

software that helps security guard

companies better manage the operations

better service their current clients and

win new business but today I'll be

giving you three essential tips for

selling security guard services so let's

start the timer

it astonishes me that most people don't

realize how important selling is unless

their paycheck depends on it a lot of

times people believe that selling is

this evil thing that only bad people do

when that is the furthest thing from the

truth and because of that negative

connotation a lot of company owners

refuse to really embrace and excel at

their role as their company's chief

sales officer and we'll talk about how

to get past that mindset on another

three minute Thursday for now let's get

to the three tips number one remember

that first and foremost you aren't

selling a service you are selling

yourself if your prospect doesn't like

you they aren't going to buy from you so

make sure you present well the open warm

honest and friendly so whether you're in

your company's uniform or in your best

Ralph Lauren suit make sure that your

presentation is flawless

number two stop talking and listen more

bad salespeople go into a room and talk

about how great their service is but

good salespeople listen to what the

prospect is saying pay attention to

those clients needs and then present

according to those needs for instance if

your prospect has a problem with past

officers not doing controls you have to

give them the time to talk and express

that pain point and then you can relate

how you solve that problem don't forget

to listen number three understand that

the work that you are doing right now

pays off and six to 18 months I talk to

a lot of company owners who get

frustrated because their sales efforts

aren't paying off right now immediately

and unless you're dealing with

construction companies who constantly

have new projects you're going to be

dealing with a prospect who has a 1 to 3

year contract that they aren't going to

look to cancel until it is and I know

many people think oh I'm going to

convince them to cancel that contract

that might be possible but the truth is

it isn't probable so you have to be

patient your work will pay off so those

are my tips for this week I hope you

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